CBA Africa Concours d’Elegance, 24th September

The CBA Africa Concours d’Elegance, is a classiest event organized by the Alfa Romeo Owners Club and it is a very special day on the Kenya Motor Sport Federation. Since 2006, the event has been reorganized under FIM- Africa and as well looks out for vintage cars and motorcycles as well.

This is also a social event with so many fun packed activities that can interest families including children play centers, live band music, food and so many more. The main center piece for the event is the judging and voting many of the classic vintage cars numbering to 70 and about 40 motorcycles to come up with the grand winner.

This year’s edition is going to be the 47th annual Concours and will be held at the grounds of Nairobi Racecourse with over 10,000 visitors from different countries. This year a number of countries have joined the event among which are Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Argentina, South Africa, Rwanda, Namibia, Mexico, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe, England, German, Australia, Malawi, and Mauritius

Kakooza Wazzir from Uganda has entered his rare 1991 Mitsuoka Le-Seyde two door coupe for the CBA Africa Concours d’Elegance and we hope that he wins and bring the award back to Uganda.

3 Things to Keep In Mind When Hiring A Car In Uganda

Hiring a car for self drive trip or guided safari has become the it thing in Uganda, tourists love the freedom and adventure of traveling with family and friends in a private car other than going by a pre-made safari itinerary crafted by a tour company. Whether you plan on visiting a national park, tour around the city or local village , booking affordable car hire services in Uganda  with a trusted and reliable car agency is guaranteed to give you that adventure road trip you have always dreamed of.

It could be a 4×4 safari car , a small sedan, mini-bus or a stylish luxury bridal car that you want to hire with a driver or for self drive safari, whatever the choice , just make sure you make the right choice and that’s why Uganda Car Rental Services has listed some things to prioritize when hiring a car in Uganda.

Type of Rental car
You should strongly consider the type of car you will be hiring and there’s no better way to come to a conclusion than determining the number of people you will be traveling with plus the destinations you will be visiting. You can hire a safari car in Uganda if you plan on touring a national park or doing a research project, it could be a mini-van, safari land cruiser or coaster bus , just make sure you rent a car that can fit the number of people you will be travelling and can handle the terrain of the place you will be going to. If it’s a special occasion like a wedding , birthday party , anniversary , video shoot or any event that requires a luxury car, you should go for a stylish unique sport or vintage car.

Car Hire Company
Once you have determined the type of rental car you wish to hire, its time to decide the ideal Uganda car hire company to offer you services at rates that suit your budget and most importantly your personal needs. Online reviews from past clients clearly represent the reputation of any company and you can find these reviews on popular platforms like Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook , Twitter among others. The more good reviews a company has, the better. Uganda has a variety of car hire agencies and that’s why you need to be careful and book with one that you can trust to avoid fraud or getting poor services way below your expectations.

Payment Options
You have finally decided what type of rental car to use and car rental agency to go with, what’s left is how to pay. To hire a car in Uganda requires a deposit or full payment depending on the number of days left and agreed conditions. However you you should take heed of the payment options to use to save money and also what is more convenient. Whether you prefer sending the money in person at the bank or online through Pesapal or any other account, just make sure you do it in the most comfortable and convenient means possible.

If you plan on touring Uganda for a park safari, business or research project and want to hire a car , you should consider the above three factors before making your final decision for a safe, comfortable and affordable road trip in the Pearl Of Africa. To inquire or rent a car in Uganda , simply send us an email to or call us on +2567-700135510 to speak with the reservations personnel.

Top Safari Activities In Jinja Town

Jinja town also known as the adventure capital of East Africa has an assortment of safari activities all tourists can enjoy while on their Uganda Safari especially to eastern Uganda. Enjoy the best of the adventure in Uganda while in Jinja, there is something for everyone, whether family tours, school tours, honeymoon trips and so many more. Many clients feel overwhelmed about the itinerary of the trip and where to  go especially when they have a particular activity  of preference. All places in Jinja offer eye-opening wonders to nature and life time experience that will blow your mind.

Below are some of the top adventure activities in Jinja

White water rafting

This is the best white water adventure you can be part of while in East Africa. River Nile feature the best rafting rapids in East Africa that will make your adrenaline rush as you  fight your way through the rock out crops and might strength of water as your boats rise high and low to water valleys. All you have to do is to hold strong to your boat or sink with in the water. Enjoy both group and family rafting trails that are very safe elderly and children while at Jinja.

Bungee Jumping

Be part of the few that have testified to have jumped off high ridge connected to an elastic rubber rope in Jinja while on their Uganda safari. Whether you want to prove something to your family members, surprise your partner or looking at making history, you can trust our team to make for you’re the best trip to Jinja for bungee jumping. Count 5…4….3…2…1 and Bungee, you can perform a bungee jump with a full body harness and either select to  do the superman front drive or a backward dive.

Quad biking

Test your riding skills and experience quad biking adventure at Jinja. Enjoy rides from 1 hour to as many as 3 hours with a qualified team of instructors that will help you have the best. You don’t need to be an expat in riding; there are quad bikes that are automatic to help you ride with ease. There are bikes available for children from 10yrs and above and adults from 16yrs and above. Your biking instructors take part in your riding experience to make sure you have a safe ride, please remember this is a riding experience not a race.


Enjoy a life time kayaking experience during your Uganda tour in Jinja on the River Nile. There are number of kayaking packages available to fit all groups of people among which are family kayaks, guided kayaking experiences, or on can choose to  hire a paddle board  as well. This is one of the most amazing adventurous tourist activities in Jinja and must item on your Uganda safari.


Horseback riding

Giddy up!!!

Be a cowboy for an hour or more in Uganda while in Jinja, so saddle up and take guided horseback riding trips through the gazzetted varies in Jinja and the Nile resort. All ages and levels of experience are welcome for the riding experience; even young children can enjoy the moment. There are guides to help you through the riding and as well train you on the best steps of riding a horse. For those that fear riding, choose to visit the stables and watch how the horses feed and taken care of.

Zip lining in Jinja

We will harness you up and thereafter, you will be ready to zip through the trees of Mabira rain forest up to more than 6 stories above sea level. The zip lines here are prefect and safe for a race, you  can race your family member, friend, partner and have the feel of bragging all the way home. This hair rising adventure is extremely good that you will love to do it again and again. There is nothing compared to the feeling of racing on a zip line in the middle of Mabira forest, try it on your trip and you will be back to have more of it .

To book a trip to Jinja and enjoy the best of the adventure in Uganda, send us an email at or call +256700135510, +256414699459

Choosing The Best Driver/ Guide For Your Uganda Trip

Preparing for a guided trip to a particular destination comes with a lot of excitement, anxiety and sometimes doubt about the service you are going to get.  For many of the years I have been a driver in Uganda, I have communicated in deeper conversations with many clients from different parts of the world with many from Europe, USA, Africa, Australia and so many other countries. One thing I have come to know is that whatever type of visitor to Uganda or to  different country  has expectations, something they  are looking forward to, an idea of what they  think there trip will be like and so much more. Although many may come with some level insecurity about the people they are going to  meet but at the end of the day  meeting a good welcoming team and a good driver makes  them calm down and feel at peace.

As driver in Uganda, I love and respect what I do, I love driving first of all, being a driver does not embarrass me, it does not change who I am, it is my job , my hobby , it the only way I earn for a living. I have taken time to study and know almost every part in Uganda and extended my knowledge to the neighboring countries. Call me for a drive to any part in Uganda, trust me ! you will be there without need of a GPS.

Below are some of the qualities of a good driver in Uganda


Everyone that has gone to a driving school can drive but being a professional driver is another thing. Professionalism comes with many thing, like know how exactly to communicate with your car, how to behave on the road, the skill of driving that will make your passengers extremely comfortable. I am professional driver with more than 10 years of experience on the road. Not only do I drive but I also take time to research and study about the different destinations, hence offering my clients the best information they need to have a successful trip.

Customer Care

Hospitality is a key factor in the tourism sector especially when it comes to drivers. I care about my clients to see that they get the best out of their trip. I am make sure the person I am driving with, is really comfortable with me. Make your client want to trust you; open up to them, help they make the right choices since you know the destinations better. I most times bring up options that can save a lot for my clients, if the route they have in mind is costing a lot on fuel, I suggest a shorter and easier route. This saves time and money and we get to our destination without getting so tired.


A good driver should be flexible, do not hesitate on some issues, much as it is the order of the day, being flexible makes life easier for your clients. If you need to wait on the client or a client suggests to  choose a different route, then be flexible advice accordingly. Being flexible makes you enjoy the drive and the trip at whole.


Being clean is an important issue for many drivers; a dirty and shabby driver makes visitors somehow uncomfortable. I do my best to have my company uniform on and keep well groomed. Apart from personal grooming, I do my best to keep my vehicle clean, so that my clients can sit in a comfortable and clean environment.

To hire a car in Uganda with driver, send us an inquiry  at or call us directly at +256414699459, +256700135510

Park Entrance Fees For Vehicles In Uganda

Many tourists to Uganda planning to do a self drive trip to one of the parks always always have pending questions as regards to distance, fuel estimation but most importantly the vehicle charges for different car types and if they are constant through all the national parks, no need to ask yourself these questions any more as Uganda Car Rental Services will give you all the rates for all car categories including motor-cycles, sedans, mini-vans, buses among other vehicles.

The vehicle entrance rates are categorized by East Africa registered plates and foreign plates , so you can decide whether to rent a foreign or local car for your self drive safari.

( EA – East Africa car rates , Fr – Foreign car rates )

Motor Cycles– US$ 5 – EA , US$ 30- Fr.

Sedan / Saloon cars – US$ 10 – EA , US$ 50 – Fr.

Mini buses (Coaster bus) – US$ 15 – EA , US$ 100 -Fr.

4-Wheel Drive Cars – (Safari cars like Land Cruisers & Vans )-  US$ 15, US$ 150- Fr

Buses & Lorries – US$ 75- EA,  US$ 150- Fr

School buses – US$ 25

Boats – (up to 15-seater) – US$ 25 – EA , US$ 50- Fr

Delivery Vehicles– US$ 5 , UGX 10,000 Uganda registered plates

Getting To Bwindi Forest

Bwindi national park is the largest home of the endangered mountain gorillas with one of the most ancient rain forests with a variety primates, birds, plant and tree species and when you add in the local inhabitants and magnificent landscapes, you will get one of the best safari experiences in Uganda. Situated in the south western corner of Uganda, getting to Bwindi impenetrable forest can be a short flight or long road trip depending which means that fit your budget and personal needs. It could be a self drive trip or guided trip but whichever choice you take , make sure you go for one that suits your style and comfort.

Below are three transportation means to use if you are planning to do a safari in Bwindi forest this season, check out which option suits and Uganda Car Rental Services will avail you that option.


Rental car – For a more private , flexible and comfortable road trip to Bwindi forest, you should consider renting a private car but make sure you book a safari car that can handle the tough park terrain and most importantly fit your budget and number of people you are traveling with. You can rent a car in Uganda with a driver or for self drive, your choice depends on your sense of adventure and budget. Rental prices differ depending on type of car you want to use and number of days you wish to be with the vehicle.


Public means – If you are looking for the cheapest means to get to Bwindi park, then your best choice will be public transportation means that feature the both large and mini buses. Get ready to sit with strangers and truth is you wont be guaranteed to get where you are going on time as they make passenger pick-up and drop-offs along the way and the worst part of it all you wont be dropped off the exact park gate but in a near by bus park. The public buses might be a cheaper option, but the most uncomfortable and unsafest way to travel around Uganda.

Aeroplane – Ditch the long hour road journeys and just hop on a plane to Bwindi forest, a flying safari might be more expensive than a road safari but is by far the safest and fastest way to get to any park or destination in Uganda. The spectcualr aerial views of the landscapes, water bodies and homesteads will make your hour trip worthwhile plus you dont have to worry about a tyre replacement or running out of fuel which is the case for cars. You can book a full flying safari package or just book a flight with any one of the various charter flight companies at Entebbe airport.

Planning to do a safari to Bwindi this season and still wondering how to get to the park, you can choose between the above three depending on what suits your pocket and style. To book a Murchison falls tour , simply send us an email to or call us on +256-700135510