Uganda Self Drive Safaris- Be The Master Of Your Road Trip

From city excursions to outback adventures that offer you a great glimpse of the beautiful wild places of Uganda and their habitants, through the heart of Africa the Equator, a typical road trip in Uganda is all about fun, adventure, flexibility , freedom and the best of all the chance to  do things at your own pace. Driving in the open savannah grasslands, making numerous stops whenever you feel like and cruising where the winds of adventure take you are all the perfect reasons why a self drive safari in Uganda is such a gratifying choice. Create your own unique holiday experience from the common detailed itinerary every other tourist follows with self drive road trips, drive into your adventure, make your own itinerary and try out something new. Be it the beautiful picturesque peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains, the eye catching landscapes of kibale and the crater lakes, or the tree climbing lions of Ishasha, there is no comparable freedom than having your own self drive car while exploring the best of your new destination.

For a very long time, the concept of self drive cars has been commonly popular in the United States and the European region although it is now not new to Uganda, it has actually picked up highly in the recent years. Leaving along buying and owning cars, a big number of people have chosen self drive car rentals mainly because you are able to drive high end vehicles at cheap and affordable prices. More to that; is the choice to rent a car in Uganda across different models and types, added free roadside assistance, free car delivery and ducking the hassle of dealing with drivers has also made self drive car hire the best option for many travelers.  Rather compromising your trip with an inexperienced driver or nagging guide or even aborting your whole trip plans, many people now consider the opportunity of hiring a self drive car.

Currently Uganda has become a popular tourism destination and successfully an East African leader in self drive car hire, no other country  that neighbors Uganda understand the lure of the open raod better than Uganda, we maintain this pace with welcoming people, secure destinations and perfect road network to  every  part of the country.  Since long, Uganda Car Rental Services been a great enabler to self drive and purposeful travelers to Uganda with a history of good services in the car rental industry,

We offer a self drive network covering across major cities and towns in Uganda thus show casing customer loyalty, commitment and true convenience to all clients at all time. Whatever mobility  solutions you  require, contact Uganda Car Rental Services and you  will enjoy every bit of our services, send us an email at or call us at +256700135510, +256414699459


Best Rental Cars For Business Travelers In Uganda

You have finally booked the flight ticket and know where the business meeting will be held, what is left is now to determine how you will be getting to conference meeting. Whether the place is within the city , out skirts or remote destination, there’s no denying that you will feel much safer and comfortable when you ditch the unreliable public transport means and rent a private car for the business road trip. Not only do rental cars offer you all the privacy you need, you also dont have to worry about being late for the meeting as there are no stop overs to delay your transfer.

However you have to be careful when choosing between rental cars for business trip in Uganda and make sure you get ine that fits your budget and most importantly your personal needs.  The type of car you drive in to a meeting alwasy speaks volumes of what type of persona you are so you try and get one that will disappoint your clients as well as team members.

Choosing between going in a luxury car or economy car is not always an easy decision but if you want to balance your expenditure but still get quality transportation to the conference meeting venue,  you need to find the right car and that’s why we at Uganda Car Rental Services have come up with this article to help business travelers pick the right car.

1- Toyota Rav4 – The 4×4 Recreational Active Vehicle is one of the most affordable SUV cars for hire in Uganda ideal for business trips as well park safaris in-case you decide to venture into the wild for some adventure.

2- Toyota Premio– This 3 box- body 4 door saloon car is by far the cheapest car available for business road trips, it doesn’t consume a-lot of fuel plus it has spacious cargo space in the rear.

3- Land Cruisers – The Toyota Land cruiser models are another choice if you are looking for executive transportation to the business meetings, whether you choose a Prado TX, V8 or GX model, you will not be disappointed and neither will your business partners.

4- Super Custom Van – The 7-seater mini van is the ideal co0perate car for small groups looking for that VIP airport transfer to the meetings as well tours around the city. The comfortable adjustable seats coupled with Air conditioner, sun roof and spacious cargo space make it one of the best group vans in Uganda.

5- Coaster Bus  – If you plan on traveling to the business meeting with a group of more than 20 people, then the best choice would be a 28-seater mini bus. There various good looking luxury buses that would fit in at any cooperate meeting within the city or any other destination for that matter.


So if you are a business traveler planning to visit Uganda this season and still haven’t yet made up your mind about which rental car to book, the above 5 options should help you sort things. There are plenty of other cars for hire which we can avail to you on self drive or with driver, simply send us an email to or call us on +256-700135510 to talk to our booing staff.




Monthly Car Rental Uganda – Long Term Car Rental

Having a short holiday gives you a flavor of the country but to fully get the bonding and under the skin of the destination will take you time and reasonable determination as well as much effort.  It does not matter whether you  are travelling for business, holiday vacations or any other issues, long term car rental is really perfect for  courageous and daring travelers who know that taking time in a country will uncover so much for them and the roads are always open for adventure at all time.

Take time to discover the remote areas/ villages of Uganda as you escape the crowds and noise of the city to meet the unexploited nature. If you got time on your side, try out hiking trips to the snowcapped ranges and discover the secrets of this beautiful and famous mountains of the moon, or take drive through the national parks to meet the wildlife and beautiful animals like the lions, buffaloes, giraffes and so much more, therefore the long term car hire gives you all the freedom and luxury to explore all destinations at your own pace. If you are a business traveler and not looking so much at pleasure and adventure, we can as well offer you perfect vehicles to meet a business trip. Incredibly comfortable and luxurious to meet your business with enough leg room, clean and cozy interiors with air conditioning thus making your long term car rental worth every cent paid.

Long term car rental is really simple and cost friendly especially for travelers spending more than 35 days in a particular country, yes there will be days you won’t need the car and many days you will still need to move around. Rather hunting for car every time you need to move, why not hire a car for your long term period and be assured to move any time of the day.

The minimum long term car rental would be 35 days which is a good duration for many travelers especially on business trip, if you need a car for hire for more than a month or on monthly car rental policy, then long term car rental service is so much available through Uganda Car Rental Services

Enjoy benefits of long term car rental like;

  • Minimized long term commitments
  • Flexible rates
  • Flexibility to  choose a driver for yourself that is if you  need guided trips
  • Flexibility in car choice
  • Car replacement and repairs
  • Customer support during your rental period


Whether you  are looking at three weeks car rental or monthly car rental or even a year, there are plenty  of long term car hire options that can work out for you.  Visit our website for more information at or call +256700135510, +256414699459





Best Way To Ask A Girl Out For A Road Trip

Many people have many different ways to  ask a girl out for either  a long drive trip or a short road trip but this can only be successful when you  have a car, without a car, the whole plan might get somehow awkward and very  disappointing. So now the main question is where am I going to find the perfect car for the road trip? Hey do not worry about having a car at all, Uganda car Rental Services has the perfect solution for your concern. You can now rent a car in Uganda of your choice and take anywhere around the country. Uganda is gifted with beautiful nature and every destination is worth a relaxation trip with your loved one.

First of all, let us congratulate you  upon taking a step and being a brave man and lay your request for a road trip with her.  Well thumbs you  have manned up and asked her about the road trip, but the most important thing now is how to  convince your beautiful lady to  hope on board and enjoy the self drive trip with her in the Pearl of Africa.  Below we have indicated some steps that will help you  get on the right track

1: Whether you are burning up for adventure, do not make the strip spontaneous

Preparation is a key point when it comes to looking at a successful trip otherwise you  may end up  with a horrible trip after you  find that nothing is prepared in time for your trip. Yes you  may have the urge for adventure but is important to  give yourself enough time to  book a car in Uganda, hotels, pick out perfect destinations and so many more. Give the lady enough time to  prepare herself physically and emotionally so  that she is ready for the trip.

2: Do A lot Of Research

Do a lot of research about her favorite attractions, food, try  to find out what activities will enlighten her spirit, does she love hiking, water sport adventure and from the research you  have made, you  will come with best places and activities that will make feel that this trip was worth every minute spent on it.

3: Find out if she love to Drive

Some women love to take control of everything including the steering wheel. Find out if she loves driving and make most part of trip enjoyable to her as she drives. Give her  the chance to lead by finding the right route. Obviously when she cannot handle, she will let you pamper her.

4; Be open about the plan for trip

Do not leave her in the dark about all preparations for the trip, communicate to her about every  step you take in booking for this trip. Let her take part in choosing hotels, car type, what to carry for the trip it is so much wise to approach her with all plan details chalked up.

When all preparations is done, enjoy your self drive safari  in Uganda with your lady and make sure she gets the best out of the trip. To  book a car for two , send us an email at or call us at +256700135510


Entebbe Airport Transfers

Welcome to Uganda Car Rental Services where you can get all the information and valuable insights regarding the available means of transportation between Entebbe airport and the major towns in Uganda including Kampala city, Jinja town, Mbarara, Kabale, Gulu, Fort portal , Kasese , Mbale and so  many more towns around the country. We prove a number of services and among all the many we also specialize in providing Entebbe airport transfers to and from all major towns in Uganda. Uganda car rental services, does not only offer airport transfers but we also offer executive services for those willing to  travel on business trip in executive glory, we offer private tours  and transfers between major towns and all major destinations including National Parks and across borders.

With over8 years’ experience in the Entebbe airport transfers and private car hire in Uganda, have specialized in offering our clients with affordable and value for money services.

With an impressive fleet of cars including brand new models of cars, SUV, vans and others we have made airport transfers worth every penny and more hassle free since you get all services you require. We help track your flight to  see if there any delays or changes in the flight, we are more than just an airport taxi, we go further to  make sure that you  are comfortable and your travel plans are in time and place. You will notice our drivers just by the appearance in clean uniforms all smart and well groomed

To book your airport transfer in Uganda, simply send us an email at or call us directly at +256700135510, we shall be glad to read and hear from you about booking for the transfer. All we require for are the details of your flight including flight number, time and your full name details. In case you have a lot luggage it is fine to communicate in advance so that you get the right car that will carry all your bags.

We have extended our services from just airport transfers to hotel bookings and private tours. If you  have not booked a hotel for the night, our staff will be more than generous to  get you a place to  stay  that fits your budget and worth a peaceful night after a long flight.

Private tours and Day trip

Choose from one day trips to more than 10 days around the country with airport transfers and professional guides that will give you full information about your trip. We offer private safaris to Uganda’s national parks for wildlife safaris, primate tracking, mountain hiking, water sport adventures, nature walks, cultural tours and so many more.  Enjoy one day trips around the city  around to different exciting corners around the city  including shopping malls, restaurants

, cinema halls etc.

Enjoy airport transfers with Uganda car rental services and have the best transportation solution worth every  money  you  have paid.



Long Term Car Rental In Uganda

Here at Uganda Car Rental Services, we are so delighted and proud to offer quality and trust worthy long term car rental services across Uganda the Pearl of Africa. The long term car hire services that we provide are affordable and ideal for everyone looking to rent a car in Uganda for 3months, 6 months, 12 months and more. We have a wide fleet that can cover up the long term rental and in case of any problem with the car; you are assured of a rescue vehicle in the shortest time possible.  The car rental rates that we offer are extremely competitive and can be affordable for many of the clients, whether on self drive long term rental or with a driver. Our cars come with fully comprehensive insurance and are highly maintained to be available for the long term rental service

Our Uganda long term car hire service aims at offering our clients incredible and impressive choice  from our wide range of cars that include high quality  brands ranging from saloon cars, 4×4 SUVs, vans, and many executive high end cars. At Uganda Car Rental Services, we strongly and ably believe in offering our clients flexible service and therefore we do not mainly look at getting them into undesirable long term car rental agreements that are most times tough and quite difficult to get out of. For that reason, we always encourage our clients of long term rental to increase or decrease their rental days whenever they wish too as long as it is with in the 30 days rental obligation. Furthermore there is no booking fee or deposit for the long term car rental; you can only make payment on your day of car delivery. As part of our incredible service, the rates that we offer our clients include 24-hour emergency assistance, car maintenance and recovery. When you rent a car with Uganda Car Rental Services, you are assured of reliable service and full support from the team.

Are looking for services that can satisfy and a company that will offer you the best value for your money, when it comes to  long term car hire in Uganda, Uganda Car Rental Services has the best to  offer you  that will leave you  with positive reviews. We have done our best to build a great clientele base by offering our clients vehicles that a fully equipped with all necessary amenities, including car jakes, airbags, air conditioning, spare tyres, comprehensive insurance and so much more. For those on long term rentals and prefer drivers, we have a number or professional and well trained drivers that have knowledge about different destinations in the country. They are just not drivers, they  are company members and will surely be your trustworthy and reliable partners for the whole of your trip.

To hire a car in Uganda on long term, send us an email at or call us at +256700135510