All Round Self Drive Tour In Uganda

Are you  thinking about an around self drive tour in Uganda, to  meet everything you  have heard about this country  either on documentaries, magazines or any other sources? Sometimes your budget could be less or more mid-range but then you are thinking about how much time you need to have for this all around adventure and where to  go , how to organize the itinerary and so  forth. Choosing to rent a car in Uganda for self drive is extremely awesome and it brings out the adventurous person in you  and that courage to  hit the road you  have never driven on before and trying to  figure out the right direction to  each destination. And that is what we call true adventure in the Pearl of Africa.  there are so many destinations you  can visit and have a great time and tour in Uganda, let us help you  sort these particular destinations by activities carried out  as below;

Safari Game drives

The only and best way to meet the true natives of each national park is through game drives and it is one of the best highlight on your Uganda safari  all through the trip. Game drives take place best in the early morning from 6am to 8am and then in the evening from 4pm to 7pm. This is the best time to  meet many of the animals residing in the national parks of Uganda, you  can either meet them as they  retire to  rest to  they  come out to  hunt. These game drives can be done at Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo, Semliki valley and Kidepo Valley National Parks. One can enjoy night game drives as well at Lake Mburo and Semliki National Parks.

Primate trekking/tracking

Hire a car in Uganda and visit Kibale forest National park to do  chimpanzee trekking mainly, and also  think about driving to  Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park for the ultimate gorilla trekking experience, or you  can as well visit the Mgahinga National where silver meets gold, here you  can meet the silver backs and the golden monkey   sharing the forest. Some visitors do primate trekking at Budongo forest – Kanyio Pabidi for chimps while at Murchison Falls National Park, or one can opt for chimpanzee trekking at Kyambura gorge while at Queen Elizabeth National Park and the Kalinzu forest reserve as well offers great trekking opportunities for chimps.

Mountain Hiking and Nature walks

Uganda is gifted with all the beauty the world needs with beautiful mountains that will give you quite a challenge to hike for example, a hike to  the highest Magherita peak on the Rwenzori  Mountains, a successful hike to  the Wagagai peak at Mt Elgon and the beautiful hikes that lead to  Sipi falls daily. Mt Moroto can as well give many mountain climbers a challenge and some prefer to try out some simple hikes to the Kakunguru hill, Wanale hills, Nkuringo regions, Mt, Muhavura ranges and so  many more. Drive your way  with your rental car to  the Kilembe area a good starting point for the Rwenzori  trek.



Adventure and Water sport activities

When we talk about adventure, Uganda hold the first place in the whole of East African being popularly known as the adventure capital of East African with main activities in Jinja and Kabale districts. Get ready to  book a trip in Jinja with so many fun packed activities including bungee jumping, kayaking, White water rafting, quad biking, The Nile Jet, cycling trips, zip lining, the sun downer boat cruise and so many more. All these activities can be best at Jinja at very  affordable and comfortable rates with day  trips carried out daily. One can opt to have great adventure at lake Bunyonyi , with beautiful canoe rides, bird watching and nature walks. More water sport activities can be done at Entebbe on lake victoria with the speed boat to  one of the developed islands including Sesse Islands.

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Information About Car Rental Rates In Uganda

Hiring a car in Uganda currently is one of the best ways to travel around the country comfortably, flexibly and on time. Many people that visit Uganda from around the world today prefer to hire a car for self drive or with a driver, this habit and way of life has well been adopted by the local people as well. You can hire a car in Uganda at any time of the year and in any part of the country, this has made life easy for many travellers to different destinations being able to find rental cars of their choice at cheap car hire prices any day of the year. Whether you are looking at hiring a car on self drive, guided safari, wedding, business or any other event, the rates vary according to different reasons as below

Period of Rental

Many car rental agencies will offer discounted car rental rates to clients hiring the cars for a long period of time from 20 days and above or mostly on long term car hire. The period of renting a car also determines the car rental rates highly, those renting a car for one day or 2 days may get high rates compared to those renting a car for 5 days.

Type of Car

Different types, models and years of cars have different price tags. Therefore know the type of car you need for your trip, saloon cars maybe cheaper compared to SUVs and executive luxury brands. Choose the type of car according to your budget to get a comfortable car rental price.

Purpose of the Car

Different cars do  different things and service as well, if you  are looking at bridal cars or safari  cars, the rate for both cars is totally different because different types of cars serve the purposes. Therefore a bridal Mercedes Benz cannot do a wildlife safari in Kidepo, it will be a complete turn off. So the car rental rates may also be affected by the purpose of the vehicle


The capacity of the vehicle also determines its price, we can refer to capacity in seating and capacity in weight the car can handle. A car that can seat 30 passengers will be charged highly compared to the one carrying maximum 4 people. Therefore variation in weight especially for trucks also affects the price of renting the car. A car that can carry 2 tonnes of weight is not equal to  one that can only carry 10 big bags only in the trunk. Therefore do mind the weight and size of car to  meet your need as well as the rate.

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Drive From Kampala To Gulu- Road Trip

When we talk about the Northern part of Uganda, Gulu is one of the main districts and major towns one can look and consider as a perfect destination. Considering the cultural set up, the economy and linguistically, the Northern part of the country has been a world apart and Unique. When choose to have a drive from Kampala to  Gulu, then you  have made the best choice because there is a lot of jaw dropping experiences and sightseeing ranging from the beautiful plateaus, open savannah grasslands, a number of grass thatched homesteads and the people alone are very  welcoming. From a travel point of view , one can hire a car in Gulu to  Murchison falls and Kidepo National parks or visit the numerous NGOs and projects that famously cropped out in Gulu town.

Well geographically the sense of location and belonging we attribute it to Lake Kyoga which is a center piece for the Northern region and as well made a clear division between the western Bantu groups and the Northern part of the country. With a poor history  of insecurity  due to  the LRA rebels, this region of the country  has currently stabilized and life hear moves on like nothing ever happened. The road network has been greatly improved with clear roads and road signed planted every thus making this region a perfect place to visit when you hire a car in Uganda with a driver or on self drive.

Genuinely Gulu has a number of attractions and stopovers one can make while on the drive to Gulu as well. If you have enough time on your trip, you  can opt for a stop at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary  to  trek the white Rhinos that have been habituated at the sanctuary. Some visitors may opt to spend a night here while others can proceed with their drive to Gulu. Or options of visiting Murchison Falls National park are also an interesting choice. The park in on the highway to Gulu, you can opt to Branch off from Masindi or proceed on Gulu road and use other gates like Tangi etc. Apart from the wildlife attractions the Karuma falls and Kafu River add color to your drive as well. Spot the baboons feeding and playing by the bridge but be very careful not let one get into your car or to knock any down. To the North of Gulu one can visit the Baker’s fort at Patiko

There are a number of moderate hotels available for accommodation, they may not 5 star categories but they are moderate enough to accommodate any upmarket person. Most of these can offer both local and international dishes as well as free Wi-Fi.  Apart from hotels there are number rental apartments for those wishing to stay for a long period of time.

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Self drive Rental Uganda

Uganda, in an ecological nutshell, is where the eastern Savannah meets the West African jungle- and it really does offer visitors on self drive rentals the best of both these fantastic worlds. In no other African destination can one see a comparable variety of primates with so little effort, not just the great apes, but also more than ten monkey species, as well as the tiny wide-eyed bush baby and peculiar potto. Uganda is by far one of most famous places for self drive safaris in East Africa and it has become a very special and favorable destination to have self drive rentals for all year round.

Today Uganda has a number good road networks and hence favorable for a number of Self drive packages one can be part of. Whether you are looking at short or long term self drive package, in Uganda, you will find the best options you can choose from. First of all choose a trusted car rental company in Uganda with professional travel consultants that can guide you on choosing the best itineraries for a self drive safari in Uganda. People can choose from a variety of rental cars ranging from saloon cars, 4×4 Vehicles, vans to luxury vehicles at affordable rates thus making self drive are a best option.

Currently, by contrast, practically every major attraction along the main tourist circuits is serviced by at least one luxury lodge and /or tented camps and all these factors have enabled visitors of self drive to  find their way easily and enjoy the trip.

The main entrance of the country is Entebbe international airport and many self drive rentals start at the airport, tour operators will deliver the car to you at the airport as long as you have given in the right flight details. More to that one can have starting point in a preferred part of the country as well as round trips and one way rentals.

If you decide to rent a self drive vehicle, check it over carefully and ask to take it for a test drive. Actually even if you are not knowledgeable about working of engines, a few minutes on the road are enough to  tell you  whether the car can do a safari  or not. It is strongly not recommended for many visitors on self drive to drive at night because many cars on the road do not have fully functional headlights and most roads are narrow. Secondly many cars park on the road side and do not show any reflectors or signs of the parked cars alongside the roads hence causing many fatal road accidents. Understand the traffic flow of the country and know that Uganda we keep left and these ideas will direct you.

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Asking About Car Rental And Gorilla Permit

Car rental has become extremely popular in Uganda with a very big number of visitors to the country opting for rental cars for their safari in Uganda. well it is an arguably true that it is easier now to find a rental in Uganda whether for  a self drive trip or guided  trip at very  comfortable rates and any season of the year. Today there are a number of car rental agencies in every town of the country which has made car rental in Uganda smooth and popular. You will be sure to get a car of your choice at a great price all through the different car models and alongside are the amenities that are provided like camping gear.

I was planning a trip to Uganda and I was looking at finding a self drive option, which seemed quite easy because every rental company I inquired with had a car available for my requested rental. Much as everything with car rental in Uganda was not that tiresome, I needed information on how to find gorilla trekking permits for me and my wife. I  tried finding solutions for myself online but this was not yielding results as quick as I wanted and since we were heading for a busy  and pick season that is August,, chances of having availability  for permits is not certain. It seems everyone makes plans to visit Uganda between July to October thus making competition for permits quite tough. We had planned this trip for a long term and I would not risk my chance of visiting the gorillas in the Bwindi trying to ask for permits online. I had to confine in my car rental agency to organize for me gorilla tracking permits and yes they did a great job in advising us the perfect accommodation to stay at, organizing our permits in time and we were fulfilled at the end of the day.

If you are a weak and insecure person, this is the time you try your instincts and put them aside because most companies will need money first before arranging for you permits which raises questions among many travelers. Please do not be nagged or trouble, this is the way it is done in Uganda while booking gorilla permits, do not be deceived no permits are held on words or without payments.

Do not hassle into finding gorilla permits especially if you are hiring a car in Uganda, reach out to your car rental company and ask them to help you organize gorilla and chimpanzee trekking permits. Some companies ask for charges to book permits while other will not charge you any coin as long as you  hire  a car from their companies, therefore take it as an offer to  organize primate trekking for the client freely.

It does not matter what additional activity you are looking at doing while on your trip to  Uganda especially with a rental car, let your car rental agency  help you  with the bookings of various safari activities that need prior booking. You  can also  advise them to  get you  hotels in the particular areas you  will be driving too, hence saving more time for yourself on the trip than moving around searching for hotels you  have no idea about.

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Best Places To Visit In Kampala With A Rental Car –

Come explore Kampala city with a rental car where leisure meets with adventure and business. Kampala is the capital city of Uganda and has become a very popular destination for many travellers around the world not only for business project but for leisure and vacations as well. The city is the biggest among all the towns in the main commercial center for the country. Hire a car in Kampala and enjoy a vibrant city tour around the busy corners of the beautiful capital. Kampala city sits on 7 hills which have been so much developed each year and these include Mengo, Rubaga, Namirembe, Kibuli, and others over which you can get a perfect view of the whole city.


Below are some interesting Places to Visit when you tour Kampala


National Museum


No trip to Kampala would be complete without a visit to the National museum; this is oldest and most resourceful museum in whole of East Africa. Come and be part of the history of Uganda, check out how tribal organizations formed in the country and their cultures.


Kabaka’s Place


Mengo is another pleasant place to visit when you rent a car in Kampala, drive to the famous palace of the Buganda king and take look at what happens in the place. Visit the Buganda parliament and the manmade Kabaka’s lake all this can found at the Mengo Hill.


Rubaga Cathedral


In the 90s a number of catholic missionaries came into the central Buganda region thus spreading and strengthening the catholic religion by building this big cathedral. Take time on your Kampala city tour and visit this religious site and have minutes quiet as you reflect on the goodness of God


Bahai Temple

Beautiful and sophisticated art designs on the frontal and exterior walls of the temple give you  a jaw dropping moment. This is the only Bahai faith temple in the whole of Africa and it features awesome beautiful flower gardens perfect for relaxation.


Craft Market

Kampala has number of craft market centers around the city that a perfect to drive to with a rental car. Visit the Buganda road craft market, the craft market at the National theatre, Acacia mall and so many other centers you can drive to and buy something for yourself that is locally made here.

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