Why Car Rental Services Are Better Than Using Your Own Car

With the steady rise and growth of tourism in Uganda, several companies have started investing in car rental services to cater for the increasing number of tourists in need of transportation around Uganda. A big question arises, Are these services better than me using my own car or public means? , If your looking that comfortable, stress free and safe transportation, then you should choose to use  car rental services in Uganda and ditch your personal car for a road trip journey around Kampala city or an up-country destination.

The benefits out way the risks and costs  as explained below, read through and think twice before making a final decision of driving your own car


No need to worry about small damages

The first and foremost benefit of using car rental services in Uganda is that you save yourself from the stress and costs of damaging your own car. With a rental car , you can rely on the company insurance policy to get the damage fixed hence saving money and time you would have spent on this unplanned event.


Hire a driver

You can rent a car for self drive because it’s a much cheaper option but hiring a driver is a much safer and convenient option. Dont bother yourself worrying about how you will get from point A to point B , a let your personal driver do all the steering and route guidance . You will get background info about attractions , wildlife and latest news plus you can be assured the driver will fix the car in-case of breakdown.


Driver other car types

When you choose to book a car with a Uganda car rental company and ditch your own car, you get chance to drive other types of vehicles. You can select any rental car from the fleet and drive it, if you have never driven a customized safari vehicle or luxury brand, then these services will guarantee you that opportunity at affordable rates, under favorable terms and conditions.


Avoid maintainance & service costs

Lastly but not least, car rental services ensure you don’t have to pay for car servicing after the road trip. All the maintenance will be done by the company which will save your personal car from such costs.


Read through some of the most popular Uganda car rental services available and choose one that suits your budget as well as personal interests. For more information, simply send us an email to info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us now +256-758540071.

Tips On Choosing The Best Accommodation On Your Trip

Choosing a good accommodation is really or ultimately an important part of your trip/vacation and it can have a big impact on your spending if not chosen correctly in one’s budget. There are a number of reasons why every  traveler chooses a certain accommodation and some of these base on the price, location, services offered, amenities, the ease of booking, the type of facility and so  much more. Choosing the right accommodation on your trip is one of the best choices to cut expenses and even get discounts as well or even free nights. Whether you are travelling as family, couple, solo or honeymoon, you can still look around for the perfect safari lodges in Uganda , hotels in Kampala , guest houses, family cottages, apartments or camping sites within and outside national parks.

Below are some of the most common accommodation facilities to help you through your such :


Hotels are the most commonly known types of accommodation in every country. Yes it is commonly accepted that hotels are expensive, but note that hotels can still be a cheap option. If you’re a type of traveller that enjoys hotels, try to compare various hotels and prices on the website until you come up with your budget hotel. If though hotels can be above the backpacker’s budget, it is still possible to find a fair price hotel that won’t overwhelm your pocket. Although you may find a cheap hotel, be careful because it could be possible that the hotel is far from the city or main road, or it could be offering undesirable services. Take your time and choose a hotel that suites your interest and preference.


If you are travelling and thinking of staying in the city for quite a long period, it is best to rent an apartment thank staying in a hotel. Apartments can be quite comfortable since they offer weekly and monthly prices than daily pays to hotels. You can rent and apartment from a well-established company or even renting from people that have space to let in their own residence. Many of the apartments are well furnished; therefore you will be home although far from home.


Hostels are known to be the cheapest and most accessible accommodation properties for many of the budget travellers. The best thing with hostels, they have variety of rooms, ranging from dorm rooms, single and double to camping options as well. Some of the bigger rooms accommodate a number of beds hence the costs for the night a very low. There are places where you can find a bed for $10 a night with breakfast. More to hostels being cheap, they are very secure, safe and best havens to make new friends. Note that with hostels you have shared rest rooms and if you need private bathrooms, you can book one but a costly price.


For travellers that really need a touch of adventure, camping is the best option for a more sustainable approach to travel. Camping is even more interesting especially for group tours, you  have time to  do things together, like cook together, set up tents and so much more, you  get time out in the wild, away from the spiced meals to your own preferred and prepared dishes. You are the first to see the sun rays, the first to hear rain drops and the first to get the music of the birds.


Book your safari lodge, hotel, motel, hostel, camping gear with Uganda Car Rental Services. Send us an email at info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call our offices at +256700135510, +256414699459

How To Run A Clean & Efficient Vehicle

It is always important and recommended to keep your car clean and efficient at all times in order to avoid mechanical breakdowns and also for your comfort. This can be easily done without even investing a lot of money and below are some advisory tips of how you can do it;

  • Always keep your car in a good mechanical condition

A poorly serviced car will make you spend a lot while on the road that is to say it has high fuel consumption rates (15% more) and can breakdown very easily. Make sure you take your car to a skilled mechanic regularly for servicing.

  • Always drive carefully, sensibly and smoothly

Try as much as you can to avoid rapid/sudden acceleration and braking as it is dangerous and consumes a lot of fuel. Make sure you fully utilize all the gears as it minimizes the use of brakes hence giving you a smoother and more comfortable ride.

  • Drive at a moderate speed at all times

As much as driving very fast may save your time, it may also cost you your life. Driving very speedily increases the risk of crashes and also consumes much of your fuel.

  • Use air conditioners

Always make sure you use the air conditioners especially while driving along dusty roads and also remove the roof rack if you are not using it. This reduces the wind resistance that prevents the engine from being over worked prevents dust from entering the car and hence helps in keeping its interior clean.

Uganda Car Hire Prices 2017

Getting affordable and trusted car hire services in Uganda is no easy task, straight from the choosing a the right rental car all the way to final reservations but sandwiched between these two is a very important item and that is the car hire rates for each car type. At Uganda Car Rental Services, we offer cheap car rental in Kampala and all other districts and destinations for all types of travelers including solo tourists, couples, families and small groups from all corners of the world.

Read about the Uganda car hire prices for a good insight of who to book with and what car to book if your looking to get the best deal. Note that all categories of cars below can be hired for self drive apart from the luxury wedding cars which we only offer along with a chauffeur.

Sedan / Saloon Cars – This group contains some of the most affordable rental cars in Uganda including Premio, Harrier, Raum, Nadia, Noah among others. These cars are ideal for business and leisure travelers looking for self drive in Kampala city to attend a business meeting, visit a friend or explore the cities major attractions. If your looking for cheap Entebbe airport transfer service, you should consider renting saloon cars.
Hire Prices – From US$ 40 to 50 per day for self drive and at US$ 60 – 65 per day with driver, excluding fuel. Airport- transfer – US$ 40 (one-way transfer)


4×4 Safari Cars – This category contains some of the best 4×4 cars customized for park tours and long distance up-country road trips. These cars can handle the rough terrains and unpredictable weather changes . Popular safari cars in Uganda include 8-seater Land cruiser, Safari minivan, Land Cruiser Prado and the small 4-door Rav4 and some equipped with a pop-roof, fridge and adjustable seats perfect for camping adventures.
Hire Prices – Rav4 (From US$ 45 to 50 per day self drive), Land Cruiser Prado (From US$ 70 to 90 per day self drive), Safari Land Cruiser (From US$ 120 to 150 per day- with driver), Minivan (From US$ 100 to 120 per day), excluding fuel.


Buses – If you plan on traveling with small group of friends or workmates and looking for the ideal transportation, then you can choose between a Coaster bus (28 – 30 seater) or a Bus (70- 80 seater). The coaster bus is popularly used of group safaris and airport transfers in Uganda by a majority of companies.
Hire Prices – Coaster bus (From US$ 130 to 140 per day with driver), Bus (From US$ 200 to 300 per transfer with driver), excludes fuel.


Wedding cars – Uganda Car Rental services offers a wide range luxury bridal cars for hire in Kampala city and neighboring districts. We cater for the bride and groom’s transportation needs giving you classic clean car along with smart professional chauffeur ready to serve you and make your entourage a memorable one. All prices below are based on car rental in Kampala and an extra charge will have to be made if your not with borders of Kampala.
Hire prices – Mercedes Benz E,C,S classes (From 350,000 UGX to 450000 UGX) , Limousine (From UGX 1,500,000 to UGX ), Vintage cars (From 500000 UGX to 800000 UGX). For more car prices about wedding car hire in Uganda, please call Phionah on +256-700135510

The prices above will help you make a decision of which car or services best suits your budget and personal needs. To rent a car in Uganda or inquire about rental prices, simply send us an email to info@ugandacarrentalservices.com, we look forward to giving you an exceptional service worth every penny you pay.

Common Uganda Traffic Offenses & Penalties

Using an unlicensed or uninsured car

Fine (Ugx): Min – 200,000

Max – 800,000

Imprisonment: Min – 1 year

Max – 2 years

  1. Excess passengers or over loading and poor condition

Fine (Ugx): Min – 300,000

Max – 1,200,000

Imprisonment: Min – 6 months

Max – 2 years

  1. Causing injury or death as a result of careless driving

Fine (Ugx): Min – 1,500,000

Max – 4,000,000

Imprisonment: Min -2 years

Max – 5 years

  1. Dangerous or careless driving

Fine (Ugx): Min – 1,200,000

Max – 1,800,000

Imprisonment: Min – 2 years

Max – 3 years

  1. Drinking and driving

Fine (Ugx): Min – 300,000

Max – 1,200,000

Imprisonment: Min – 6 months

Max – 2 years

  1. Careless or inconsiderate use of a car

Fine (Ugx): Min – 100,000

Max – 600,000

Imprisonment: Min – 1 month

Max – 1 year

  1. Exceeding the speed limit or over speeding

Fine (Ugx): Min – 300,000

Max – 1,200,000

Imprisonment: Min – 6 months

Max – 2 years

  1. Driving without a permit or after being disqualified

Fine (Ugx): Min – 600,000

Max – 3,000,000

Imprisonment: Min – 1 year

Max – 5 years

  1. Failing to report an accident

Fine (Ugx): Min – 100,000

Max – 600,000


Avoid getting on the wrong side of the traffic laws and you will be assured of safe road trip to any destination within Uganda