What You Need To Consider For Airport Transfer

There are a number of ways for one to  get to  and from the airport no matter what time your flight lands but what is to  consider is which is the route to  use, or to go by.  Before even thinking about the route to take upon arrival, you need to first think about the mode of transport that you are going to use for airport transfer service. Unless you find that you are travelling alone and with fewer bags, which we may term as traveling light, travelling with public transport is likely not going to be east and you may as well find it quite costly. Therefore, for most of the travellers, airport transfers by car are likely to be the best choice. Book an airport transfer in Uganda to any of your preferred destination and enjoy a hassle free trip.

However, once you have decided on the mode of transport to use, you will as well need to know what company you are traveling with. Some travellers may look at airport taxis but it is very advisable to book with car rental companies that offer services of airport transfers. You find that booking your airport transfer with a reputable car rental agency will be quite cheaper and save you the stress of moving from one end at the airport looking for a taxi.  The great benefit with car rental companies is that the driver already has your booking details, that is to say, name, itinerary of travel, so you are sure that your airport transfer is well arranged with a professional company. You will find the driver with a welcome note waiting on you, and most of the drivers already have the itinerary which makes your travel easy.

The best way to have your airport transfer hassle free is to book your transfer in time online and getting a quote. Many of those that have chosen public transportation have ended up being disappointed since some do not know much about the country and they end up being lost in the city centers. It is best to choose public means when you are so much aware of the city and its traffic. Airport taxis as well do a great job but most of them are very expensive and for security purposes, you are never sure if you have gotten the right taxi or a crook waiting to robe what belongs to you. Therefore it is advisable to make your booking with car rental agencies that take time to offer perfect airport transfers and car rental services.

To  book an airport transfer , send us an email at info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or us directly call +256700135510, +256414699459



Affordable Car Rental In Uganda

In Africa and the whole East African region, Uganda has stood out to be a popular tourism destination with number physical features, wildlife, primates, a lot of botany and fresh water bodies. A safari to Uganda is a rewarding trip for every person to Africa. Whether you are looking at travelling as family, couple, and solo traveler and as a group, you can never go wrong when you choose Uganda. The country is endowed with so many attractions and these attract visitors from around the world to explore them on various tour packages and others choose car rental companies to organize for them itineraries either with driver or on self drive.

Uganda Tours with Car Rental Service

There are a number of Uganda tour Packages that one can choose from including mountain hiking, primate trekking, wildlife safaris, and adventure sports and so much more, you can be part of all these activities with just a car rental in Uganda. You can hire a car with driver/guide for your trip while in Uganda, many car rental companies around the country have well trained drivers and many of them are guides that can help you out throughout the whole trip. Either way you can choose to  do a self drive safari and have your trip at your own pace. Enjoy affordable car rental services in Uganda with Uganda Car Rental Services, hire cars you can rely on for the whole of your trip, our team is extremely flexible to meet all your car rental needs in Uganda.

Car rental services, offer you a chance to personalize your trip and save a great percentage on your trip. Hiring a car with driver is more cost friendly compared to whole packaged trip with high rates. When you hire a car in Uganda, you have an opportunity to work out your itinerary and control your funds which is very satisfying to many tourists, you get to pay your accommodation directly, fuel up the car and park entrance fees, what is more than having your trip at hand.

How to get affordable Car Rental In Uganda

There are many car rental agencies in the country that can offer most of the cars for hire required by clients at very affordable rates. Look out for your preferred car rental option online by comparing different websites and their offers then you can come up with an ideal choice of car rental in Uganda for yourself. If not online, visit different car rental agencies as a walk in and make a selection for yourself right in the office.

Book affordable car rental in Uganda with Uganda Car Rental Services, send us an email at info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or contact us at +256700135510, +256414699459

Top 4 tips how to pick the Best Group Tour In Uganda

Many of us get a short time for holiday each year; it could be just a few weeks, a month or just days. In such a matter when time is such a great essence, it is a good idea to delegate much of the travel planning to someone professional. Slow and patient journeys will of course be more cheaply compared to the fast and fixed few days trip, but they are not entirely practical if you have less time. Having a professional travel company plan for your holiday either joining a group or you want to have a great time with your buddies. These are some of the tips to pick the best group tour.

Tip 1: Book with prominent tour company

Find out which tour operator offers the best deal? With the many tour companies competing for your tourism dollar, choosing an adventurous tour has become nearly as complex as planning your own adventure. You have possible gone through many brochures, websites and adverts, but how do you go through all those adverts to get that memorable trip. Pick a prominent tour company that will organize for you a respectable and fun packed group tour. You and your friends should have the best of the time, this is the time to bond well with everybody then struggle with each other.

Tip 2: Compare like with like

There is no point for you trying to choose between a 30 days trip, 4 days trip or a group tour. Settle for the tour you want before thinking about anything else.  Do not go in for the tour company without a sketch of a tour you want as a group, many people have been disappointed because they have sold them a tour that is wrong for them, you maybe be joining a group, but it is best to layout your ideas so that the tour operator can find you the right group tour for you. Do not be bullied into taking something that you don’t want because the agency has decided first.

Tip 3: Do not compare cheapest on paper as best on the road

Cheapest on paper is not always best on the road; do not make a mistake on trips that are labeled budget or basic as automatically better than the tour company stated trips. Some of the cheap advertised trips cover shot packages of adventure, check out closely, you may find out that standard trip from the tour companies offer better value for money.  Many group tours from standard tour companies offer the best time for a tour in sightseeing, adventurous activities compared to sketchy groups built up cheaply.

Tip 4: choose a group you will be comfortable

Many people join groups that are wrong for them, why not make a group trip with your fellow bikers, motor drivers, or project workers, or school friends. Have the best time, speaking the same language with people you are traveling with. Consider the age group you are choosing to  travel  with young people enjoy first and fixed itineraries compared to elder groups that enjoy slow moving groups.

Tip 5: choose the best car for your trip

Traveling safe and comfortable is part of a successful trip, many times group tours need a spacious vehicle with enough luggage space.  Consider coaster bus or safari vans that are best for a successful trip. Choosing a best car comes with the best travel guide that will be well informed about all the destinations your group members.

book a group tour online at info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call 0700135510 , Tel +256 414-699459

All Around Entebbe Town

Enjoy a one day unlimited fun around Entebbe town as you hop-on, hop-off your ride and accessing all streets from downtown markets to  main commercial state streets  and a chance to  have a look at the presidential state house. Entebbe  is one of the main and major towns in the central region in Uganda, lying on the Lake Victoria Peninsular and approximately 37km from Kampala capital city. Entebbe comes from a local word E’ntebe meaning “Chair”. It gained this name since it was the seat for the government for the protectorate of Uganda prior to independence in 1962. The international Airport and the largest military airport which went famous for rescuing 100 hostages who were kidnaped by the resistance group rebels are all located in Entebbe. Join your drive for a road tour all around Entebbe town there is sightseeing that can take you more than one day and require more time here.

1# Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

UWEC in short also serves as the national Zoo. It is thrilling place be as you see and learn about various animals in Uganda and the ecosystem they live. While at the Zoo, you will get some time to learn about each animal, birds about their types, families they belong, how they feed, how they play, how they respond to danger and majorly how wildlife communicates. Your guide will help on knowing much, see how exciting it is, as these guys relate with the animals, they easily walk to leopard and sit with it, walk to the fierce lion and feed him, can you do that? He will exactly explain to you how it happens, you can tame these animals if you wish but you need to be trained, remember they are wild animals. Apart from animals there are trees you learn about and their uses, how helpful are they to the animals living here and the people wherever these trees are found. After learning try out some fun waiting you, take a camel ride, be very steady this creature is very tall but is fun, walk on the sand beaches on lake Victoria, do a jet cruise on the fresh waters, visit the restaurant for a tasty meal, accompanied fresh tilapia just from the waters.

2# Botanical Gardens

These beautiful gardens were laid out in 1898. They are expansive featuring great leisure and calm atmosphere with green pockets of thick rainforest. Many entertainment companies shoot most of the films and music videos from the botanical gardens due to its amazing background it offers. Most of the local natives claim that some of the unique Tarzan films were made in the botanical gardens. The botanical gardens also offer excellent bird watching with more than 100 bird species. Give your mind a moment to relax as you go green, it is a best to do your yoga routine.

3# Entebbe Golf Club

Are you a fun of golfing; now Entebbe holds the Legend for golfing in East Africa.  The oldest golf course in East Africa was first established in Entebbe in 1900 known as Entebbe Golf Club.  The golf club is surrounded by the Uganda wildlife Education center on the south side. The golf course is a very good selection of 18 holes thus making an excellent use of what might be termed ‘rolling parkland’ with gentle and never taxing, undulations and broad tree-lined fairways. There are four doglegs, but really only one hole that could be termed ‘downhill’ with a gentle ‘uphill’ return. Par is 71, but it plays all of its 6684 yards with some long par 5s and two par 4s that measure 447 and 473 yards. For a real golfer and those that enjoy golfing, this is the best place to stop by, visit the Entebbe golf club.

4# Mapeera Catholic Site, Kigungu

This also an exciting site to visit on your tour all around Entebbe, this is the site the first catholic missionaries Fr. Mapeera Lourdel and Brother Amans landed, but before we consider Kigungu, we must have Bugoma Island, among the Ssese island, it was their first landing spot and then after 2 days they moved to Kigungu on 17th February 1879. These missionaries spread the today firm catholic region in Uganda which has stood to follow and praise the name of almighty God. The Catholic Church today has honored the works of these missionaries in so doing have named some of their property after them for example the Mapeera house which seats the centenary bank in Kampala.

5# Uganda Virus Research Institute

The research institute is a very important site not only in Entebbe town but to the whole of Uganda. Your driver will more than delighted to give you a brief insight about this place, you  will hear many people that have to  come to  Kampala talk about this place, do not just hear, make a stop and know what goes on here. The Uganda virus research institute involves in health research relating to human infection and diseases that are associated with or linked to viral etiology.

6# exciting beaches

Entebbe town with its location lying on the Lake Victoria Peninsular, it features a number of beaches. Here you will find many young people adults and children all have fun in the fresh waters. Your driver know best which beach suits you , as there are many along the shores. Join the team playing beach volley ball, soccer or any other game. Do not worry  people are very  warm and welcoming, fun is for everyone while in Uganda, where you  find happiness just join in. lots of music, barbeque and drinks to  enjoy. Try out some adventure on the speed be careful not speed a lot.

There many more things to see while in Entebbe, like army monument, ministry of works, Nkumba University, victoria mall and posh hotels. Rent a self drive trip all around Entebbe or hire a chauffeur driver trip for the city tour. Book your trip online at info@ugandacarrentalservices.com call Mob +256 700135510, Tel +256 414-699459

Uganda Car Rental Packages

Welcome to Uganda car rental services one of Uganda’s most preferred car rental agency  in the country  with a numerous services including , airport transfers, wedding car hire, events management, Uganda tours and safaris in east Africa, ushering and so many other useful tourism services to  the country. With about a decade of experience in the car rental and tourism services and our existence in Uganda, our main humble purpose is to provide transportation solutions to all visitors to the country whether on guided trips or self driver safaris in Uganda. We are a company that takes pride in what we offer and many of our clients have testified of our services as very reliable professional and extremely cheap car hire services in Uganda.

We have a wide fleet of new model vehicles as well the old models covering categories from saloon cars, SUVs, station wagons, mini vans, trucks, coaster bus, and large buses as well. Whether you are a solo traveller or travelling as a family or school, we have something that will accommodate whatever size of the group.

We have currently set up car rental packages in Uganda to help, many of the clients that especially book at the last minute. Our car rental packages cover various safari destinations, cultural centres, projects works, schools and long term rental.  We specified particular destinations and mileage as well number of days spent for every package. Among the car rental packages include;

1 day Kampala city  tour/business trip, this favors business travelers that want the car for just a day

3 days/2 night’s car hire to Jinja

5 days/ 4 nights car rental package to Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake Bunyonyi

7 day s Rv4 hire to  Western Uganda covering bwindi National park , Kabale and queen Elizabeth National Park

10 days /9 nights around Uganda covering areas of Masindi, fortportal, Mbarara and Kampala

18 days safari  van hire in Uganda, enjoy a safari  with a safari  van and a professional guide for your trip, the car has a roof top, enough leg room and air conditioning.

4 days self drive at the Sese islands, here you  can take a ferry  from Entebbe landing site or at Masaka ferry  landing site.

20 days uganda car rental package, this is the best package with discounted rates that very  comfortable for those that would prefer to  explore almost the whole of the country  with top destinations in every part of the country

Uganda car rental wedding packages and events, our beautiful packages as well cover weddings and events, we have a well-designed procedure to  meet all our brides and grooms for their wedding car hire.

To  learn more about our car rental packages, visit our website at www.ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us directly at +256700135510 , +256414699459 or send us an email at info@ugandacarrentalservices.com


Tips On Choosing A Wedding Car

Everything must be perfect when your big day comes around, all arrangements starting from the guest list, clothing, cake, photography to meals must be on point to call the wedding day at success. We can only achieve this success with so much time of preparation and team that is so much motivated. Much as the emphasis maybe on the above factors, wedding cars must be a main point to  look at as well, there are those guests who mainly be impressed on you  turn up  to  the church your reception venue. Therefore when deciding on your perfect wedding car for your big day, there are a number of factors to  put into  consideration for example the model of the car, seating capacity, how luxurious the car looks, and so  many others. So today we are going to look at a few tips that can help you choose your wedding cars.

Many of the couples have varied themes for their wedding day depending on their personal reasons, so if you think of going in for classic models of wedding cars, you must consider some issues like the size of the car. Many of these classic cars have a small seating area and quite tightened up on the interior, but until you see this vehicle physically then you can rate and know whether the size will work for you. So if you  have a big entrouge then classic cars would not be a great choice because you  will need many, probably you  can choose one classic car for the bride and use other modern cars.

Another factor to consider is the weather during your wedding season. If it a hot season, choosing classic cars and having your wedding venue in quite a distant location can be tough since these cars have terrible air conditioning. You may risk reaching your reception venue all sweaty and messy due to the condition in the car. But if choose the modern cars, the technology has been so much improved to best comfort levels for all passengers using the vehicle

Furthermore it is a lot more convenient to  hire modern car models for your wedding  cars since they  have less chances of breaking down yet the classic cars maybe stylish and unique but can be at fault anytime since they are of old age. Why would you risk a breakdown on your wedding day, choose to hire modern cars especially if you know that your wedding is quite distant and the classic or vintage cars cannot handle the long route.

Although the classic cars may have many negative point but remember that newer models of the cars were built on the classic types. So if you are that person that respects vintage stylem why not hire your vintage cars for your bridal cars.

To hire wedding cars in Uganda, send us an email at info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call directly at +256700135510


Top 10 Most Asked Wedding Cars Questions

Planning a wedding is a new experience to many couples and some of them find it really tough and stressing. Finding a little assistance in your planning saves the day and below is listed top 10 asked wedding cars questions.

1# what type of wedding transportation should I choose?

Try as much as possible to look at your wedding theme and style as a couple, well people have different desires, but you must come to a one solution that favors both sides. Most brides today  go for modern styles and cars like the Mercedes Benz, jaguars, Range Rover, Super luxury like the limousine, BMW and so many more, you can choose to  go  classic or old times with vintage cars like the Rolls-Royce, beetles and the ford.

2# When to book my wedding transportation

You should think about booking your wedding cars as soon as you can. Note that many of the popular wedding cars are booked in advance so by the time you make up your mind, you may find when your type of car choice has been booked up. Note that if you  have liked the car, then some else out there admired it even before you did, so  book in advance to  even get wide choice of fleet and low rates.

3# Wedding transportation for my Guests

Much as you are thinking about your bridal cars, you need to know how your guest will move to venue of the wedding. There are a number of rental vans and buses that can transport your guests. Sit down and calculate the number of people that you are transporting to get the bus that fits the guests’ size. Let your guests enjoy the champagne without worrying about the way they will reach the wedding venue.

4# How many cars do  I need to  hire for my wedding

Many couples usually hire 3 cars, with one for the bride and groom while the other 2 carry the bridesmaids and parents of the couples. You can have as many cars as you wish for your convoy depending on your financial budget

5# How Many People can sit in one car

Bridals car will have a capacity of 4 seats up 8 seats; some brides would prefer to transport all the entrouge and parents in one car seating 7 people. You can hire bridal cars to take up bride’s maids and vans to carry guests or buses since they have a large seating capacity. If the venue of the wedding is just a few minutes’ drive, then you can use one car to collect all the guests.



6# When does the Car arrive at the wedding ceremony

To make sure that you are on the safe side, the wedding cars must arrive at the collection point at least 15 minutes before departure time. If you know your wedding venue is between areas that have heavy traffic or busy roads, you need to have ample time to drive between locations to have ceremony move smoothly with in the time frame.

7# If we Think of cancelling our wedding

When you go to book your wedding cars, ask about the cancellation policy some car rental agencies ask for a deposit when booking the car which is nonrefundable while others will charge you extra costs if you cancel 2-3 months prior to your wedding.

8# How to decorate wedding cars

We always get so many questions about wedding car decoration, what to  do and what not to do, and all we advise is that keep it simple, make your decoration worth to  look at not too much to  loose meaning, use products that are safe to  the body of the car not to  destroy the exterior beauty  of the vehicle. Obviously the bridal car will have something different from other vehicles, with décor that is so captivating and memorable.

9# How to save money on your wedding

If your wedding venue is quite close, you can save on the transport by hiring a few cars and do a couple of trip for the bride’s maid and guests. You can use one car to transport a number of people than hiring so many cars thus spending much on car rental and fuel.

10# Can we get a discount on our wedding cars

If you have booked your wedding cars with one company, then you can ask for a discount since you have offered them great business. All in all if you like the cars and can afford the price, and then go for it, after all you only wed once.

To book your wedding cars, send us an email at info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us at +256700135510,




Wedding Car Decoration

Decorating the wedding car is a very fun and important tradition that has been practiced starting way back in the late years and it is still being carried on up to date. However make sure that you  keep your decoration in control because if it is done or applied wrongly it could damage the image of the wedding or even offend some of the wedding guests. Over the past years we have heard a lot of stories from varies couples as a rental agency, some of these stories are very funny, others very original while some are extreme about wedding car decoration that turned out to be rather embarrassing and very costly.

One of the most remembered and most interesting wedding car decoration was about the strings of empty cans, boots and other noisy metals attached to the back of the car. However with the traffic of today, this has been stopped by law due to the noise and having to trail anything behind the car could be dangerous to car or motorcycle or any other person moving behind the particular bridal car.

We have as well met other people using different products for decoration like toilet rolls, tooth paste, eggs, shaving foam and so many others but in the end it was discovered that these products have chemicals that can damage or alter the wedding car paint and using such products has been considered a big No especially on hired bridal cars, you can use these if it is on your own car obviously.

Although there have been so much distressful and funny experiences with traditional wedding car decorations, today there is variety of modern ideas to borrow from while decorating your wedding car from all points including magazines and internet search. You can always hire professional decorators to handle this for you and make sure that the colors match very well with the theme of the day and thus bringing joy and pride to the couple.

To avoid embarrassment of trying to make sophisticated decoration idea, you can simply attach ribbons to your bridal car. Many of the professional wedding cars for hire look most times in perfect shape and beautiful and will not need so much touch that will over shadow their beauty. Try to avoid using fresh flowers since they wilt very quickly and by the middle of the day, the flowers look very boring. It is best to use more of ribbons for your decoration all done well to bring out the best beauty of your wedding car

To  hire wedding cars, send us an email at info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or visit our website for more information at www.ugandacarrentalservices.com or call the office directly at +256700135510, +256414699459


Top 4 Family Holiday destinations in Uganda

Whether you are travelling with little ones that enjoy to splash into the waters, older children who always want to discover the forests, areas around the destination and construct dens, teenagers who mostly want Wi-Fi, steak out, pizzas and movies, Uganda has top family holiday destinations that will bring everyone together and offer you time and space for some pleasure and leisure as well. Family holidays are perfect to unite and get all the generations together with interesting tour packages, including camping trips, self catering packages and cabins at accommodation sites that can sleep up to 10 people in one dorm. Have your family together in fun regardless of age with some of these destinations below.

1# Ngamba Island

The Ngamba Island is a beautiful destination for family holidays with beautiful natural atmosphere of forested terrain, best for nature walks. This Island has been gazette to secure and keep the orphaned chimpanzees and now the number of the primates has grown. A big number of visitors flood this destination with their families to have a chance to meet these primates feed and play. You can as well set up night camps and have more fun out door as a family.

Mabira rainforest

A forest family holiday is ideal to do all you want, all the fun and all the adventure to meet every age, the younger people would enjoy zip lining, hikes and more ninja worrier tricks. When the sun goes down, the elderly team can set up a camp fire and do some BBQ for a family diner beneath the trees and have everyone eat, laugh around the camp fire.

Source Of The Nile

Enjoy family boat rides to the source of the Nile, sail on the White Nile with beautiful views of water birds, still at Jinja there are so many other activities to keep your family holiday so much vibrant like quad biking, bungee jumping, cycling trips, river bank volley, rafting and camping sites. Book a family holiday

to Jinja and have the best your time with family.

Entebbe Town

Entebbe Town was a very important town during the colonial time since it was base for the chiefs.  The town is based on the shores of Lake Victoria with many interesting beaches that can be fun for families and children playing in sand, speed boats on lake Victoria, enjoy tasty meals with variety of fish dishes. You can as well visit the Uganda Wildlife Education Center (zoo) to some of the habituated animals thus giving young children to enjoy wildlife as well.

To book a family trip, send us an email at info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call +256700135510

Why using a GPS is the best idea for driving around Uganda

Uganda today has become one of the most popular destinations among the many destinations in Africa. Many tourists and visitors flock this country everyday with various interest, some on vacations, and others on business schedule while others come in Uganda to see family and friends. With many beautiful features endowed to this country, which include rolling hills, plateaus, Rivers and lakes, forests and swamps. Many of the visitors enjoy touring with the help of the driver/guide which is also a good thing, it safer to have a driver in a foreign country. With the increasing technology in the world today, many people today, want to do self drive safaris, because they are cheaper, with great privacy and freedom. Self drive is an interesting way to enjoy your vacation to many destinations around Uganda, but how do you reach these place, where some are far in remote areas. This is where the GPS (Global Positioning System) adds value to your trip. Other traveler would consider using maps but a GPS offers the real and correct positioning of a destination.

The best navigation

Renting a car with a GPS saves you a lot of trouble getting lost here and there. This garget offers you correct information about the destination. All you need is to type in the location and the GPS will surely direct you all the way to the place you want while it draws you a line to follow. You can also add places of interest that you may want to stop at like hotels; all information will be offered to you. This the best friend you should include on your car rental request, with Navigation it can never go wrong.

Save on your fuel cost

When you use a GPS, it help you find the shortest route to  your destination, this will help you  save a lot on the fuel cost, as you won’t be taking the long distance to  reach  where you  are going. The garget can also offer you alternative routes you can use; this is the best option if you are not using a driver.

Easy to carry

The GPS is very portable and easy to carry unlike other gears like binoculars, camping gear and so many others. The garget is almost the size of your phone so you can easily carry it along and has simple instructions on how to use it. Some come with stamps to fit well on the main car frame. It has a screen touch system easy to use with even first timers.

Cheapest option

It is very cost friendly to rent a GPS at $15 per day compared to hiring a chauffeur at $30-$40 a day. Here at Uganda car rental services, we have GPS gadgets available for all our clients who request for them. Save more on your trip and enjoy your trip at easy with the use of a GPS

Hire a car with Uganda car rental services with a provision of a GPS, send us an email inf@ugandacarrentalservices.com, Mob +256 700135510, Tel +256 414-699459

Hire A Guide Who Really Knows Everything About The Nature AND Culture Of Uganda

Making plans for a trip to Uganda and thinking about all the bookings and everything needed can sometimes get on your mind. When you book your Uganda safari adventure  with the right travel agency, you will have your work smooth and light. Many travel companies will offer great responses on the email and telephone conversation but the problem comes in with the guide/driver you have booked for your trip. It is best to book a guide that has information about the nature of the country and its culture, so that he can guide you on the right way to handle your trip and to expect on every destination. Below is a great testimony by Linda and Rogers during their trip

We got full and proper information about the safari both before and during the trip. Everything went smooth taking account to our six grandchildren we brought (8-15 years) and their parents.
We believe we got as much as possible out of the safari. We had a challenge of the number of people in the group at first it seemed really big especially travelling with six children between ages 8-15. Well this size of children is quite manageable but keeping them convinced about the trip was quite a challenge. Our guide was so much informed about every part of the country that he knew the best places to  stop  that would bring life to the trip. Majorly we had a great time and it was so much of a success because our guide was so informative.

Above is the testimony from the family after their safari in Uganda, showing that a well-informed guide can make life for the visitors easy and their trip worthwhile.  When you get to hear stories from visitors that have hired drivers that really don’t have enough information of the area, they are really sad. A guide is more like the back bone of every safari company and the hope of every visitor that comes through the travel agency. The main role of the guide is to  guide you , to  help you  understand the country, destination better and mostly to  make you  feel like you  are part of the country by engaging you  in all the tradition of the country.

Hire a guide in Uganda for your trip to the National parks, cultural centers, and other places to  enjoy the best of your trip, there is so much a guide can do for you  during your trip. And it is a great choice to hire a driver for your business and guide for safari in Uganda

To hire a car and guide in Uganda, send us an email at info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us directly +256700135510, +256414699459 or check our website at www.ugandacarrentalservices.com

What Not To Pack For Your Trip

Preparing for your trip is something very important, much as you have worked on your travel documents, booked your accommodation, vehicle and everything you need, you need to look through the things you need to park. Have you been packing so many things and end up asking yourself why you packed all unnecessary staff? Let us help you now and guide you on how to get your bags quite light for your trip without burdening you with heavy luggage.

Below are some things you should leave behind when packing for your trip.

1# Magazines and Book:

If you are heading for an adventurous tour then why would you carry a 1000 page novel? You will surely have no time to read this book as many destinations have so many interesting things and activities that will keep you busy all day. And more to this, If you are travelling with children, they won’t give you chance to even read a page meaning these books and magazines took a lot of your bag space.

2# Clothing

While packing for trip, most of the clothes look to be advantageous for each day, you may want to pack a different cloth for each day meaning if your trip is more than a week, you  will have over 2 bags of clothing. Try to minimize clothes; all you need are 4 bottoms and 4 tops plus a jacket. These will be enough and can be interchanged any day, if you  need to  do laundry many of the hotels offer services for laundry.

3# Toiletries & Beauty Products

You don’t have to pack all your toiletries with you  as most of the hotels offer what you are carrying. Many of the hotels provide, soaps, shampoo, shaving cream, ladies sanitary products if you request for them. Carry a few like a small size toothpaste, carrying very few of these give you enough space in your bag and light bag for your trip.

4# Expensive or Valuable jewelry

You  should leave behind all valuable jewel while packing for your trip, travelling with these expensive bracelets, necklaces or rings can be forget in the hotel room, or misplaced somewhere in the vehicle others can get missing in the pool or waters while trying out adventurous activities like rafting

5# A lot of Devices

You are going for an adventurous trip not business meeting, why then carry laptops, and so many other gargets. Try carrying your phone as it can do almost everything, if you are a professional photographer, and then carry your camera as well. You do need big head phones instead carry ear phones; they can fit in your pocket.

6# Shoes, Towels and bed sheets

All hotels and lodges you are going to provide bed sheets and many do offer towels, then why pack pairs of these yet you are going to find some at your destination. Save that space for a light bag, make sure you carry shoes that are going to be useful to you, do not carry heals when you don’t have even one night executive diner, or carry ballet shoes.

To book a tailor made itinerary for your trip in Uganda, send us an inquiry  at info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us today at +256700135510



Hire Familiar Car Rental Services in Uganda for Your Trip

There are many car rental agencies around the country and you must be very sure about which agency you are hiring a car from for your trip. Hire your car with Uganda Car Rental Services and have the best of your trip with this car rental agency. This company has been proved and chosen by many clients for their transportation service. One of the main reasons why should hire a familiar car rental service, is about availability. Make sure that the rental agency you are hiring a car from you is so much available to  meet your inquiry. They are not just available but the agency has an address where you can drive to and if possible check on the cars available. This is one of the main aspects that Uganda Car Rental Services has done best. We have a strategic location that can be reached by everyone at any time of the day.

Uganda car rental services can be reached online since this is the biggest trend of Market. You  can reach the website for all your car rental need and information about destinations, hotels, National Parks and all services offered at www.ugandacarrentalservices.com

We cannot talk about a familiar car rental service and fail to talk about the staff, Uganda car Rental Services, has one of the most dedicated staff and most of all very professional. You receive the best care right from the time you send in your inquiry email, to the time you receive a phone call and through the steps of helping you organize the itinerary until the point you arrive at the airport when you are welcome and received by friendly faces, this is the staff that can fully make you feel at home, secure and comfortable. Our drivers and guides are well trained and well informed about all destinations in the country and some of them have extended to the neighboring countries as well. They just don’t drive, they guide, they help, they educate and they make your trip worth every penny you invested in. Team is well groomed and best of all has received a number of reviews from previous clients.

You cannot be a familiar rental agency without vehicles. Uganda Car Rental services has a number of vehicles ranging from saloon cars to super luxury  fleet and safari  vehicles as well. We do offer trucks and big buses carrying a maximum of 70 people. Whether you are looking at travelling as a family, couple, solo or business traveller, we have something to  meet your need. Wherever you  go , there is a banner, sticker or tyre cover on moving car thus showing we are a very  familiar car rental agency in Uganda.

To hire in Uganda, send us an email at info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us directly at +256700135510 or +256414699459






Self Drive Cars In Uganda

Are you  thinking about a self drive safari in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania, Uganda Car Rental Services has the best self drive cars for your trip. When we talk about self drive safaris, you ensure that every visitor requesting for this service is a professional drive and hold a valid driving permit. For those that are looking at self drive safaris in Uganda should take it in consideration that in Uganda we drive on the left side there you must always keep left. Self drive safaris offer you an opportunity to work out your itinerary and have the trip at your own pace and convince.

Below are some of the best Self drive Cars in Uganda you can ask for;

Toyota Rav4

The Rav4 is one of the most sought for vehicle for many self drive safaris in Uganda; the vehicle is a perfect choice because it is a 4×4 and very easy to manage with the steering wheel. The fuel consumption is very friendly that you won’t spend so much fueling the car; therefore this can be an awesome   option for those looking for a budget self drive safari in Uganda. The Rav4 can carry a capacity of 5 people including the driver, with air bags, comfortable seating arrangement and most of it can handle all rough terrain,

4×4 Land cruiser prado

The land cruiser is among the large SUVs and the best to handle the tough African remote terrain. Much as the car is a 4×4 and really strong, this is a very  comfortable option because it raised of the ground, giving you  best navigation system through the tough and interesting corners of Kabale and Kisoro regions. Many of the land cruisers have been designed to meet the needs of safari clients with rooftop, cooler box and so many other amenities. If you are looking at the best option for a self drive car, then the land cruiser Prado is the best option.

Toyota Super Custom

This van is extremely awesome and comfortable and the best choice for those traveling as a family especially with children. The car has adjusting seats that can be fit in all direction and so much leg room as well air conditioning. The van is comfortable for safari game drive as many have sunroof or rooftops for better game viewing. The van is 4×4 and can handle rough terrain of many remote and best for national parks.

Toyota premio

This is a comfortable saloon car and has been sought and found to be very friendly especially with the business clients. The premio has very good fuel consumption that is manageable; it can seat up to 4 people with driver and has great amenities with airbags, perfect air conditioning and easy to manage on the road.

To hire a self drive car in Uganda, send us an email at info@ugandacarrentalservices.com or call us +256700135510, +256414699459


Pangisa Emotoka ne Uganda Car Rental Services

Ononya emotoka eyokupangisa nga yamulembe? Oba nga elimu mbelanungi? Jyangu ku Uganda Car Rental services. Tuyina emotoka ezebiika bingi nyo, ela tukuwa emotoka kusinzila kukyoyagala. Tuyina emotoka ezabagole mubulimutendela, abagala ezebeyi ate nga zakitibwa nga limousine, Range Rover, Vintage oba emotoka  ezayitako emyaka, zebavuga nga mu 1900. Waliwo zetuyita jaguar, Chrysler , BMW, Convertible open roof, TX new model, ne old model, progress, primo new model and old, tuyina ne harrier, land cruiser v8. Zino munange emotooka nungi kumikolo egye mbaga, oba kwanjula. Abetagga emotoka ze mikolo mulimukifo kitufu. Tukwata video ne bifanani ku mikolo gyona, oba mazalibwa, mbagga, kwanjula, conference, okukwata video zenyimba, byona tubikola.

Tuyina ba dureeva abatendeke obulungi nga be bavuga emotoka eze mikolo. Mwatu balabika bulungi, ela bayina empisa ezomubantu. Bamanyi okukwata obudde, namakubo gona mu Kampala ne Uganda. Ba dureeva batendekebwa bulungi okutuka kumutindo gwenisyona. Nenyambala ebela esanyunsa mu uniform.

Katukwangulile emotoka zino mubulambulukufu

1# Limousine

Eno emotoka mpanvu ela etuza abantu munana . Bagiwunda bulungi nyo munda ela esikiliza. Bwogitulamu yina embela empewevu, emitogyayo mwatu gigondda nyo nti wewulila nga atudeku spongi. Osobola kuleeta ebyokunwa byo nga wine, juice, spirits, neweyagala anti gilassi mwezili. Twala ekitibwa ku mbagayo nga otambulila mu limousine.

2# Vintage Bitto

Zinono motoka zavugibwa mumyaka egyeda nga mu 1900. Belawangyawulo, kubala nga otambulila mu kamotoka kano. Abasinga bakayita kiele anti kafananamu nga ekikele. Kayina amtala amalungi, gwegamba ko kanjawulonyo. Mwatukanyumila ebifananyi.

3# Benz

Mercedez Benz, ewesa ekitiibwa nga bulijyo. Omugole abelawanjawulo nyo kubalala, ela emotoka ye eyina okwawukana nyo. Benz ye motoka ekyasinze okuwebwa ekitibwa ku mikolo, ela abanut bangi bazitegela olwo muwendo gwazo. Ziyina ebika bingi, nga E class, C class, S class, ela byona nga bya mulembe nyo. Nungyi munda ela ngayawundwa bulungi nyo.

4# Megane Convertible

Tambula nomulembe nga opangisa emotoka eno. Eno emotoka yegula wagulu, abangi egye bayita open roof. Osobola okwevugamu no mugole wo oba dureeva nabavuga. Tuyina Megan convertible mu langi zangyawulo ela osobola okwelondelawo gyoyagala.

Emotoka za ffe ezemikolo zili kumutindo mulungi. Osobola okugya wano ku office yaffe ku Stella Stage Najjankumbi oba notukubila esiimu ku 0700135510 oba 0414 699459 ne tukukolako bulungi nyo. sindika email ku info@ugandacarrentalservices.com . Abakozi bona balungi ate bakwata bulungi ba customer bona.