Picking The Right Car For Uganda Self Drive Safari

Driving a car to a national park or tourist destination in Uganda is an incredible adventure experience, Many travelers dream of getting behind the wheel of a 4X4 safari car and experiencing the wild on their own but one question that always comes first to mind is , What is the right car and how or where can i get it in Uganda?

The freedom and privacy you get not only makes a Uganda self drive option more flexible but also the most affordable way to explore the country’s vast attractions. From comfort to customized features and exterior design, no other car can handle all types of terrain and weather conditions like a safari car.

You have to decide whether you want to rent a car to travel in while on business or leisure holiday in town or a  customized 4X4 safari car to tour a national park or visit a remote location.

Most sedans/ saloon cars can only handle the smooth city/town roads but find it hard to traverse the rough terrains on the off-the-beaten tracks in parks and other remote or isolated destinations hence you cant really rely on this type of vehicle if you planning to do a self drive safari in Uganda or anywhere in Africa as you risk getting stuck in mud, ditch or even worse.

At Uganda Car Rental Services, we offer a wide range of cars for self drive in Kampala city, Entebbe town, Jinja plus national parks and other popular tourist destinations. We have fleet of 4 Wheel Drive cars ideal for camping safaris, family holidays plus group trips available all year round ready to hit the open road any time you require one.
The Toyota Rav4 , Land Cruiser , Mini-van and Premio are some of the ideal self-drive cars in Uganda. The 4 wheel drive mechanism coupled with comfort and adequate cargo space will make any road trip a success.

From size and model to budget and personal style, there’s alot to consider when choosing the right car. Pick any of the above four and you will be guaranteed of a safe and comfortable drive in Uganda. To inquire or book a car, simply send us an email to info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us now on +256-70013510 to speak with the reservations team.

Promoting Tourism in Uganda by the Women Executives

The women who are under the Umbrella group of “Women for Substance” decided to join together with the other existing hands to promote local tourism here in Uganda.  The Group has 10 female executives falling under various sectors among which are; aviation, hospitality, medical, tourism, business management, media, education and logistics. These women had a trip to South Africa which was sponsored by South African Airways in partnership with the South African Tourism, visiting a give number of touristic sites in the country. After this wonderful trip, the women where moved and came up with an idea on how they can join their hands and promote local tourism here. They had a very tough reason, that many Ugandans carry their families to abroad for a vacation yet they never get any interest to visit any local site here. The main aim for this group or Women for substance is to find new ideas and ways on how local tourism in Uganda is sensitized, advertised, and how best can they make the fellow Ugandans love their country and give in time to discover all these beautiful sceneries and destinations.

Yogi Birigwa the country director of South African Airways, mentioned that “we have learnt so much on this trip and best of all is to  learn to  appreciate our country  and what we have back home. Therefore among the basic strategies the group is lying on, is focusing on building up  or creating a one stop cultural center, offering knowledge and information to  both local and international tourist about the different kinds of cultures in Uganda. There are planning on using media to create awareness and advertising of the existing cultural tourism sites.

Aggie Konde the Managing director of NTV Uganda said that, we want to learn from the standards of South Africa, and we also try to increase on the traffic of tourism in Uganda. She still emphasized that they  are still making a detailed work plan that they  will share out when all is finished in 2 month.

How to Change Engine Oil For Your Rental Car

It is very important to always change engine oil whenever you cover a distance of 1000km. This is because the old one is almost useless as it does not reduce friction on the rotating part of the engine especially the crank shaft of the piston. Wherever you are traveling to in, always make sure you check your engine oil capacity to avoid unneeded breakdowns or other mechanical faults along the road trip. A car rental company will always give you well oiled car but you have to take upon yourself to you return the car in good condition by re-oiling every 1000km.

Below are procedures for changing oil for ant rental car,

# 1- First drive for at least half a kilometer to heat the oil.
#2- Park the car on a flat level ground.
#3- Open the filter cup to allow air to force the oil to come out.
#4- Open the drain plug for passage of the useless oil.
#5- After draining the oil, close the drain plug.
#6- Refill with new oil according to the manure book.

Once you have done all this, get back in the car and drive, you have just finished changing your car oil. If you dont want o bother yourself and stain your hands and clothes with oil, you can just visit an near-by gas station and let the mechanics do the servicing . For more driving tips , simply contact us today through info@ugandacarrentalservices.com