Kabale Car Rental

Kabale town is in the western region of Uganda in Kabale district of Kigezi sub- region. The town is quite small but well kept with various facilities, like banks, referral hospitals, restaurants, hotels and lodges it is also a highway to Uganda-Rwanda border and route to Bwindi National Park. There are a number of sites that can be so eye catching while in Kabale. Lake Bunyonyi the deepest lake in Africa is major attraction in kabale, many people flock this lake to view 22 islands that sit on this lake and from Lake Bunyonyi one can do a community visit to the batwa. The Batwa are people that choose to live the ancient life though some are adopting farming and some modern forms of life. They are warm welcoming people and have so much to show to their visitors like their hunting skills, musical treats and dancing and so much more.

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