Travel Apps In Uganda

Travel Apps have made traveling easier in the whole world and even in Uganda you can enjoy a safari in Uganda with the help of travel apps. Even in the world of those that are less interested or knowledgeable with technology, travel apps have become more exciting on how they make traveling so easy and simple with just an application on your phone. Many visitors on self drive safaris in Uganda, have commonly been see using travel apps to  help them find their way through destinations, easy commercial properties like banks, Forex bureaus, some apps help them find accommodation, restaurants, bus stations and so  much more. Today you can have a whole successful trip with the help of some of the listed applications below


Think about hiring a cab in the major towns in Uganda especially in Kampala from where you are with just a shared application on your mobile phone. Today travelers do not need to worry about how one can go around the city without getting lost, after all Uber is available everywhere. Check out the Uber app while on your tour to Uganda and Enjoy the Benefits

Safe Boda

Enjoy boda boda rides in Kampala and other major towns in Uganda with safe boda app. All you have to do is to install the app and have the best services with professional boda boda riders and very secure to ride with around town, without even using cash, but making payment electronically. Make travel easy even through the thick traffic jam with a safe boda and arrive in time.

Maps me

This is an interesting app that operates even without internet and in case you do not have GPS, map me can lead you through your trip. Maps me provides maps for the whole country and will offer directions to each destination or part of the country one is willing to head too. Choose the maps me application and enjoy the benefits of safe driving in Uganda.

Currency converter

It is quite challenging trying to zero done the shillings to foreign currency. Make life easy with your money by installing a currency converter so that you get the right on the shillings you must use. This helps you not to over spend without having knowledge of the equal amount in the home currency.

Around Me

The Around Me App helps you located a lot of things around you without over thinking. Use this app during your travel to locate the next fuel station close to you, ATM machine, restaurant, clinic, hotel, garage, hospitals, movie theatre, Bars, coffee shops and so many more. This app helps you save a lot of time moving in circles looking for a particular center, mall or any necessity yet you can fine them easily with just a touch on your phone.

Traveling has become a lot more fun lately with the diverse technology ruling the world currently. You  can now book your trip to  Uganda online, pay online, and do  most of the things online. Be part of the technology move and enjoy the benefits of travel apps in Uganda.

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Top 4 Transport Means For Getting Around Uganda

Uganda today has become celebrated tourism destination for many people around the world. The country floods visitors every day to the different attractions spread in the different areas of the country including National Parks, forests, beautiful fresh water bodies, and many of the visitors choose to rent a car in Uganda for all their safaris in Uganda either on self drive or with driver. Some stories from people speak horror of chaotic noise and traffic jam, dirty streets and scenes of congestion especially in Kampala Capital city and on the other hand, there is delight in the life of the city, exotic cuisines in almost every restaurant around the corner, well paved and clean roads on the highways to different districts. If you want to have a great safari in Uganda, get out of your fear, chat with the local people, when dine try eating with your hands and enjoy every moment of your tour in Uganda.

  • Rent a Car from the Agency: A big number of visitors to Uganda choose to rent a car in Uganda from trusted car rental agencies. Some walk in to the office address while the majority book online. Having a rental car is one of the best choices to enjoy your trip with privacy and at your own pace. You can choose to hire a car in Uganda either on self drive or with a driver for as much time as you wish or can handle.


  • Use public means: you can still opt to use public means during your tour in Uganda, actually this is even more adventurous. Enjoy a bodaboda ride through the busy streets of Kampala and bit up the traffic jam. You can as well board a taxi to wherever you are going at low rates and the big buses usually make long routes to further districts from the city.


  • Rent a Private Jet: one can opt to rent a private jet in Uganda especially if you are not fine with long driving hours on the road. Many business travellers and elderly travellers mostly prefer having a short time to connect from place to place. Therefore a private jet can be a great option although quite costly. Daily charter flights depart Entebbe international airport or Kajjansi airstrip


  • Train: this is the least used means of transport in Uganda. many of the trains in Uganda transport goods but there is only one train the transports passengers and regular routes run from the Kampala train station to  Many people even the local people in Uganda have not gotten so involed in using the railway means, because its routing are not favorable to  many and the timetable as well.


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