Wedding Car Hire Prices In Uganda

Weddings in Uganda are a common and respected tradition just like in other countries all over the world. Planning a wedding comes with so much in the back ground with needs and desires for the couple and their guests. Wedding cars are one of the main features for a successful wedding day and these can come in all budgets depending on the financial status of the bride and groom.

Many of the bridal cars can be priced depending on the type, model, year, size and the glamour it holds. The price for each bridal car will depend on the service provider, location of the wedding, number of people to transport and number of cars needed. According to the trend and status of the country wedding car hire prices in Uganda have shot high due to the many categories of vehicles available on market every day and Ugandans are currently so  trendy and love style uniqueness and posh weddings.

A number of wedding car hire prices depend on the packages provided to the couples and below are some of the prices offered by Uganda Car Rental Services.

Gold package ranging from 300,000 – 600,000 shillings

The Gold package was designed to meet the needs and budget of people that really less money  on their wedding plan but also  want to  have a reasonable wedding convoy. The wedding car hire prices under the gold Package can be affordable to people on tight budget but can still have fancy  bridals

The package includes

  • Bridal cars for 6hrs wedding car hire services and up to approximately 40miles of free travel
  • Transportation from saloon to church, then from church to the grounds for photography and lastly the reception venue
  • Wedding cars with driver e.g Mercedes Benz C&E Class, land cruiser Prado ordinary, etc
  • The wedding cars will be decorated very well with ribbons of your choice and in case you need an extreme touch on the décor , there will be a small charge to meet the desire of the couple
  • Additional hours can be charged at 20,000 shillings per car

Platinum packages ranging from 600,000- 4,000,000 shillings

The platinum package includes everything in a gold package but adds more color and touch to  the gold package. This can be affordable to couples that prefer high end wedding arrangement with extreme luxurious cars, posh décor and a touch of perfectionism.

This package includes waiting time for the clients to drive them to  the honey moon destination or to  the airport to  catch a flight. Since most people like keeping the after party ideas private, then one car and be left to  carter for couple as they leave the reception venue.

To  know more about wedding car hire prices, send us an email at or call us at +256700135510

Primate trekking at Murchison Falls National Park

As commonly termed or described, Murchison Falls is the best destination to be at in Uganda, the country’s largest park. The park does not only show case mighty and powerful waterfalls but also has beautiful natural forest, the Kaniyo Pabidi Forest which is approximately 8km from the Kicumbanyobe gate on the Masindi side. The forest is easily accessible from the park main gate and sign posts are well staged to help many visitors to the park to find their way.

Apart from safari game drives, chimpanzee trekking can be done at the park and trekking can be done every day of the week at the park starting off at the Budongo eco lodge. The forest is mostly dominated by giant mahogany and the beautiful ironwood trees which form good hiding places for the chimpanzees and good playing grounds for young adults as they swing in the trees.

To book chimpanzee tracking at Murchison falls National Park, one can buy permits at the Uganda wildlife authority in advance or pay on ground at the forest trekking headquarters. Chimpanzees are very shy primates, therefore during the trekking; one has to be very quick and keen to take a clear photograph before they disappear in the tree canopies. These primates are very close or more so they are cousins to human beings to a percentage of 90. During the trekking, you will be guided by the park ranger and offers great information about the way of life of the chimpanzees. Do all the instructions as told by the ranger to avoid any problems to your life by animals in the forest. The other part of the forest also known as Rabongo forest can also be explored on foot in search for the chimpanzee and the black and white colobus monkeys. Many other primates like the red tailed monkeys, baboons can also be spotted in the forest.

Bird watching is also possible alongside primate trekking at the Kaniyo Pabidi and Rabongo forests with great chances to see the white thighed Hornbill, chocolate – Backed Kingfisher, giant gonorek, yellow sunbird and so many more.

One can hire a car in Uganda to Murchison falls to  see the chimpanzees at the Kanyio Pabidi forest any time of the year and the forest is easily accessible with the help of road maps, Gps and direction by the local people by those that are on self drive trips. Chimpanzee trekking permits can be arranged in advance for primate trekking trip at Murchison falls, all you  need to  do is to  send us and email at or call the office directly at +256700135510






Murchison Falls Park Tour Uganda

Murchison falls National Park in Uganda is one of the most famous Uganda Safari destinations in Africa. Choosing to have a safari in Uganda at Murchison falls National Park is such a rewarding vacation for every visitor to Africa. This is the largest National park in Uganda covering an approximate space of 3893km2 and occupying existence in districts like Masindi, Nwoya, Bulisa, gulu, Packwachi, etc.

Murchison falls National is a unique destination in Uganda and peoples from around the whole world visit this park to meet the animals that dwell in the wild places of the park. There are a number of activities and attractions at the park including numerous game drives done at different hours of the day. One may choose to  do the Game drive early in the morning or in the evening and some prefer doing the game drives at night to  meet the wild cats that roam during the night.

Game drives can be done on various tracks in the park including the Albertine track, victoria track, research tracks, the delta track and many others. All these tracks are beautiful points to view the animals, and for those that are familiar with park, know very  well which track is best of which particular animals. Some of the many animals to spot in Murchison Falls National Park include Giraffes, buffaloes, hippos, oribi, kobs, Sitatunga, Jackson’s heart beast, waterbucks, bushbucks, warthogs, leopards, lions, hyenas, elephants, bush rodents and so many more. Each of these animals has interesting facts about its way of life and association, you can choose to book a guide in Uganda or rent a driver in Uganda to  guide you through the national park and gain fruitful knowledge about these residents.

Boat cruise or launch cruise is another main or important activity in the park. Yes you might have seen or been part of the world’s greatest and most luxurious cruises like the Caribbean cruise, Norwegian cruise, virgin Atlanta and so many more but a 3hrs launch cruise along the white Nile to the bottom of the Falls is none like other. Book a boat cruise while at the park and enjoy a great opportunities to sail on the white Nile towards the bottom of the falls, the breeze is extremely relaxing, there are many feature and animals to see like the birds including the yellow sun birds, African fish eagle, papyrus gonorek, white tailed lark, Martial eagle, eagle owl, the great egret, common stock, and so many others have made beautiful nest on the cliffs formed on the river banks.

Reptiles  like the Crocodiles can be spotted relaxing on the swampy river banks and your boat cruise guides are good enough to  move you  very  close to  the lazy  lying crocodiles to  take pictures, be careful not to  make noise to  awaken the wild reptile. Hippos are commonly spotted floating on the shallow ends of the river also enjoying cool waters of the Nile. Most of the boat cruises lead to the bottom of the falls, you will not obviously make a stop at the exact bottom because no one can handle the pressure of the waterfall but you stop at the reasonable distance good enough to view the down pour of the falls. Many visitors especially those fit or strong enough prefer to take on a hike to the top of the falls which takes about 40minutes to  60 minutes depending on the space of those hiking. If you cannot hike to the top of the falls, then your driver will be nice enough to drive you to  the top of the falls.

Murchison falls National park is one of the best destinations to go to  when you  hire a car in Uganda whether on self drive safari or a guided Uganda Safari. Send us an email today at or call us at +256700135510 to  book a trip to  Murchison falls National Park.