How To Get Budget Car Hire In Uganda

Traveling around the country requires alot of spending , right from accommodation all the way to transportation. You have to be careful and search the market for the most affordable hotels, safari lodges or guest houses available but equally important, you should ditch class and luxury and go budget car and get the cost effective road trip fitting your budget as well as personal needs.

There are various car rental companies in Uganda offering a wide range of rental cars at different rates, terms and conditions. You can choose from a wide selection of sedans, station wagons, safari vans and luxury cars and reserve online but don’t make a mistake and rent the first car you find or book with the first company you contact.

Take time and browse through various company websites comparing prices for various rental cars , choose a car that suits the number of people you traveling with and the type of terrain you will passing through. Once you have determined the type and size of car you want , then you can start the looking for that budget car hire deal you deserve. You have determine how much fuel each car can consume per kilometer before deciding whether to go with a diesel or petrol engine car.

If you are traveling to Uganda in a group of 15 or more and searching for a safari vehicle, you could be tempted to hire two safari land cruisers or mini vans which is very expensive compared to if you had decided to rent a coaster bus in Uganda. Here’s the simple maths, 1 safari land cruiser may cost US$ 150 per day meaning two would cost US$ 300 per day which is higher than the US$ 180 to 200 per day you could pay for a coaster bus saving you US$ 100 you can spend on other necessities

Getting budget car hire in Uganda only requires patience and understanding of the market , you need to know that sedans are the cheapest cars for hire while the safari cars, mini-buses, bridal cars are as expensive as they sound but that doesn’t mean you cant book them at a cheaper price than the usual. You just have do the maths.

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A Limousine Will Perfect Your Wedding

There are many luxury bridal cars but none compares to the classy rare stretch limousine. Vintage cars, land cruisers, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguars and others might look nice but the stretch Limousine emerges as the most fancy, comfortable and attention-grabbing of them all hence creating a special, exciting and memorable feeling for the bride and groom on their special day.

Most people in Africa have that limousine excitement, after all it shows class, wealth and most importantly it is a very rare and unique car. The limo has royal seats, is well air conditioned and to top it all up, it has an in-built fridge plus a bar compartment therefore the bride and groom can embrace each other’s company. The spacious interior coupled with the good air conditioning will definitely give the couple a romantic environment.
Cruise around in the limousine around town on your special day and let us take you right from the salon, to church and finally to the reception. Whether it is photography or make-up, we have you covered. Our chauffeurs are well groomed, smart and are well conversant with all the places around the different towns of Uganda so you can be assured we shall give you the best service on this special day.

We shall decorate the limo beautifully right from the interior to the exterior and give the wedding car that look that will amaze all your guests that is to say your family, friends and relatives. The limousine plus the other bridal cars will move in a convoy, which uniformity will enlighten the whole ceremony.

Are you planning your wedding in Uganda this season, make your day special and unique by using one of the best luxury and classic cars in the whole world for transportation. Choose a wedding car that matches and enhances your style on such a day and that is the limousine.

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What Makes Uganda Car Rental Services The Best Wedding Car Hire Agency

A wedding is a once in a life time occasion, one that requires perfection at its best right from planning all the way to the the d-day and that’s why you have to be very careful when shopping or booking services from an events management agency or any other company that deals in wedding services.

There are plenty of items on the planning list but only a few will make the cut as the most important and that includes the venue, food , drinks and transportation and that’s where Uganda Car Rental Services , if your looking for affordable and reliable wedding car hire in Uganda , then below are some reasons why you should consider using our services.


Trustworthiness – No one loves trusting a company and then getting something way below their  expectations and that’s why you always need to get wedding car from a reputable and reliable agency to avoid falling victim of fraud or not getting what you expected from  your money.


Experience –  When you book a luxury bridal car with Uganda Car Rental Services , rest assured you will get over 9 years experience in the business,  we have been offering  some of the best wedding cars for hire along with the best chauffeurs  that have been around most of the places including the city plus other neighboring towns.


Variety of cars  –   We have a a wide range of luxury cars that will light up any wedding in Uganda , whether you want to hire a sport car , vintage or popular luxury car you always see on that music video or on that branded city party, we will get it for you. It could be a limousine, Range rover, a Mercedes Benz class or another bridal car in Uganda, we can get it for you at the affordable rates any time of the day.


Professional drivers– It’s already obvious that without a driver that knows the place around, you  wont get that comfortable and seamless experience you deserve. Uganda car rental services has some of the best  chauffeurs/ drivers in Uganda  with valid driving permits , well groomed and ready to make your wedding in Uganda the most memorable experience you will ever have.


So if your looking for a wedding car hire services in Uganda , then you should consider Uganda Car Rental Services for affordable and reliable car rental services in Uganda. You can send us an email to or call us on +256-700135510