Best Places to Visit In Kampala With Rental Car

Standing on the infamous 7 Hills is Kampala, the capital city of Uganda and largest urban center. But besides all this, there are variety of locak tourist attractions that lure tourists to this amazing city. Whether you looking for that cultural experience, business or entertainment in Uganda, Kampala city will give you all and more with visits to popular cultural and historic sites, religious places, local craft shops and some of the best hangout spots around.
To visit these places safely and comfortable, you will need to rent a car in Kampala online or in person at an office. You can hire a car with driver or go for the more private and affordable self drive option as you explore the numerous sites.
Below are some of the best places in Kampala to visit with a rental car in Uganda, all attractions are close to the city center so you wont have to worry about the fuel costs.

Mengo Hill
A drive to Mengo offers you chance to learn about Buganda Kingdom’s rich culture and history taking you to the Kabaka’s palace, Buganda parliament and Kabaka’s lake. It only takes about 20 minutes to get to Mengo from the city center but sometimes the heavy traffic jam might increase the road trip duration. You can also make you way to the Mengo hospital, an ancient hospital built by the catholic missionaries way back in the 1800’s

Kasubi Hill
Once known as Nabulagala , Kasubi hill is home to one of the most important Buganda cultural sites and that is the Kasubi tombs , the official burial grounds for the Buganda kings (ba’Kabaka) with four already burried there. These tombs have been recognized as a world heritage site flocked by thousands of tourists until that tragic fire that burnt them down in 2010.

Namirembe & Rubaga Hills

Rent a car and drive to these two hills if you want to learn more about the religious history of Uganda. Both Anglican churches are just a few miles apart with one in Namirembe and the other in Lubaga. The exterior and interior architecture of these ancient cathedrals are such a marvel and when you add that to the historic significance, you wont regret your visit.

Central city

The city is might be crowded with traffic and the locals but is also among the best places to visit if you want to sample the city life. From the local markets, craft shops , shopping malls, restaurants, bars and night clubs, you will get the best leisure experience in Kampala. Driving around the city is no easy task given the various unmarked streets and traffic jam and thats why we at Uganda Car Rental Services recommend you to hire a driver to avoud getting lost or any other related problem.

There are a variety of other places to visit with a rental car in Kampala city but the above mentioned 4 regions take the cut if you want experience the culture and history of Uganda. To explore Kampala today with or without a driver, simply send us an email to or call us now on +256-700135510

Getting Ready For Long Distance Road Trip In Uganda

Planning to drive to remote destination like village or national park in Uganda, you need be very careful how you drive for safe and comfortable road trip. From the basic road rules to driver behaviors, there’s a lot to put into consideration when on and off the road during a long distance trip in Uganda .

The steps to follow before driving a car will help you get the journey started but what you do on the road matters a lot and that’s why Uganda car rental services has given you some vital car rental tips to guide you when driving to any destination in Uganda.

Below are car rental tips to guide a driver on road to any destination in Uganda,

– Always keep left.
– Always check the mirrors (side mirrors and driving mirrors)
– Always open the driver’s window for fresh air.
– Avoid over speeding
– Keep a good distance with the car in-front to avoid collisions.

Reduce speed in;
– Fog conditions.
– Junction.
– Narrow winding roads.

Give way to;
– Ambulances.
– Police cars .
– Fire trucks .
– Emergency vehicles.
– Banking money vehicles.

Places to slow down in;
– Road corners.
– Zebra crossing.
– Narrow bridges.
– Game parks.(drive at 40km per hour on game track )
– Accident places/ scenes.


Follow these tips and you will be assured of a safe road trip in Uganda whether it is a short or long distance journey. For more car rental tips in Uganda, call us now on +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations team.

By Mugisha Rogers

Mandatory car inspection is back in Uganda.

The exercise of inspecting all vehicles in Uganda has been reinstated this November starting 28th on Monday. This exercise has been off the transport management office for over two decades after it was stopped by the Uganda traffic police inspection unit.

The Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) an inspection company from Switzerland has won the contract of inspecting all the vehicles in the country. The company has had a strong reputation in over 18000 countries around the world inspecting various goods that are imported in various countries. The company has well equipped machines that will do a mobile inspection on different highways of the country.

The secretary for National Road Safety council Ronald Amanyire addressed some of the road users especially the taxi commuters about the ongoing inspection.

Inspection points have been set up along Kampala – Masaka highway at Nabingo, at Namulanda along Kampala – Entebbe highway and along Kampala – Jinja highway. He still stated that this inspection will cover all commercial cars including taxis, buses, trailers and many more.

Points to look out during the inspection

  • General car condition, any dents on the car body, cracked screen, or any other physical damages
  • Alterations of the vehicles like changing colors of the car, seating capacity, car extensions and branding
  • Car suspensions, wheel alignment, wheel balancing any other required inspections in this category


In case your cars falls under any of the above, you  are allowed a chance to  rectify all the faults and then come and pick your inspection certificate to  confirm that your car is worth to  be on the road.

This inspection has mainly come up after so many cars have been fabricated in local garages in several parts of the country, even some being imported in the country illegally. Ronald thanked the government over this move, as it will help on sieving out all DMCs off the road and promote perfect road safety.