Murchison falls are located at the northern end of the Albertine rift valley and it’s the oldest conservation area known for its mighty falls as the Nile squeezes through an 8m wild gorge and purges into a thunderous row creating a trade mark rainbow which is a memorable highlight . The park is also a place to find four of the Big Five including buffaloes, elephants, lions, leopards with exception of the Rhinos which can be tracked in the neighbouring Zziwa Sanctuary with different animal species such as hippos , eagles , king fishers , crocodiles and so many others .it consists of over 451 bird life including shoe bill the rarest bird in Uganda .

Tourist Activities In Murchison falls park


Murchison falls is home to over 451 species of birds savannah forest birds , albert rift endemics , water birds with the most sought after bird being the shoe bill . Thousands of birders travel to Uganda between January to March for chance to encounter various bird species in short period of time.

Hiking & Nature walks

Guided nature walks and hikes through the Kaniyo-Pabidi ,Rabongo and Budongo forests offer opportunities to encounter a variety of primate and bird species including chimapanzees. Nature walks will take you to the swamps where you might get chance to spot the elusive shoe bill.

Game drives
Game drives are majorly conducted by the tour guides where guests have close access to different species and have a chance of taking different photography for memories, An early morning game drive through the Buligi game tracks offers you an opportunity to encounter a variety of mammal and bird species including large herds of buffalo, giraffes, elephants, antelope species , lions, leopards , warthogs to mention but a few.

Hot air balloons
Flying in a hot balloon is one of the most interesting experience on a tour in Murchison falls park, however due to its different features it ends up being unique and rare that’s why you can only find it at Murchison falls where you can enjoy the sunrise when the sun is rising in the morning and the post sunrise in the afternoon for example hot air balloon safari.

Launch trips.
Launch trips in Murchison falls trend from Paraa river and as you continue sailing you enjoy the memorable frontal view of the falls and for the birders you enjoy the morning cruise from Nile ake and evening tranquil sundowner cruise with a view of equatorial sunset .

Sport fishing
Africa contains so many different fish species, some of which the international tourists have never seen and would love to see and they resort to sport fishing within the strong currents where different fish species are caught including Nile perch which be of different sizes and on a lucky day you can get one of 108 kgs. A tourist is allowed to come with his own equipment and a license from UWA.

Cultural encounters
Tourists at Murchison falls are welcomed by energetic dancers (mubako) and different craft shops and village tours are organized by the Boomu women group especially for international tourists.


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