Uganda Self Drive Car Rental FAQs

A self drive tour also known as a self guided tour is a road trip where one rents a car and navigates a route by oneself without the assistance of a guide/ driver but only a GPS and sometimes without one.  The freedom and privacy the self drive option offers will give any traveler that adventure they have always dreamed of.  Of all the amazing tourist destinations in Africa, a safari in Uganda is regarded as one of the best adventures that offers you chance to encounter a variety of wildlife species and indigenous tribes in just a short period of time. From the rare mountain gorillas, Big Five to the lush green tropical forest, spectacular landscapes and beautiful water bodies, any  adventure seeker and nature lover will easily get addicted to the Pearl Of Africa.

However before you plan on driving yourself around Uganda , we at Uganda Car Rental Services have compiled a few Frequently Asked Questions about self drive in Uganda that will help you get around safely , cheaply and most importantly make the right deal that suits your budget as well as personal interests.


Question 1 –  How old do i need to be to rent a car in Uganda?

Answer –  You can rent a car for self drive  from Uganda Car Rental Services as long as you are above 20 years of age with a valid driving license. We strongly advise you have at-least 4 years driving experience if you want to get behind the steering wheel and explore the country on your own.


Question 2  –  How can i book a car ?

Answer  –  You can make reservation online by filling in this short contact form  or by sending an email directly to Alternatively you can visit our office on  Morning star tower situated along the Kampala-Entebbe road in Najjanankumbi or just call the  help line on +256-700135510/ +256-414699459  and speak to our reservations team.


Question 3- What is  cheapest car for self drive in Uganda ?

Answer –  A self-drive trip requires a 4×4 car that can handle all types of terrain and weather and that’s why a safari car is the best choice , these car types include the Land Cruiser Prado, Toyota Rav4, Safari Land Cruiser, Nissan Patrol, Super custom van and Safari Minivan but among all these cars, one of the cheapest safari cars for rent in Uganda is the Rav4 and Land Cruiser ranging from US$ 45 to US$ 70 per day depending on the number of days you wish to use it.


Question 4- Where do i pick up the rental car ?

Answer – You can pick up the car at our office, the airport or any other specified destination (hotel/residence) of your choice. A driver and representative from Uganda Car Rental Services will deliver the car to you at a your favored time giving you that care worth every penny you pay. When you book a car fore self drive safari in Uganda with us, rest assured you will get it in time in which ever destination you are in at that particular time.


Question 5 – Can I drop off the car at different location ?

Answer –  No , the car will be dropped off at the same location you picked it from only for the case of Kampala city, you can drop it off at any place within Kampala  or Entebbe and we will pick it up at no extra charge.


Question 6- What rental car fuel types are available for hire ?

Answer – We offer both diesel and petrol fueled cars for hire at Uganda Car Rental Services, just make a choice and we will get it for you. Diesel and Petrol fuel rates range from US$ 1 to 1.5 which is around 3200 to 3400 depending on fuel type.


Question 7 – What is the fuel policy for renting a car in Uganda?

Answer- We deliver the car to you with a full tank and expect it to be delivered back to us in the same manner and if the car is returned less than full tank, you will charged an extra fee to compensate for the missing fuel capacity.  All our Uganda self drive cars are offered based on unlimited mileage so you visit any place as long as you pay for your own fuel.


Question 8 – What if i return the car late ?

Answer –  If you return the car a few hours late on the final day , you wont be charged by majority of car rental companies in Uganda but if you dare make a mistake of returning it a day later, then expect to pay an extra fee for the same amount you paid per day. It’s advisable to contact the reservations team and let them know about your wish to extend the number of rental days, you might even get a discount.


There are variety of inquiries tourists ask about self drive in Uganda but the above 8 are the most frequently asked questions most of them never miss out on. To inquire about renting a car in Uganda , simply send us an email to or call us on +256-700135510 ton speak with the reservations team.

Uganda Mass Wedding By Pastor Kayanja

For the past 8 months, a Christian revival prayer move has been and is still taking place at the Miracle Centre Rubaga cathedral. The Prayer move was themed, 77 Days Of Glory, since it happens in seasons of 77 days, currently the third season is ongoing. Many Ugandans have seen the light and given in their lives to acknowledge that there is only one true God and above him there is no other, All the earth and everything above it an beneath it worship him alone. The revival as drawn people from around the whole world, as far from Europe, Asia, middle east, neighboring countries like Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Congo, Sudan and so  many more. All come in to witness the power of God through signs and wonders. Thousands have been healed from sickness, lameness, blindness, broken limbs, healed relationships, others have received material help, finical help and so many other things.

Just like many people have termed it, this is something that has never been seen in any regime in Uganda. Today Pastors Robert and Jessica Kayanja have organized a mass wedding for a number of 280 couples. 280 brides have been carefully prepared, given everything needed right from wedding dresses, makeup, all necessities a beautiful bride would need for her dream wedding day and the same apply to the grooms. The venue, which Miracle center Cathedral, is unimaginably sparkling and all detail has been carefully put in place, what lucky grooms and brides these are!

In his speech to the brides and grooms, Pastor Robert Kayanja said that “You have broken the curse of illegal marriages; your children will not go through what you went through because the God of the Adam and Eve has gone through your family”. He further added on that “Marriage is not an institution because in an institution, one can be preserved and feared but marriage has never been an institution, marriage is a divine connection from God. With a Blessing of God their marriage is going to work and no sickness or poverty will break it. He who finds a good wife obtains favor and once you have favor doors will open for you, that is why today you men [the grooms] didn’t have to go through a lot, your wedding is being viewed by 40 million people across the world. All eyes are on your wedding across the world, you are a history maker and no demons will come over you because you are an overcomer”

Therefore, if you  wanted to make your marriage holy and missed this chance, pray that another season of the 77 Day Of Glory is announced and then you  also have your vows also  witness by over 40 million people on channel 44 around the whole world and celebrate a prestigious wedding hassle free.

To book wedding cars in Uganda, send us an email at, or call our office directly at +256700135510, +256414699459

Mercedes Benz Recalls 1 Million Cars & SUVs

Mercedes Benz is recalling over 1 million of its car brands across the world to do some replacements on a starter part that is believed to be causing fires when it over heats. Reports in March 2017 from the German automaker show that there have been 51 fires worldwide. They have been investigating this problem since last year in June.
Cars and SUVs to be recalled include the Mercedes Benz C & E Class, CLA cars & GLA,GLC SUVs all manufactured between 2015 to 2017.

In US government documents released by Mercedes on 3/03/2017, the automaker wrote that a current limiter in the starter motor may overheat due to repeated attempts to start the car causing the current limiter to overheat melting nearby parts hence a fire.
Another fuse will be installed free of charge from you station car dealer as you wait further updates from Mercedes though the replacement parts will be available in July this year.
Until then …we at Uganda Car Rental Services will keep you posted on the latest car news developments from Mercedes Benz headquarters.

5 Tip For Planning A Family Safari To Uganda

A family holiday /Safari is the best time to enjoy the best of the adventurous outdoor activities with your loved ones and having children involved in the fan as well. Many travelers look out for solo travel or others choose to travel just the 2 as a couple. Having a family holiday  brings the family closer and gives other family members a chance to enjoy something out of the daily routine especially for the children. Uganda is a perfect and ideal destination for a family safari due to its welcoming and gracious people; open savannah game parks that are homes to various wild animals, beautiful rolling hills, mountains including the famous snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and so many others. Many families may prefer adventure sports in Uganda, which are best done at Jinja including zip lining, bungee jumping, quad biking, rafting, Nile jet and so many more.

Organizing a successful family safari is sometimes are hassle to many people, things at some point go wrong thus affecting the beauty of the whole trip. Below are some helpful tips to help you through the planning process for your Uganda Safari, mainly a family holiday.

1: Depend on Experience guide and prominent Tour Companies

Mumwe African Skimmer Safaris, is a prominent tour and travel company, registered with the ministry of tourism and heritage and it has served a number of tourist to Uganda and East Africa as at large. The company has a number of experienced tour guides who are well informed about all destinations in Uganda including all national parks. The guides will help you in spotting different animals during the game drives, offer you important information about Uganda and its wildlife and all other things you need, an experienced guide is a top tip for a family safari to Uganda.

2: Check out the Beauty of the Safari Vehicles

Travelling with your family means more than just having a big number of people following; it means their happiness depends on whoever is organizing. Ensure that you book a comfortable family car for your trip. There are number of safari vehicles that well suit family safaris. Safari vans, safari land cruisers can be of great help, depending on the size of your family, you can book a comfortable vehicle.

3: Selection of Region to Visit

Selecting of a perfect region to visit will depend on the people in your family, if you are travelling with children below 12yrs and they are more than the adults, therefore primate tracking destinations are not a perfect choice since children below 12yrs are not allowed to track the primates. Choose a perfect destination that have everyone’s needs met.

4: Plan In Advance

Since you are looking at travelling as a family, planning should be done in advance, make sure every family member qualifies to travel to the country you have chosen. Look through the travel documents and see that everything is valid and well to go. Prior planning gives you a chance to have your trip well calculated.

5: Factors on Weather

Search and know about the weather condition at the destination. Sometimes wet season is not a fun time to move with children. Consult with your tour operator for the best season of the year to organize your trip to Uganda. Much of Tourism is done during the dry season, this is the best time to see the primates and gem in the rainforest and open savannah grasslands.

To hire a family car for your family safari in Uganda, send us an inquiry at or call us directly at +256700135510, +256414699459

Top 5 Adventure Activities For Uganda Safari

Open your eyes to the possibilities and see how far you can go. You will discover that Uganda is a place where holiday experiences will enchant, inspire, educate, surprise and delight you. Stretch your legs in our wide open spaces and unforgettable landscapes. Go further to stretch your mind as you explore our cities, cultures, cuisines, wildlife safaris and art. You will return home infinitely richer in adventure, memorable experiences and whole life time adventure. People come from around the whole world to enjoy adventurous trips and activities mostly keeping your adrenaline high especially in Jinja the Adventure capital of the world. Below are some of the main adventurous activities in Uganda;

1: Zip lining

Enjoy a moment in the rain forest of Mabira as you fly on an adrenaline-charged high wire. Do note that no experience is required for this adventure, all you need to do is getting ready for the fun and you will be flying in no time. The sport is extremely secure; you don’t have to worry about dangers while on your trip, the ropes strong enough to handle any weight. This is one top activity you can enjoy with your family and no is left behind.

2: Bungee Jumping

Jinja is the heart of adventure in East Africa, and bungee jumping is one of the most thrilling sport activities of all times. Get connected to an elastic cord and jump off a high structure, you can choose to fall off with your partner or choose to jump off just yourself. This is something you can do once but have lifetime memories, fly freely like a bird in the air and scream your lungs out.

3: Rafting

Escape to Eastern Uganda for an epic white water rafting on the White Nile the longest River in the whole world. Jinja features or 5 perfect rapids to the toughest rapid of all times. Hold yourself tight, you are about to meet the most interesting and strongest wave of all times. You will only enjoy rafting in Uganda at Jinja.

4: Biking

Explore wild landscapes of Uganda during your biking adventure. Meet a challenge on high hills and steep slopes down the valleys; this is what we call a thrilling adventure of the day. Many bikers have not met rough roads before but here, we call it the real adventure, therefore make sure your bike is in good condition so that you do not miss the fun. Many bikers enjoy biking trips to Jinja, Kabale, Kisoro and Masindi in Uganda.

5: Hiking

Enjoy dramatic landscapes and see amazing nature and wildlife as well during your hiking trip in Uganda. Uganda is blessed with a number of hills and gorgeous mountains spread in different parts of the country including Rwenzori Mountains, Mt. Elgon, Mt. Moroto, hiking points including Mgahinga and Bwindi National Parks. Some people opt to have hiking trips in Kabale since it is really hilly and Kisoro as well. Where your heart is at, enjoy nature while on ground and relax your mind with a few steps on the soils of Uganda.

To book a family adventurous trip, or adventure tours in Uganda, send us an email at or call us directly at +256700135510