Gorilla tracking is the best highlight for a wildlife safari in the pearl of Africa. Uganda has half of the total number of mountain gorillas in Africa all residing the thick impenetrable forest of Bwindi National and Mgahinga which is also shared by the golden monkeys. Gorilla trekking is no easy ride, it requires some physical ability of your muscles therefore be sure your are in good health to be part of it. There are approximately 12 and more gorilla family groups in Bwindi national park and each group is visited by a maximum of 8 people per day. this is so to avoid congestion and disturbance of the gorillas due to big numbers of people which can easily make them violent. Each gorilla family has a male head known as a silverback and other female adults and the infants.  These apes do not stay in one position they move around the forest in search for food, therefore when you are going on the tracking, your guide will know best where they spent night in the forest and then you trail on that root.
Make sure you carry enough drinking water, water proof material for your electronics and yourself as it tends to rain in the middle of the forest. Put on long sleeve shirts to avoid any scratches from thickets and long pant, carry some snack and packed lunch to enjoy a meal in the forest in close distance with the gorillas.


It is advisable to reserve or book gorilla tracking permit in advance as permits tend to be scarce in high season. Once you have your gorilla permit reserved and confirmed with payment, just start to count days until you arrive here, make sure you travel with your documents as some will be need at the park headquarters.
Make it a point to spend a night near by the tracking centre presented on your permit. This saves you any issues that may arise due to faults in transportation, for example vehicle break down, late waking up, bad road condition as some roads tent to be slippery and muddy during wet season. Take not that all members tracking gorillas are needed at the park headquarters for briefing by 7:30am .you may not want to miss the adventure just by coming late. Try out this adventure and you will depart with life time memories.