Getting To Murchison Falls Park

Murchison falls national park is only Uganda’s largest and oldest national park but also one of the most visited parks in Africa popularly known as home of the strongest falls on the might River Nile; the world’s longest river. Situated in the north western region of Uganda, getting to Murchison falls park can be a short 1 hour journey or long hours trip depending on which means you use to get there, it could be a private rental car, public vehicle or aeroplane but make sure you get means that fit your budget, comfort as well as personal interests.

Below are three transportation means if you planning a guided or self drive safari to Murchison falls park in search of the Big Five wildlife and get an up-close view of the magnificent Nile falls.


Rental car  –  For a more private , flexible and comfortable road trip to Murchison falls park, you should consider renting a private car but make sure you book a safari car that can handle the tough park terrain and most importantly fit your budget and number of people you are traveling with. You can rent a car in Uganda with a driver or for self drive, your choice depends on your sense of adventure and budget. Rental prices differ depending on type of car you want to use and number of days you wish to be with the vehicle.


Public means  –  If you are looking for the cheapest means to get to Murchison falls park, then your best choice will be public transportation means that feature the both large and mini buses. Get ready to sit with strangers and truth is you wont be guaranteed to get where you are going on time as they make passenger pick-up and drop-offs along the way and the worst part of it all you wont be dropped off the exact park gate but in a near by bus park. The public buses might be a cheaper option, but the most uncomfortable and unsafest way to travel around Uganda.


Aeroplane – Ditch the long hour road journeys and just hop on a plane to Murchison falls park, a flying safari might be more expensive than a road safari but is by far the safest and fastest way to get to any park or destination in Uganda. The spectcualr aerial views of the landscapes, water bodies and homesteads will make your hour trip worthwhile plus you dont have to worry about a tyre replacement or running out of fuel which is the case for cars. You can book a full flying safari package or just book a flight with any one of the various charter flight companies at Entebbe airport.


Planning to visit Murchison falls park this season and still wondering how to get to the park, you can choose between the above three depending on what suits your pocket and style. To book a Murchison falls tour , simply send us an email to or call us on +256-700135510.

Getting Around Kampala City

Kampala is by far the largest city in Uganda comprising of up to 2.5 million people blessed with an abundance of commercial businesses, local tourist attractions and entertainment venues and that makes getting around quite difficult most especially if you are a first time visitor. You need to consider using transport means that fit your budget , personal needs and thankfully you don’t have to worry about that when in the city as they are a variety of options to choose from you plan on getting around Kampala city on tour holiday, leisure or business trip as explained below.

Book with Car Rental Agency

Go online and search for trusted and reliable agency that can book for you any type of car you prefer. The safety and comfort you get when you rent a car in Kampala with a company ensures you have successful road trip experience. Whether you prefer a self drive trip or require the services of a professional chauffeur, the company has you covered. The rental cars are well serviced, clean and normally offered based on unlimited mileage with government taxes fully covered. Prices highly depend on type of car you wish to use or service you want and number of days you require both. They range between US$ 35 to US$ 180 per day , excluding fuel. To book a rental car today, you can send us an email to or call us now +256-700135510 to speak to a reservations personnel.

Special Hire Taxis

These private cabs present another way of getting around Kampala city. If you’re not into getting squeezed in a Mini-van taxi or using the services of car rental company, then this is your best choice.  They might be more expensive than Mini-van taxi but a lot more convenient as you are guaranteed you will dropped off at the exact point not on an on-road stage plus there wont be no stop overs hence you reach where are going on time. Special hire taxis in Kampala charge between UGX 10,000 to UGX 40000 depending on your destination.

Mini-Van Taxis

The Mini-van taxis locally called ‘Takisi’ is the most used and cheapest public means of transport means in Kampala and the rest of Uganda. They are stationed in taxi park but also pick up passengers on almost every street most especially the busy intersections. Prices range from as low as UGX 500 to UGX 2500 per person for rides within the city.

Passenger Motorcycle

The 2 seat passenger motorcycles locally called boda-boda is the another private way to travel but the riskiest as these riders are not professional and like over taking and over speeding even on busy roads. Many of the road collisions are credited to the reckless driving by the Boda-boda riders and that’s why they always penalized by traffic officers. Just like the special hire taxis , you can be guaranteed you will be dropped off at the exact point or home address. Charges for hiring a boda-boda in Kampala range from UGX 1000 to UGX 5000 or higher depending on where you are going.

So if you are planning to travel around Kampala city and looking means to get around, you should consider the 4 mentioned above and find out which one suits you best. For further information call us now on  +256-700135510 to speak to our team of car experts.

How To Get To A National Park In Uganda

Uganda is such an amazing African safari destination blessed with an abundance of local and internationally known tourist attractions. The magnificent landscapes , enormous water bodies coupled with a variety of wildlife and rich culture has made the Pearl Of Africa a must visit destinations for holiday makers, business and leisure travelers.

Getting to an attraction like a national park requires a suitable means of transportation that suits your budget and personal style. There are various affordable options available but you have to make the right choice , one that can accommodate the number of people you are traveling with comfortably and safely and most importantly take you where you are going in time.

Below are three transportation modes in Uganda you can use to get to any of the national parks spread across the country.

Rent A Car – If you are looking for private and more flexible transportation, then you need to book a rental car online with a trusted and reliable car rental agency. Whether you want to rent a station wagon, safari van or any other 4×4 car that can handle the park terrain, you can be assured you will seat comfortably and chat freely during the road trip. The top 3 safari cars in Uganda include the Safari land cruiser, Minivan & Rav4 ,all can be rented on self drive or with a driver but excluding fuel.

Board A Bus – For travelers who cant afford services of a Uganda car rental company, you can always opt for the much cheaper public passenger bus or coaster bus. There are several bus parks in Kampala city and other remote destinations where you can pay for a ticket (20,000 to 40,000 per one way transfer). The bus will drop you off in town where you have to get other means to reach a national park.

Flying Safari – This is by far the most expensive but fastest means to get to a national park , there are various charter flights offering fly in trips to Murchison falls park, Queen Elizabeth park, Bwindi forest and Kidepo valley park straight from Entebbe airport and back. A flying trip lasts about an hour giving you aerial views of the land scapes , water bodies and African homesteads. Bwindi national park and Kidepo valley park are two of the most remote parks so to avoid those long hour boring road trips , you have to book a flight through a safari company, lodge or directly at the airport.

Planning to visit one of the Uganda national parks this season and still wondering how to get there, choose among the above three and get in touch with us to book or inquire about rates. For more information please call our guide on +256-779232316

Top 3 Rental Cars Ideal For Family Tours in Uganda

Travelling with family on holiday around an attraction  or popular vacation destination is a special moment , not only do you get chance to do something new with your loved ones, its the perfect opportunity to bond and share memories that will last a life time. If you plan on taking the family on tour in Uganda or any other African country, you need to make sure you get the perfect accommodation but most importantly a the best transportation means possible.

Whether you plan to drive around Kampala city and neighboring suburbs or want to visit an up-country destination like national park or village, you have to book a rental car that will comfortably accommodate the number of members you are traveling with, it might be a family sedan or group van , just make sure you can get a car that fits your budget as well as personal needs.

Below are 3 rental cars ideal for family trips and can accommodate up to 8 people and can handle all types of terrain including rough off-beaten park and village tracks.


Safari Van – The customized mid sized van that can accommodate up to 8 people with a pop-up roof , air-conditioner, MP3/CD Player and adequate leg room and cargo space. The van is the ideal car for families on a park safari since the 4 wheel drive car can handle the tough park terrain and the pop-up roof allows you to get a better view of the wildlife and landscapes during a game drive.

Safari Land Cruiser –  The extended land cruiser has long been the most popular safari car in Africa and rightly so given its customized features that include a pop-up roof , inbuilt fridge and 4 wheel drive mechanism combined with strong large tyres that can handle the toughest of terrain.  The safari land cruiser can accommodate up to 8 people comfortably with extra back seat in the rear and extra space for cargo on the roof so you and your family dont have to worry about getting squeezed along the road trip.

Super Custom Van – This is another version of a safari van only that its doesnt have a pop-up roof plus it has adjustable seats and a glass sun roof ideal for city tours as well as park tours. The comfortable interior seats and air-conditioning coupled with adequate leg room makes it the ideal family car for 4 to 6 members


Planning to tour Uganda with you family this season but still havent decided which type of car to use, choose one of the above 3 family friendly cars for a comfortable road trip around Uganda. To rent a car in Uganda , simply send us an email to or call us on +256-700135510 to talk to our reservations personnel