Best Saloon/ Sedan Cars To Hire in Uganda

It is very important for your travel comfort to choose the right car for your aimed trip or vacation or reason for car hire. The saloon cars or commonly known as the sedans are smaller vehicles that can seat 4 passengers plus the driver. Our sedan cars are known to be very comfortable and stylish and very easy to manage, this is a very good idea for those on business trips or big city dwellers and tours. We offer a wide range of sedan cars for hire in Uganda including the executive ones that are versatile, comfortable and secure to the mid budget that are just enough for you to ride around. Why not choose a saloon car than running for the bigger 4×4 yet this is the cheapest, and very friendly in management.

Below are some of the saloon cars to rent in Uganda, available for hire along driver or without one.

Toyota premio

This is an upscale sedan with an amazing interior that portrays wood trim and good class material as well as an assortment of convenience features like bottle stands, CD player,  air conditioning and many more. This is a small car and very easy to manage, rent a Premio in Uganda toady within Kampala city  and drive comfortably to any destination you rea traveling to. This car is good for city tours and further towns, though not advisable for rough and slippery terrain.


The Rav4 seats a maximum of 4 people and can accommodate enough luggage space. The vehicle is not only beautiful with its exterior but also strong enough to handle rough terrain. Apart from other members of the sedan family, the Rav4 comes in 2 types, the Short 2 door and the long 4 door, all these have the same seating capacity and strength. Many tourist on self drive prefer the Rav4 because of its friendly fuel consumption and easy to manage state. Are you travelling alone, couple or friends, with a Rav4, you got a friend that will be by your side throughout your whole trip.

Toyoto Noah

In the physical appearance this car is more like a minivan, it has a seating capacity 7 people plus the driver, for more comfort and need of window seats, the Noah can seat 5 people.  It has interesting interior with adjustable seats to whatever you wish to. This car is very comfortable for group travels of 4 and above, do not worry you will have enough leg room and enough cargo space. Enjoy the interesting view through the sun roof.

Mercedes Benz

Ride in the ultimate luxury with a Mercedes Benz S class, E class, C class and other brands of the Benz.

The Benz wins over all respect among other saloon cars due to  its whole mechanical set up, this is why it is honored for wedding ceremonies, executive rental, and anything to  with upscale honor, the benz takes the price. The car has maintained the legacy of first class and durability. Enjoy limited fuel consumption while renting a Mercedes Benz

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Cheap Van Hire Uganda, Fulfilling All Your Group Car Rental Needs

If you are searching for the best van to hire while in Kampala, Entebbe , Jinja, Mbarara, Arua or majorly around Uganda, then Uganda Car Rental services  is the most appropriate choice. we offerr cheap van hire on self drive, guided or chauffer driven trips, solo trips and more hence looking out to  offering you the most efficient, appropriate and reliable holiday or business trip. We help clients get vans at cheaper and friendly prices looking further on helping them achieve there car rental needs. We offer different types of vans for all types of clients, whether you are on tight budget, luxury or just midrange, we have something for everyone.

Below are some of the types of Vans available

1# 6 -7 seater minivans

These minivans can seat up to 6 passengers with enough leg room, comfortable seats, and beautiful interior. The seats are adjustable to face your preferred direction and a good cargo space. The car features awesome amenities like bottle holders, air conditioning, Flash player, and many more. Hire a six seater minivan for your family tour or friends’ vacation, a group tour is so much fun, travelling together than a solo trip.

2# 9-10 seater Mini vans

These vans are more similar to the Mini vans that seat 6-7 passenger, although these ones are more extended to seat 9 or ten passengers. These are vans are commonly known as safari min vans are a very important item on your group tour need list. Many of these vans have a popup roof for better viewing of wildlife in case you are in the national park. Do not worry the seats are well positioned so that everyone has enough leg room.

3# 14 seater vans

Do you want to enjoy a family holiday, group travel to a conference, event or school tour, Uganda Car Rental Services offer 14 seater vans at very friendly costs. These vans come with drivers to take you around according to your itinerary. Avoid breaking the fun into small groups to fit in small cars, travel together after all you are just 14, 13, 12, this van is just the perfect match for you.

4# 15-30 seater vans

The coaster bus fits well in this category as it has a capacity from 15-30 passengers.  The van is a 4×4 and very comfortable for bigger groups to travel together. Rent a coaster bus for your school study tours, big group events and ceremonies with Uganda Car Rental Services. We offer modern coaster buses in good mechanical condition and professional drivers that are well informed about all destinations.

5# 62 seater Buses

Hire a clean, modern, comfortable bus from our fleet and get second to none services. The buses have unlimited mileage and will surely do well on all terrain. The bus has comfortable seats with seat belts, enough cargo space in the lower trunk and rear cabins for hand luggage. Are you planning for a school tour, group events and conference, ceremonies and more, hire a bus at very friendly prices and ride like a group

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Why The Rav4 Is the Perfect car for Couples

If you planning to explore on a self drive road trip and you are travelling as a couple , you should consider renting a car that fits your budget, style as well space and there’s better car than the Toyota Rav4 , one of the best sports utility vehicle with spacious cargo space operating full time four wheel drive plus its easy to steer. Whether you are visiting a national park, going on honeymoon vacation, weekend getaway or picnic , the Rav4 is the perfect choice. Below are 3 reasons couples should choose it over other cars.

Cheapest rental car available

Most companies in Uganda have a wide range of cars for hire including safari & luxury vehicles but the Rav4 is by far the most affordable among the fleet. Prices range from US$ 40 to 50 per day depending on the number of days you wish to use it which is much cheaper than all the others whose price range from US$ 50 to 150 per day hence you will be saving and reduce on your travel expenditure

Space fitting

If you are only two people, it wouldn’t make sense to hire a large car like Land Cruiser prado or Van . You don’t need all that extra space, get a small compact SUV that accommodate you two and your luggage.

Stylish & Comfortable

The Rav4 is has a nice stylish exterior coming in shiny blue, red, grey and black colours giving it that attractive look fitting for a couple. The interior is also amazing with comfortable cloth seats, air-conditioned, FM radio transmission, MP3/CD player plus adequate leg space.

Easy to handle

Apart from economizing fuel, this petrol car is easy to drive and offers high visibility. Its compactness makes steering and maneuvering around simpler as compared to other larger vehicles plus the Four wheel drive mechanism ensures you travel to any remote destination with rough terrain and have no breakdowns or getting stuck in mud/ gravel hence you can always be assured of a safe and uninterrupted road trip.

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Exploring Uganda On Our Self Drive Trip

Having read about Uganda and made a lot of research on our next destination for our summer holiday, we choose Uganda and best of all we wanted a self drive trip, a trip at our own pace, yes we have never been to this country and for sure it is encouraged to have a guided trip in a country you have not been to before. But we had planned it all out and we had aimed at doing the self drive thing, exploring Uganda on the driver’s seat, all we need are the guiding maps, a strong GPS and a little briefing from our car rental company “Uganda Car Rental Services”.

We had a warm welcome at the airport by Phionah Asimwe, our Reservations staff, after our morning flight to Entebbe. Right from the main gateway Entebbe, Uganda is search a beautiful country! Phionah took us through an interesting briefing about the country, what to  expect on the road, speed limits, best points to  stop, how easy to relate with people we find during our trip.

So this how our trip went day by day

Day 1: A visit to Jinja

After our airport pick up with Phionah and the company driver Julius, oh they were kind enough to drive us through the crazy traffic jam of Kampala Capital city, what a busy city Kampala is! So many motorcycles, also called Bodaboda locally, a number minibus taxi and many heavy trucks, personal small cars and a crowd of pedestrians. So we had to let Phionah and Julius go and now it is me and Jayson in the car, so Jayson had to drive and I had to read the map and enjoy the ride. Obviously it was not that easy with many cars on the road and having just two driving lanes but still it was adventure as we drove towards Jinja, through Mabira Forest, a stop at the road market to buy some roasted chicken, Rolex and some drinks. We were in Jinja in about 2hrs and 30mins, just to make sure to maintain speed limit, had an awesome view of the Nile at the Bridge and proceeded to the Nile River Camp where we had the rest of evening with dinner.

Day 2; White water rafting on the Nile

We just could not wait for the morning but we had no option other waiting in our beds until the sun came up, oooray!!! Today we are heading for the best adventure on the Longest River in the whole of Africa, white water rafting. We had breakfast and got ready for the adventure, I was quite nervous about the whole water thing but then when my feet reached the waters and the excitement in the air with everyone, i forgot about the nervousness and I embarked on the fun. We hit all the five tough rapids, screaming on the top of our lungs, it was such a memorable moment, best of all I had many friends, we came in two but left as family.

Day3: Drive to Murchison Falls National Park

Still Jayson Driving, we hit the road from Jinja through Kampala again and off to Masindi, the traffic today was not that bad at least we moved a little faster today. We had lunch in Masindi town and proceeded to the park. We had our evening at Red Chilli Rest Camp, search a simple and cool place, nice bandas, and good people, interesting evening around the fire place and above nice camping facility. It was such a quiet night with stinging sounds of the wild beast in the wilderness.

Day 4: Interesting Drives in the park

We had a delicious breakfast with fresh juice, some omelet and whatever nice thing that came along my plate. We were joined by a park guide or ranger to help us navigate around the tracks. We saw many elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, the Bushbuck; we did also spot a lion and so many birds as well. We took an after boat cruise with views of the hippos, crocodiles, the bottom of the falls the Nile Delta and interesting water birds. It was such an adventurous day, so much to see, we learnt a lot about animals, and we went back to Red chilli Rest Camp for our night. We were so tired to listen to the silence of the night again.

Day 5: Our Drive to Kibale

We are out of our camping tent by 6am getting ready  for the drive to Kibale, it was such a long route, there was so  much to  see on the road, many stops to  take pictures and nice little children waving to the 2 bazungu  people in the car. Now these murram roads got quite challenging, it had rained and the roads were slippery, so we had to be extra careful on the road. Last we arrive at kibale forest camp. All I needed was a warm bath, a tasty meal and somewhere to lie in the shortest time. It was search a cold night, western Uganda is a different world compared to central regions.

Day 6: Chimpanzee tracking in the Kibale forest

I am all excited to visit the forest, after our heart breakfast, we meet the other group at the briefing point and off we follow the guide in the forest. There was a lot of loud yelling in the forest and as you get closer it gets even louder, those are the chimps in the tree canopies, I guess they were happy to see visitors. They  are shy primates, before you  know , you  see one in front of you and then disappears quickly in the tree branches , so  we had to  be very  quick with the camera, trying to  follow him up, oooh my God, there he is with his other family members, their actions towards each other are more like human beings. This is one of the best highlight for a Uganda safari.

Day 7: we drive to Queen Elizabeth National park

Now this park is a destination we hear everyone talk about when referring to a Uganda safari, it is very popular. As we drive to the park, we enjoy views of the crater lakes, such beautiful country with beautiful features. The drive was not that long like before when we left Murchison Falls for Kibale. We had a chance to see many homesteads, cultivated lands, grazing farms, water wells, rock out crops, sheep, goats ducks and more. We had our lunch along the way and the best of the evening at the camping site of Mweya.

Day 8 : we have the best of Queen Elizabeth National Park

Our Uganda safari got even more interesting while Queen Elizabeth park, we had to get up early in the morning for a game drive along the queen’s mile there as so  many animals from the large elephants, to  warrior buffaloes, small mangoose, the playful kobs, antelopes, baboons and so  many others my camera had more than enough. A boat cruise along the Kazinga channel is also such a reward with views of the pelicans, crows, hippos, crocodiles name it. We had to retire in our camping tent for the night.

Day 9: we transfer to Bwindi

On our day 9 , we got a chance to  drive through the Ishasha sector , so  interesting to  see many lions lying lazily in the trees. Connect to  Bwindi  forest Park and the best part of the whole route are rolling hills, forests, thickest, homes that are scattered at distances and people here mainly do  farming. The roads were still wet after rains and yet very narrow, so mare care while driving was required. We had our night at the Buhoma community bandas with tasty meals, warm coffee and warm bedding too.

Day10: A day with the Gorillas

I read so many stories about Gorilla tracking before, how it is very challenging, and I am really anxious how this day will be. So after breakfast, we are at the briefing point and the park rangers take us through the whole tracking process, so we are in a group on 8 people. As we set off the routes are clear and well, but it gets some how tough in between the forest, but it was a rewarding moment after viewing the gorillas, we had the whole hour just watching these apes, at least my Uganda safari  was wholly and complete.

Day 11; we drive back to Kampala

Now we leave the other part of the country so green, so fresh, so natural for the busy city again, nice road worked all the way though such a long drive. We had a stop at the equator, relaxed a bit, visited the craft shops and off to Kampala.

Self drive – Western Uganda

A great and professional guide can open up the interesting secrets of many of the destinations with lots of information attached to everything, but most of the time planning your own self drive trip reveals a lot of local gems in an interesting and mysterious ways. William Wills gets behind the wheel and enjoys a self drive trip in Uganda to discover the real western region of Uganda.

I am having my evening at leisure after work and I am like why not use this moment to look out for my next trip to Africa. I land on this car rental company and then emails after emails, what type of car I need, and how many days I need it and so on. So at the end of it all, I have my whole car rental booking ready and done. So get my flight to  Uganda, such an amazing country, I have not been here before but the sight I get a moment I pop out of emirates airways , a clear blue sky, all green background , a fresh breeze from Lake victoria, so  am sure this is such an ideal destination for my trip to  Africa. Smiling faces of the travel agency representatives pick me up, oh they were very warm and welcoming, so me and friend are driven to our apartment for the night, I can hardly recall the name of the area, those local names are quite a rock to pronounce all I remember, it was a cool evening, some traffic jam, everyone is driving home, so many cars on the road and so many motorcycles.


So we are dropped at out residence for the night, just could not have enough sleep, I spent most of the night looking out through my window how the city  operates in the night, I was not that strong to  move out for a vibrant night, it was such a long flight, I just need to rest.

So by six in the morning I was up with my friend, our bags in the car and thinking now what next? We had a stock of guide books, maps and of course our GPS was working well. So for the first move, we had to  struggle with the music, Radio one 90.00 FM was playing out loud with cool music but how to  turn off the whole system became a real action movie, finally we had fixed that an plugged in our own music mp3.

All roads lead to Western Uganda

Driving out of the city was crazy, the traffic jam, enormous roundabout to the highways and oh so many gas stations, we had to fill up the tank at Total gas station after all we had been advised to  only fill up with total. As soon as get set on the highway, the beautiful landscapes of western Uganda start appearing with vast swampy fields, cultivated slopes with banana plantations and more green thickets everywhere. After an easy driving of 79km, we come to the stop at the Equator, the center of the whole earth. This a perfect stop for a lunch meal actually an early lunch meal, enjoy a moment of photography at the equator monument and had some time to  try out the water can experiment, where water rotates in the reverse direction depending on what side of the earth you are standing.  Having had a full hour of rest, we proceed to Mbarara town, I have read so much about this place, how it is referred to as the land milk and that is very true, there are many cattle grazing fields around here and so many milk products here. Having reached Mbarara was a clear gateway to all the remaining parts of the west, kabale, Kisoro, fort portal and back through Mubende.

Introduction to western Uganda

Ahead of Mbarara town, interesting drives proceed to Bushenyi, through to Kabale town believed to be the Switzerland of Uganda due its very cold temperatures. Kabale is such a beautiful town, with interesting back drop of rolling hills, this is one of the reasons I liked a self drive trip in Uganda, to experience the road , the sharp corners my way. Interesting routes proceed to Kisoro district and here you get a chance to peep at the Virunga ranges of Rwanda, mountain Rwenzori and Muhavura ranges. Captivating crater lakes of fort portal and the mahoma falls are another stop center for adventure in the west.

Night stay: Acacia hotel Mbarara, white horse Inn, Kabale, Kisoro Tourist Hotel, Papaya Lake Lodge, all facilities features descent accommodation, spacious rooms, wide range of dishes served, swimming pool, DSTV and parking space.

Eat: you can choose to have meals at your accommodation lodge especially dinner and breakfast, or even choose to stop at different restaurants along the route for meals. All food is served, whether vegetarian,

See: the equator, rolling hills, crater lakes, Lake Bunyonyi, Batwa pygmies, Rwenzori Mountains, Mahoma falls,

Out of the fort portal town, we came back to Kampala through Mubende district had a Rolex interesting snack. We had the best self drive trip in Uganda and I am glad that I  got the best car I needed for the tip, apart from some slipper roads we got in fort port after some rains but all was good and very  adventurous.

Self Drive Tips For Driving In Uganda

A self drive safari is a road trip like no other, the freedom , flexibility and affordability has made it the best option for travellers looking to do  some out-door park camping , explore Kampala city, attend a business meetings anywhere in Uganda. There is a lot involved during the planning starting from the initial online search for car rental agency to choosing the perfect car all the way to final reservations.  Below are few tips to help you get the best deal and also drive safely and comfortably when on holiday in Uganda.

Go Online

Get out your laptop/ phone, switch on the WiFi and connect to the internet.  Using a search engine like Google, type in exactly what you want ; it could be a  specific rental car or service but as long as you end the word search with “Uganda” . Look through page results and open like 5 to six websites, check out their prices, special offers and type of cars they offer plus the terms and conditions to determine which company suits you best.

Choose Rental Car

Its best you choose a car suited for self dive road trips  that fits the number of people you will be traveling with and amount of luggage to be carried. You can reserve a  4-door sedan for 2 to 4 people , a safari van for 4 to 6 people or a coaster bus for small group. Pick your choice and compare prices before inquiring. You could always negotiate the price if you feel it’s too high for your budget. Just make sure you choose the right car for self drive trip not any ordinary sedan.

Get packing

Write down a list of things to pack for self drive safari, these could range from clothes  to handy gadgets depending on what your into. Its advisable to travel light to help you save space,  pack light colored short shirts and shorts as its hot most part of the year in Uganda but you should also add sweaters and scarfs as it gets really cold in the late evening and sometimes early morning if you are camping in the bush. Don’t forget to come with a digital camera plus back-up batteries and chargers to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the cool sites and attractions. Other must haves include binoculars, jungle shoes, flip-flops , emergency medicine, sun-screen plus games and books to keep you entertained along the road trip.

Reserve a GPS –

If your not a regular visitor in Uganda, then its highly recommended to rent a GPS online prior to arrival. The Global Positioning System is a very useful gadget on a self drive safari that will help you get where your going as fast and safely as possible with no worry of getting lost.  The easy to use interface allows you to type in the current location and final destination, then it maps out a route also showing the best possible short-cuts plus attractions, restaurants, fuel stations, hotels among other establishments.

Follow traffic regulations & signs –

Once you get the car keys and are ready to hit the road, you should be aware of strict traffic laws that govern Ugandan road users. Read through these top 10 Important road signs to follow-  Traffic officers are situated on all busy roads ready to penalize any offenders and so its advisable not to over speed, overtake and always travel with a valid drivers permit to avoid getting pulled over which would clearly disrupt your journey and lead you into unwanted costs or accidents. Whether you are driving on a remote road or in a national park, always try to behave yourself.

For more tips or inquiry about a self-drive trip , send us an email to or call us now +256-700135510 .

Top 5 Important Equipment for A camping Trip

Camping trips are one of the most adventurous ways of getting very close to nature in an enjoyable and exciting mood or manner. Keeping up out door is not easy but to those that love nature, it sounds interesting. Camping trips in Uganda are such an adventurous way of discovering the best out of all National parks and tourist sites in the country, most of these destinations have well protected and reserved campsites free from animal raids. To have a successful budget camping trip, there are some of the main equipment to carry along or they should be on your must carry list and below are some listed for you.


Camping tents offer temporary shelter for you while on your trip, try to find out how many people are travelling and know the size of tents you will need. Camping tents range from one sleeper to as many as ten. Using a sleeping tent saves you  from hush weather like rains and too much sunshine, you just a mobile house compare to  constructing tree branches as shelter. Inquire from your rental company about the sleeping tents and their capacity.

Bedding supplies

Much as you have a tent as a shelter, you will not sleep on a tough and rough surface, ask for a provision of a simple camping mattress and if possible carry your own sleeping bags for safety and a pillow to have a comfortable night sleep. Sleeping materials are very important; you would not want to wake up with a cold after a whole night without warm bedding or painful muscles after sleeping on tough and hard ground.

Utensils and cooking material

While packing for your camping trip, remember to carry cups, plates and cooking material like saucepan, others you may end up hungry or spending more than you expected on food in restaurants. A few materials can be of help, simple cups, and possibly a cooler box to keep your drinks colds. If you would like a barbeque set then inform your rental company in advance.

First Aid

Your health and safety comes first above all, therefore carrying a first aid is a wise decision. Remember you are going in the wild, you can encounter insect bites , bruises, snake bite, mosquitoes, cuts out  of chopping sticks and many more. Items in a first aid kit include, blades, gauze, cotton wool, and clean wipes.

Food and water supplies

Before you stage your camping site, make sure you have enough food stocked for the number of people camping and water supply. Many of the camping sites are in remote areas with no shops available to  buy any food , therefore make sure to  have enough to  eat until you find where you  can get more. Water supply at your campsite is also very important, either you  are close to  a river, lake, constructed water supply point.

To book a camping gear or camping trip, send in an email at or call +256700135510, +256414699459

A Holiday In Uganda With A Driver Guide

Uganda has become a popular tourist destination amongst travelers from all parts of the world. If there is any country to think off as a perfect family destination, business holiday, safari vacation or any adventure, this small country has it all for you. The country  offers more than cheap and affordable travel plans, to  hospitable and friendly people, a very  peaceful environment, enough facilities among which are the hotels, lodges, restaurants, hospitals, banks, schools, cinema hall and recreation center. Uganda is endowed with variety natural beauty which offers its visitors such a remarkable combination of interesting wildlife trips, stunning landscapes, islands, forests and swamps, sightseeing and interesting city tours.

To spend a vacation in Uganda, perfectly, you will need to choose the right company to rent your car and driver. A professional driver is the main highlight for a successful trip, he has all the expertise and experience about all destinations in the country and you are sure that you are in safe hands.

Hire a car in Uganda with a driver for your trip to whatever destination, whether to a National Park, wedding event, business meeting, project and field work. Chauffer guided trips are always ideal for travellers who do not want to spend much time moving around to find the destination, or those that just need to sit, relax and enjoy their time in the country hassle free.

Below are some of the guidelines to choose the right driver for your holiday in Uganda.

  • It is very advisable to  choose a driver that can speak a language you  understand very  well, English is the official language spoken here in Uganda, choosing an English speaking driver , will ease communication for both of you. For those that prefer other languages like Spanish, German, Kiswahili, Chinese, French and so many more, there are private guides to hire.
  • Inquire about the profile of the guide /driver, how long has he taken driving, what destinations is he good with, basically inquire about the person you are going to be with much of the time during your trip, you would not want to land in the arms of the robbers, or criminals.
  • Grooming is also among the best aspects of a professional driver, if you get to  know about your driver’s grooming and it is in some way making you uncomfortable, contact your rental company for another smarter and cleaner driver.

Enjoy your guided trip, cradled in luxury and stress free with our professional drivers/guides to whatever destination in Uganda. Our drivers are so welcoming and well trained as well as good grooming and you will surely have a great time with us during your holiday.

Hire a car with a driver in Uganda with us , send us an inquiry  at or call directly at +256700135510, +256414699459

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose To Travel Solo

Though it may sound a little bit weird or something out of the normal set of adventure, sometimes the best travel buddy or companion you can have is you. As a tour and travel operator as well as consultant, I spend much of my time on the road by myself and i have come to  learn that solo travel is easier and much fun than you  might think of, it is completely rewarding and totally liberating in a way not many other life experience can match. Just like many other travelers, I used to never travel to any place by myself, but after few journeys that were eye opening, interesting life changing experiences, today  I am so  hooked on solo travel. Currently, Solo travel has hiked up rapidly that many of the people are finding it interesting to  be part of. Many travel and tour companies have come up with numerous ways to carter for solo travelers hence growing this sector. If you  have traveled alone before and never thought of doing it again, think of visiting Uganda alone or think of it this way, you got less time to  spend and you budget is quite tight, why not modify your travel to your individual preference so that you can maximize your satisfaction.


Here are 5 Top reasons why you should choose to be a Solo Traveler

1# Makes trip Planning easier

We all have tonnes and long lists of places we want and dream to  travel to in our lifetime, but most times we hold up our desires simply because you  want to make room for your friend you are traveling with or group members. Everyone has a different taste of things and schedule as well as budget, therefore waiting around to please your travel partner over your dream safari to Murchison Falls National Park or a mountain hike at Rwenzori for some friend that fears heights, or a gorilla tour for some group with guys afraid of apes could be a complete fail. When you travel alone, it is only your needs and wants that matter, you have chance to adjust your itinerary anytime, even at the last minute.


2# You Are the Master of Your trip

If you have ever planned a trip with someone or group, coming up  with a common idea on the travel program, how you  shall move, what dates, activities to  be done, accommodation types and so  many more, everyone comes up with something and reaching to  a final goal some people left with no choice but to  accept. Travelling solo offers you a chance to be the master of your trip, you plan out things you want, choose facilities according to your preference, it so easy with I than us.

3# Get To Enjoy Me Time

Although you may not be the type of person that gets easily distracted during travel by people, or gadgets, sometimes traveling alone offers you an opportunity  to  reflect on the best interests of your and have time to  enjoy your own company. Giving yourself some me time or alone time for an extended period during your trip, will earn you  a reward that you  will never forget, because sometimes we all need sometime alone, just u and maybe the driver taking you around.

4# Meet New Friends

Much as you are on a solo travel, you will want to make new friends, what it is all about, meeting people from a different country, origin and beliefs. See how easily you can connect with people outside your daily work or family brackets, try out a new meal, or a beer without anyone watching or restricting you. Spoil yourself as long as you can get yourself back home.

5# Stay within Your Budget

Money is on the biggest pressure area during the trip planning. Everyone has their own way of spending money, some people like to  cut cost low while other are quite big spenders. Even if you are traveling with someone with in your tax bracket, like your wife or husband, your spending habits are automatically different. Therefore traveling solo can help you fit all things with in your budget.

Book a Solo trips today to  Uganda with Uganda Car Rental Services and enjoy the best of your me time with our services, send us an email at or call us directly +256700135510, +256414699459

What Uganda Car Rental Services Offers

Welcome to Uganda Car rental services a comprehensive car hire company in Uganda. We reach thousands of destinations in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania and compare a number of car hire deals to help you find and reach your perfect drive at low and comfortable prices.  We do our best to make your trip as cheap as possible; therefore you are sure to hit the road smiling. Come drive with Uganda Car Rental Services.

Book yourself drive trip, guided tours, family tour, honeymoon vacations, school tours and more car hire services with us and travel happy. Search around the whole world for your perfect vacation and we shall be more than delighted to offer you your car keys and off you are for your trip.

Car hire services in Uganda

1# Airport Transfers

Trust Uganda Car Rental Services to save your money and time by booking an airport transfer in advance. Do not wait until you land at the airport to look out for transfer options, book your airport transfer with us, we have well trained and professional drivers who value the magnitude of time and money. To book an airport transfer, offer us your flight details with full name, our company representative will be right on time with your name on placard to meet and pick you.

2# Self drive trips                     

Whether you are a couple, group or family, enjoy a self drive trip in Uganda with us to your preferred destination. We offer wide range of vehicles ranging from small sedan/saloon cars, station wagons like land cruisers, safari land cruiser, safari minivan, coaster bus and so many more. Send us an inquiry or come directly to our offices and choose the car you need or prefer best.

3# Guided Tours

Enjoy the best of Uganda tour packages with professional guides to various tourist attractions of Uganda including kidepo, Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls, Lake Mburo, and many more National Parks. We offer both customized and tailor made trips to fit all clients’ preferences. To wherever you need to go, your driver/guide will be ready to drive and give you full information about the particular destination.

4# Bridal cars

Make your wedding day so unique and vibrant with classic and luxury bridal cars from Uganda Car Rental services. We offer a number of wedding cars including, limousines, land cruiser v8, beetle , Mercedes Benz , vintage Murano Cars, jaguar, and Chrysler. If you are planning for a wedding party, birthday party or event, choose our car hire services.


Car fleet available

  • Small cars: Toyota Primo, Raum, Mercedes Benz, Audi,  Vintage Cars, Beetle , Ipsum
  • Mini SUVs: Rav4, Honder, Subaru, Harrier, Noah,Nadia,
  • Large SUVs/ station wagon: land cruiser Prado, Safari land cruiser, Nissan Patrol, Landrover, surf and many more
  • Mini vans
  • Coaster bus
  • Trucks

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding vehicles types and categories, at the end of it all, if you think the car you have seen suits your car needs, then it does not make a lot of difference thinking about what category or type the car falls under.  For the best car hire Uganda, choose Uganda Car Rental Services, send us an email at or call directly at +256700135510

Where to get cheap car hire in Uganda

Are you looking at travelling to Uganda this season and basically need the best and convenient way to get around the country? Hiring a car is the best way to travel and explore the magnificent sights in Uganda, with locations right from Entebbe airport, the capital city  Kampala to the furthest borders of Uganda ;Katuna to Rwanda, Malaba to  Kenya, Mutukula to  Tanzania and a lot more of adventure. Whether you are going in for a scenic self drive through the stunning great lakes region, or discovering home cooked food and hand- made craft in a local village centers, or an adventurous wildlife safari, you can only make your travel comfortable with cheap car hire in Uganda enjoying favorable prices that will not stretch your wallet. Hiring a car with or without a driver in Uganda  has steadily become an important branch in the areas of tourism with many tourist that visit Uganda choose to make out their own itineraries, preferring to  hire a car with a driver or on a much cheaper option of self drive. There are a number of rental cars available to  choose from, whether you  need simple saloon cars, safari  cars, luxury  vehicles for your wedding event or parties, station wagons, truck, minivans, you  just have inquire with the car rental company to offer you r car hire services at the cost that suits your budget as well personal needs.

Rental Cars

The most perfect way to solve the problem of traveling around on a Uganda holiday is with car rental company.  Uganda journeys can preferably be made easily and conveniently in your own hired car either on self driver or with a chauffeur than when you have to use public buses and taxis for your trip. It is very practical and comfortable when you are in control of where you want to go at that time that suits you best. The type of car that you want to hire will depend on the number of people you are traveling with also putting the destination in consideration as well. It could be a luxury limousine for a red carpet or wedding event or a safari land cruiser to handle the tough terrain of the wild places of Uganda whichever your option make sure it right for the purpose, this saves you an issues of breakdown or failure to  function . Ideal cars for business trips, airport pickup, events, and wedding days are limousine, Mercedes Benz, jaguar, Chrysler and more. The Toyota land cruiser, Nissan Patrol, land Rover, and the Small size SUV Toyota Rav4 which also serves as safari car which seats up 5 people are so ideal for safari. For those wishing to travel in bigger groups of 10 and above, the mini vans and coaster buses are a perfect choice.

Self drive /chauffeur

Are you deciding whether to hire a car on self drive or with professional driver? It is very important know what you need before renting a car in Uganda. If you think you may not do well in a foreign country, driving on the other side of the hand or through remote villages, choose a guided tour or hire a car with driver and drive in leisure. Self drive in on other hand cheaper and flexible, many tourists today prefer to do camping trips on self drive mainly SUVs are preferred for such rental. For self driver rentals, car provided are in good shape with spare tyre, car jerk, GPS and all necessary documents that will lead you through traffic hassle free. Many of the car hire companies offer cheap car hire in Uganda at unlimited mileage giving you a chance to explore the best of the Pearl of Africa and its neighbors at your convenience.

Car hire rates

Car rental rates in Uganda will vary and depend on the type of car you need and period of rental. Below are some of the proposed car rates for different cars available less fuel/gas.

  • Sedan and small SUVs Cars (Rav4, Premio, Raum, spacio, Corona) – US$ 40 to 50 per day – self drive & US$ 55 – 65 per day with driver
  • 4X4 Station Wagons (Safari Land Cruiser, Nissan Patrol, Land Cruiser Prado)- US$ 70 to 90 per day self drive & US$ 90 to 120 per day with driver.
  • Medium Size Vehicles  (Safari van , Super Custom, Noah, Coaster bus) – US$ 80 to 100 with driver
  • Trucks – US$ 100 to 120 per day with driver

Most of these rates are negotiable and preference also  goes to  return clients because you  are assured of discounted prices. Please note that the higher the number of days for rental the cheaper the price and the lower the days the higher the price.

There are so many highlights about car hire in Uganda but above are some of the important aspects to note if you  are planning on renting a car in Uganda. for more information, send us an inquiry at or call directly at +256700135510, +256414699459

Top 6 Erstaunliche Wasserfälle von Uganda

Wenn Sie der Natur ganz nah kommen wollen, dann bietet Uganda einige der faszinierendsten Landschaften, die Sie in der Welt finden können. Eine Reise nach Uganda enttäuscht nicht, wenn es Ihnen um Spaß, Erstaunen und Aufregung geht; das Land bietet verschiedene Tiere und Landschaften, die Ihren Urlaub unvergesslich machen. Die besten sechs Wasserfälle in Uganda

Sipi Falls

Die Sipi-Fälle befinden sich auf den nördlichen und westlichen Seiten des Mount Elgon im östlichen Uganda und bieten die wahrscheinlich schönsten Aussichten in Uganda. In einer verstreuten Reihe über den Berg verteilt liegen mehreree Wasserfälle, eine Aussicht ist außergewöhnlicher als die andere. Sipi ist in mehrere Fälle geteilt: Die 50 Meter hohen und 7 Meter breiten Simu und Sisi-Fälle in Sironko sowie die Fälle Ngasire und Simba, welche 87 Meter beziehungsweise 69 Meter tief fallen und in wunderschönen Bächen weiterfließen. Es gibt noch andere Wasserfälle auf dem Berg; Sisiyi, Bulago und Wanale nach der Uganda Wildlife Authority. Alle Wasserfälle sind nur wenige Kilometer von der Hauptstraße von Mbale entfernt und haben mehrere Hotels in der Nähe für Unterkünfte.

Murchison Falls

Die Fälle sind spektakulär und die berühmtesten für ausländische Besucher. Mit klarem Brüllen rauscht der weiße Nil hier durch die Felsen zwischen Lake Albert und Lake Kyoga in der Albertine Region. Die 43 Meter hohen und 7 Meter breiten Wasserfälle teilen ihren Namen mit dem Nationalpark Murchison Falls, der sich im nordwestlichen Teil von Uganda befindet. Die Fälle stürzen in den Viktorianischen Nil um die Felsen und haben mehrere Vogelarten, die dort leben, was es zu einem allgemein guten Ziel für Vogelbeobachter und andere wasserbezogene Sportaktivitäten macht. Sie können den Wasserfall durch den Nationalpark, der mehrere Lodges innerhalb und außerhalb des Parks hat, erreichen.

Bujagali Falls

Häufig bekannt als Budhagalifälle durch die Basoga in Jinja (die größte Volksgruppe in der Gegend), ziegen sie immer noch die Schönheit der Natur in Uganda. Sie sind nicht mehr so hoch wie sie früher vor dem Bau eines Stromdammes waren, aber die Stromschnellen sind zu sehen. Sie sind auch als die Quelle des Nils bekannt. Sie befinden sich nur wenige Kilometer von der Stadt Jinja und dem Kampala- Hauptstraße entfernt und sind die wohl geschäftigste Wasserlage in Uganda. Es gibt eine Vielzahl von Aktivitäten auf den Stromschnellen, unter anderem Kajakfahren, Wildwasser-Rafting und Bungee-Jumping.

Ripon Falls

Am nördlichen Ende des Viktoriasees am Nil gelegen wurden die Fälle früher als die Quelle des Nils angenommen und wurden nach der Fertigstellung des Owen Falls-Staudamms überflutet.


Karuma Falls

Diese Sequenzen von Felsformationen im Victoria Nil bilden wunderschöne Wellen, die einen weißen Schaum erzeugen. Die Karuma-Fälle befinden sich zwischen Masindi und dem Bezirk Gulu, verbunden durch die Karuma-Brücke, die im Jahre 1963 gebaut wurde. Der Ort ist einen Besuch wert und wie die Bujagali-Fälle ist er gut zum Wildwasser-Rafting und Kajakfahren.

Owen Falls

Die Fälle waren einer der besten Wasserfällen des Landes für Sightseeing, bevor sie 1954 überflutet wurden, nachdem der Owen Falls Dam fertiggestellt wurde. Jetzt sind sie starke Stromschnellen auf dem Weißen Nil, die sich in der Nähe der Ripon Falls befinden. Die Owen-Fälle sind sehr geeignet für jeden regulierten Wassersport wie beispielsweise Kajakfahren.

Um ein Abenteuer in Uganda zu erleben, buchen Sie eins unserer Fahrzeuge zum selbst erkunden und besuchen Sie die Wasserfälle. Senden Sie eine Anfrage unter

What Makes Mumwe Africa Skimmers One of The Best Car Rental Companies In Uganda

The rise of self drive trips has led to emergency of a variety of  car rental companies in Uganda ready to offer clients whichever type of car they wish to use while on safari holiday or business trip. Finding a trusted and reliable car hire agency to use is not an easy task as you have to scroll through a long list of both registered and unregistered companies operating in Kampala and neighbouring towns to get the best services at the best rate that suits your budget and personal needs. At Mumwe African Skimmers, we make sure you get what you paid for offering you a comfortable car plus professional driver at rates that fit your planned budget as well as personal interests. You could be traveling alone, as a couple, family or group, just make sure your make the right choice before landing at the airport. Below are 5 reasons you should choose us if you are searching for rental car to transport you around the country.


Client Reviews

When you go online searching for the suitable company, you should take time to know what customers say about the company’s services. Are they reputable, reliable and most importantly can they be trusted. You can check car rental reviews on the site or through other popular sources like Google Business, Trip Advisor to find out how these clients have reacted to the services offered by the company you choose to use when on tour in Uganda. You can get an insight of Uganda Car Rental Services when you visit ….those feedbacks will give you an insight of who you’re dealing with. Is the company a fraud or have they done business with other people.


Rental Cars offered

We offer a wide range of cars for hire catering for all types of customers including back packers, campers, families, business travelers as well as loved ones looking for stylish luxury cars to hire for special events like weddings, video shoots, birthday parties to mention but a few. Whether you want to rent a safari or sedan car, we can get that for you at the best price.  It may be a 4-door Toyota Rav4, Safari Van with pop-up roof or bridal car like Limousine, just know we can reserve it for you.. Rates range from US$ 40 to 150 per day depending on the type of car you wish to use.  All the cars we offer are well serviced, clean with comfortable seats and adequate cargo space to ensure our clients get the best road trip experience in Uganda


Access & Booking Ease

The ease with which you can access the website, navigation plus booking system also matters when you are choosing a car rental company to book with. An online visit to will offer the perfect way to get any car hire service in Uganda , the well-structured site contains services, rental cars, locations plus an updated blog featuring the latest car news and articles to keep you informed about what’s happening in Uganda. We offer a variety of options to allow you get in touch with us , you can either fill in the short contact form, send an email directly to or call the reservations desk number on +256-700135510. Once you have confirmed booking you can pay a 30% deposit through a bank wire4 transfer or online through our Pesa pal account , just let us know whichever transaction you prefer and we will book the service for you.


Best drivers/ Chauffeurs

A good driver will guarantee a safe and comfortable road trip to any destination and that’s why Uganda Car Rental Services hires experienced, registered and friendly chauffeurs to drive our clients. Not only do they have valid driving permits but they also have adequate knowledge about Kampala city and other popular destinations or tourist attractions in Uganda ensuring you don’t miss out on anything while on the road. You don’t have to worry about getting lost, let your personal driver be your guide and assistant on your holiday. From carrying the cargo to fixing any car technical problem, you won’t get any inconvenience when on road with a guide.


Inquiry Response

Whether you contact us via the contact form, email address or call us by phone, be guaranteed of fast and informative response. Our team is always ready to answer all your queries advising you about rates and best options to ensure you get what you want in time and at the most affordable price. The reservations team have adequate knowledge about the rental cars, destinations plus gas cost so you can rest assured you are in hands of professionals.


Haven’t tried us out , rent a car with Mumwe African Skimmers today and find out why we are one of the best car rental companies in Kampala city offering affordable and trusted services across Uganda. Get in touch with us through or call us on +256-700135510 , we will be more than delighted to serve you.

Matthew 5:14– You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.

Frequently Asked Questions About Self Drive In Uganda

A number of tourists visiting Uganda prefer self drive road trips over guided tour not only because it’s a cheaper option  but also because it offers clients all the privacy, freedom and itinerary flexibility you deserve for a memorable adventure experience in the “Pearl Of Africa”. Uganda is a large safari destination blessed with 10 national parks and several other local attractions spread across the country interconnected by numerous roads hence you have to know which route to take, where to sleep among other things.

Below are frequently asked questions by first time travelers wishing to do self drive in Uganda followed by answers to all the queries to give an insight of what to expect when they choose to drive themselves.

    #1- Why should I opt for Self Drive in Uganda?

Choosing a self-drive trip offers you the freedom and privacy to enjoy the best of the country at your own pace and time. You get to manage your itinerary and the whole budget compared to guided trips, make stop overs at a restaurant or local attraction without being timed. It’s a cheaper option since you avoid driver/ guide costs which would stretch your budget.

   #2- What are the car hire terms and conditions?

Our car rental fleet has a number of well-maintained cars inclusive of SUVs, Saloon Cars, Station wagons, mini vans, trucks, buses and so many more to choose from. The car rental policy includes a 3rd party insurance on every car plus comprehensive insurance accompanied. The company will offer you a contract which contains all the terms and conditions you should abide by during your self drive trip in Uganda.

  • Rental period: The price quoted or provided is for the specific number of days requested. For example if you rent a car for 8 days and return the car on the 9th rather than the 8th, you will have exceeded your rental period and will incur an extra cost for one more added day.
  • Minimum Age: the standard driving age in Uganda is 18 years, though we recommend young drivers to have adults in instruction as well. For mini Vans and trucks it must be 24 and older recommend to drive such cars.
  • Drivers over 70: These drivers require additional documents; therefore contact the office directly for further information.
  • GPS units: GPS units are always available for hire on an extra cost of just $10 per day. If you need one please send in your inquiry, these items need to  be reserved in advance
  • Child Seats: Children seats are available for rent on extra cost of $10 per day. Kindly specify the age of the child and make sure to book in advance.
  • One way Rentals: rentals that involve collecting or returning the car to different locations are automatically charged as one way rentals. The prices vary according to the type of car and locations of drop off.
  • Extensions of Rental: clients must contact the rental company office if they need to make extensions. Extra days are just fully as well.


#3-  How do i make payments?

The company offers various payment options ranging from online bank transfers, credit card and cash payments as well

  • Can I make payment in other currencies?: we do accept dollars, Euros, Pounds and basically the Ugandan shillings.
  • How much deposit can I make? : we recommend a 30% deposit to confirm booking on every car rental, but those that wish to proceed with a 50% is so far better.
  • When do I make final payment?: Final payments are done of the the cars are handed to you. Most companies usually don’t accept payments at the end of the rental period.
  • How do I book my rental car?: to book a rental car, send in an inquiry at or call directly the office contact +256700135510, +256414699459, our reservations team I always ready to help and guide you through all booking procedure. You can chat online with the support agent through our website LiveChat app.
  • What information is required from me?: many of the rental companies require the client’s valid driving license, passport copy, and residential address during the rental period. There is an agreement provided before rental which you should ready carefully and sign after.


#4 – What Car types are available?

  • What type of car do I get?: there are very many types and models of cars available, ranging from luxury vehicles to safari cars and trucks. Please let the travel agent know your purpose of the tour so that you get the right car for yourself.
  • What car transmission do I get?: cars hired come in both manual and automatic transmissions, therefore try to ask a car you are comfortable with on the road.
  • How much fuel will I need?: depending on the engine type you have hired, whether Petrol or Diesel, fuel consumption differs greatly and type of car taken. Do let your agent know about your routing so that they can help you estimate the fuel amount you may need.
  • Is breakdown cover included in my rental? : car breakdown is excluded in the car rental policy. Most times cars may break down under poor driving or negligence. Therefore any extra cost of breakdown is met by the client. The company handles 60% of any serious issue during the car rental period.


For more Uganda self drive tips and information , please contact us through our email at or call +256700135510, +256414699459

All About Airport Transfer Services In Uganda

Are you planning to travel to Uganda this season for a safari, business trip or family holiday? Then you should consider renting a car and driver to transfer you, your group or clients to and from Entebbe airport to your hotel, safari lodge or residence. Entebbe International airport is Uganda’s largest and busiest airport used as the main entry and exit point for travelers across the world but there are other airstrips situated in specific destination especially those close to popular attractions and business towns.

No need to stress searching for a car to rent in Entebbe, go online and book one prior to your arrival, it saves time and ensures you get where you are going comfortably and arrive in time. There are a variety of cars ideal for airport transfers in Uganda and these mainly comprise of sedans for solo travelers, couples, families  and Mini-buses for small groups, you should great note and choose a vehicle that suits the number of people your traveling with not forgetting to consider your budget.

Car rental companies and Airport taxis offer trusted and reliable services to all types of travelers booking you a well serviced plus a professional chauffeur/ driver to take you to any destination you wish to go to, it could be the city, national park or remote village, but you can always trust you will get there safely and on time given the adequate knowledge about the country routes plus experience and friendliness.

Enjoy the VIP treatment you deserve as the driver carries your luggage, opens the doors and gives you some background info or latest news in Uganda. Its best you choose a car that fits what you will be doing in the country, you can’t hire a sedan if you wish to be transported to park lodge and neither can get a safari land cruiser when you will traveling within the city. The Rav4 , Premio, Land Cruiser Prado , Raum are perfect cars for airport transfers from Entebbe airport to Kampala and neighboring towns while safari cars and coaster buses are perfect for road trips to wildlife parks.

Traveling with Qatar Airways, Fly Emirates, Dutch Airlines, Rwanda Air, British Airways, Ethiopia Airlines or any other passenger plane and wish to transfer that comfort over to the road trip, then I strongly recommend you book an airport car services online with a company or use the private taxi cabs and avoid using public means like Matatus or BodaBodas for a safe and convenient trip to and from the airport.  You can book a one way or two way transfer depending on your budget and time.


To book an airport transfer in Uganda today , simply send us an email to or call us on +256-700135510 and speak with the reservation personnel.