Gishu is a tribe from the eastern part of Uganda. The people from that region are also known as the bagishu and mostly are found in the districts of Mbale, Sironko, Bududa, and Manafwa along the slopes of mountain elgon. These people speak a common language known as lugishu. The bagishu are known for their culture that is to say male circumcision also known as Imbalu in the native language. This is believed to be a symbol of manhood among the bagishu men.

Circumcision among the bagishu is highly respected and when it comes to marriage, an uncircumcised man cannot be approved for marriage especially by the girl’s family because such men are believed to be cowards and immature and with this at the back of their minds, the girl’s parents cannot be assured of their daughter’s protection and safety as well.

Many years ago, marriage among the bagishu was arranged by the parents of the man and the girl. This was done even without the couple’s knowledge and approval. Sometimes it could even be forced. But nowadays, marriage among the bagishu starts with a mutual understanding between the girl and the husband to be. However, incest is highly prohibited among the bagishu.

Marriage among the bagishu is very unique and is done through various steps. First is a brief introduction among a few family members especially the elders from both the side of the girl and the side of the man, where they agree on whether the marriage should go ahead that is especially after confirming that the man is circumcised. Here the girl’s family then decides on what they need from the man’s side of the family. Once the man’s family agrees, both the families set a date on which an official introduction ceremony can be held.

An Introduction ceremony among the bagishu is the most important step of marriage. Here, the man’s entire family is invited the girls home so that both the families get to know each other. The venue for this function has to be the home from where the girl comes. At this ceremony the man’s family members are the major guests and their comfort is very important. This ceremony is highly respected and prior preparation has to be made especially by the hosts that is to say the girl’s family.

The introduction ceremony is very interesting as all the people are dressed very smartly in the beautiful cultural wear or attire that is to say the gomesis for the ladies and the kanzus for the men. Very beautiful! There are also various types of food traditionally prepared for example matooke, rice, cassava sweet potatoes and many others served with the staple food commonly known as malewa which is a very tasty dish made from bamboo shoots and others like chicken, beef and many more. The music played at this ceremony is very interesting because it is traditional music known as kadodi and is danced to by different traditional dancers. Very interesting.

At the introduction ceremony the guests from the man’s side of the family come along with various gifts as agreed by the family elders and girl’s parents, which gifts are brought for the girl’s parents, brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles. Some of these gifts include cows, goats, chicken, traditional clothing (kanzus and gomesis) that is for the girl’s aunties and uncles, different types of drinks including local brew known as kamalwa and many more according to how much they can afford.

After the introduction ceremony, another date is set for the real wedding preferably done in churches, mosques or any other places of worship according to the couple’s religion where they are officially pronounced as husband and wife. This wedding ceremony is mostly attended by friends to the couple and a few family members after which there is a reception where all the guests converge to have dinner with the newly wedded couple. The reception venue is usually selected according to the couple’s choice.

Generally, the uniqueness in gishu weddings is the joy and positive energy around throughout the entire ceremonies, the delicious traditional foods, traditional wear, music and dances that makes one feel positive about life and marriage.

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Perfect Rental Cars For Group Safaris In Uganda

Traveling in a group as family, friends or workmates will make any trip fun and engaging, you won’t get bored or feel alone in a foreign country so you can be assured of a safe and bonding holiday. You have to book accommodation and activities that fit the number of people you are traveling with but the most important item you should put on the list is the type of car to hire that’s perfect for group safaris in Uganda and can be driven on terrain types including the city, remote villages and national parks.  There are variety mid-sized rental cars in Uganda that can accommodate between 6 to 28 passengers some of which are sedans and others 4×4 safari cars. A majority of the car agencies prefer offering the cars along with a professional driver excluding fuel but you can negotiate with them and book a car on self drive with both options excluding fuel costs but including insurance and covering government costs.

Below are top 3 cars for hire if you are planning to visit Uganda with family and friends this season.


The Toyota safari van tops the list given the adequate passenger room, cargo space and pop-up roof. It can accommodate up to 8 passengers including driver with an FM transmission, air-conditioner to add to the comfortable seats. Most companies offering car hire in Uganda  will offer the van to you along with a driver for safety precautions since these cars operate on manual transmission but if you prefer a self drive trip, then you should travel with someone with an international driver license with adequate car experience. Car Hire costs for a mini-van in Uganda range between US$ 70 to 100 per day depending on number of days you wish to use the car plus rental option you prefer.

Safari Land Cruiser

The 4×4 safari car is another invention of Toyota Motors, Japan’s leading automobile manufacturer. The Land cruiser can accommodate up to 8 people comfortably equipped with an inbuilt fridge, air-conditioner, spacious cargo space in rear and roof top plus a pop-up roof for game viewing. A family or group of 5 to 7 people will definitely find this car quite the catch. You can hire a safari land cruiser in Uganda at US$ 120 to 170 per day including a driver making it the most expensive group car around town.

Coaster Bus If you are travelling with a large group of up to 30 people for safari, business or party, then the coaster bus is the perfect vehicle. The mini-bus can accommodate between 28 to 30 people with FM transmission, TV set , freezer box, roof cargo decks and most importantly the wide room space making it the ideal car for group safaris including students, researchers, holiday makers plus families on vacation. A Coaster can be hired at US$ 140 to 180 per day with driver, excluding fuel.

Are you planning a group trip in Uganda this year and looking the ideal car to fit in your group or family, choose from the above listed cars and get back to us through to book or inquire today. We will be more than delighted to offer you our services at pocket friendly rates that suit your budget and personal needs.