Top 3 Important Things To Consider Before Heading Off For A Ugandan Road Trip

Uganda has long been a one of the top safari destinations in Africa blessed with an abundance of attractions of which include wildlife, landscapes, ethnic tribes,  water bodies all of which can be enjoyed through various activities that feature game drives, boat rides, nature walks, bird watching, community visits , mountain hiking, water sports, city tours to mention but a few. However we can all agree that road trips are the ideal way to explore Uganda, forget about virtual tours and foot trips, when you rent a car in Uganda for safari tour, business trip or research project, get ready for the adventure of a life time in the Pearl Of Africa.

Before you buckle up for a road trip in Uganda, there three important things to consider,

Travel Partners – Before you decide on embarking on a road trip , you should first determine the type of people you will be traveling with. It could be your family members, friends or group mates, just make sure you make the right choice. Go for people with similar personality type or same interests when it comes to tours.

Places to Visit – Uganda as we have already mentioned is a place filled with various attractions and so you have to choose places you will be visiting even before you can book a safari. Sit down with your friends , family or group members and decide which park , city or popular attraction you will be visiting on your tour in Uganda.  It could be Bwindi forest, Murchison falls park, Kidepo valley, Jinja town, Kampala city  or any destination, just as long everyone is an agreement , then you are good to go.

Travel Budget –  Road trips in Uganda are centered around hotels , safari lodges and of course entrance prices to particular places and that means you have to consider the amount of money in your pocket. Some tourists find camping safaris the best way to save money but guest houses, bandas and inns also offers affordable accommodation. Determine what you travel budget adds up to and start planning based on what you have.


If you plan on having a road trip in Uganda and stilling wondering how to go about it  , the above three points should be put into consideration for a successful tour. To rent a car in Uganda for safari, business trip or research project, simply send us an email to or call us on  +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations team.

The Ideal Saloon Cars To Hire For Conference Meeting In Uganda.

Majority of tourists visit Uganda for safari adventure in one, two or more national parks or popular local attractions  that are spread across the country but others make a tour down to the Pearl Of Africa  strictly for business and then later leisure if time allows. Booking private rental car is arguably the safest and most comfortable way to get around Kampala city or any other town in Uganda  where the conference meeting will be held

There are plenty of available sedans or  saloon cars for hire in Uganda ideal for business travelers looking for affordable &  private means. Judging by customer requests , Uganda Car Rental Services presents to the top 3 saloon cars you can hire if you plan on driving to a business meeting within Kampala city or any other major Ugandan town whether you want to hire the car with a driver or prefer self drive option.


Toyota Rav4 – The 4×4 SUV car is one of the most popular sedan cars not only hired for park safaris but also conference meetings. With an  air-conditioner, comfortable seats, adequate cargo space and nice looking exterior, the Rav4 is the perfect car to arrive in at the meeting.

Hire Rate: US$ 40 to 50 per day for self drive and at US$ 60 to 65 per day with driver. Rates exclude fuel.


Toyota Premio – The Premio is one of the oldest sedan cars in Uganda many first time drivers have purchased over the years. Though out of style now , the 4-door Premio is by far the cheapest car for hire in Uganda and arguably the best deal for business traveler looking for that pocket friendly transportation to and from the venue.

Hire Rate: US$ 35 to 40 per day for self drive and at US$ 50 per day with driver.  Rates exclude fuel.


Mercedes Benz – If you looking for that VIP transportation and looking to impress your delegates , then you should hire one of the Mercedes Benz models. It could be the S, C , E or GL class, be assured you will be traveling to the meeting in royal comfort, straight from the unique eye-catching exterior to the cozy interior blessed with leather seats, air-conditioner, MP3/CD players not to mention the spacious cargo space, you definetly cant wrong when you book this stylish classy sedan.

Hire Rate: US$ 100 to 120 per day with driver and fuel


Planning to visit Uganda for conference meeting at any venue in Kampala city or any other major destination and looking for an affordable or stylish sedan car for hire, the above three are best fit for the job. To rent a car in Uganda today simply send us an email to or call us on +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations team.

Top Places To Visit In Kampala With A Rental Car

No matter what type of tourist you are, Kampala city has something to offer for you. History lovers wishing to learn about Uganda’s rich cultural heritage and sample the day to day lives of the local natives will find a lot in the capital of Uganda. From the ancient Buganda cultural sites, religious and political monuments, there are various attractions to visit whether you are visiting on safari, business, leisure  or just on stop over to another destination. The best way to experience all this is if you rent a car in Kampala city, it could be with a driver or self drive but whichever the case you will get around easily with a rental car.

Uganda Car Rental Services has compiled some of the top tourist attractions in Kampala you can visit with a car.

1- Buganda Cultural Sites – Buganda Kingdom is the largest and arguably strongest ethnic kingdom in Uganda with a rich and facsinating cultural history depicted in the various sites situated in Kampala city. The Kabaka’s palace, Kabaka’s  lake, Kasubi tombs  and Buganda parliament are some of the sites you can visit all situated on the infamous hills of Mengo and Kasubi tombs. Experience the traditions and norms of the Baganda people as you interact with the locals.

2- Religious Sites  –  Uganda is dominated by christian and Islamic  religions as both were introduced as early as 1800’s giving them the highest population of coverts over the years. The early missionaries and Arabic merchants put up various religious sites that still stand up to this day and  top of the list being the  Namirembe cathedral, Lubaga cathedral, Kibuli mosque and the recently built Gaddafi mosque all situated in the heart of Kampala city. Another fascinating religious sites situated just outside the city is the Martyr’s shrine in Namugongo , a shrine built in remembrance of the 42 catholic martyrs that were killed by the ruthless King Mwanga from 1885 to 1889.

3- Other popular sites –  Apart from cultural and religous sites, you will also get chance to visit other places including the Uganda museum, Ndere center , African craft shops , Owino market, Slums among others.

Planning to visit Kampala city and searching for a car to rent to explore around, simply send us an email to or call us on +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations team. We are ready to give you the most amazing experience around town at cheap rates that suit your budget and personal needs.