Uganda Car Rental Services

Uganda today is one of the best destinations to go to when you think of hiring car for your trip in East African.  The country is favored with all beauty of nature, gracious people , security and great infrastructure like hospitals, banks, hotels, schools and so many others. By East African standards, Uganda’s major roads are generally in good condition and can be handled by most of the visitors that come from countries with a perfect road network. Book cheap car rental in Uganda with prominent, trust worthy and reliable Car rental Companies in Uganda and with such services, Uganda Car rental Services is ideal option for you. When you hire a car with Uganda Car Rental Services, you can explore the best of Uganda from one corner to another from valleys to mountains, low lands, wetlands and all the dazzling destinations you have on your travel plan list. Whether you are looking at touring the sights of Uganda on a safari holiday or nipping away for a simple weekend outing, organizing a business trip or even looking out for bridal car hire in Uganda, booking a car with Uganda Car Rental Services is very simple and as well very easy on the pocket and an ideal solution for transport to wherever you are going whenever you want to.

You do need to spend a lot of time searching for the best car rental deals in Uganda; Uganda Car Rental Services has the best brands of cars ranging from latest models to the strong ramblers that can meet unbeaten tracks in the remote areas of the country. Ask for any car you wish to have for your rental period, whether you are looking a safari land cruiser, Toyota rav4, saloon cars, bridal cars, limousine, Mercedez benz, Safari vans, coaster bus trucks and  so many more, we have something for everyone.

Just inform us when you want to travel or have your trip and we will surely show you the best car rental prices for the various car options available, whatever your budget, whether you are looking a family size vehicle or compact couple size car, or your travelling as group and need a large car or you are looking at a unique posh bridal car finding the best deal for you is our best priority.

If your travel plans are really getting you crazy and you cannot figure out how to go about with your travel itinerary, we can help you come up with a perfect itinerary that can fit well with your travel needs at a no hassle pace. We have great deals on one way car hire and long term car rental in Uganda and in case your car rental request is quite special great sized we have the pleasure to look through and offer you the best services.

Hire a car in Uganda for your trip either on self drive or with a driver to any destination of your choice by sending us an email at or call us at +256700135510

Requirements For Hiring A Car For Self Drive In Uganda

Gone are the days when tourists had to explore a destination with a professional tour guide, with the advent of location devices like the GPS and internet , travelers can drive themselves without guidance from a local guide and still get that adventure experience. From privacy and freedom to flexibility and affordability, you can never go wrong when you decide to opt for self drive in Uganda or any other popular Africa safari destination on your bucket list.

However booking a self-drive car is no walk in the park as the car rental agencies require some documents and assurance before they can hand over the car keys to a stranger. We at Uganda car rental services offer a wide range of rental cars for tourists planning to visit parks or any other remote destinations and below are things we ask from our clients before they set off for their adventure.

Valid Passport – This is by far the best recognition document that will assure the car rental dealers that you are truly who you say your are. The passport also contains age details which are vital as Uganda car rental companies only offer out cars for self drive to people older than 25 years and not above 70 years.  The nationals have to present a valid national ID card as well as passport

Driver License– This country based license is required from both locals as well as foreigners , it has to be valid and at least 2 years driving experience.

International Driving Permit  – also known as international driving license, this is document that allows you drive outside borders of your country and or the country you rented in meaning you can cross from Uganda to any other African country without a problem.

Self drive contract–  Once all is done and confirmed, you will have to sign a contract that includes Uganda self drive terms and conditions of  the hirer and agency both affirm to.

All these documents should be scanned and sent to the agency booking email but you will also have to present the real copies to the booking agent before you can drive off. So if you planning self drive trip in Uganda this season, the above documents should be ready.

To rent a car in Uganda with driver or without one, simply send us an email to or cal us now on +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations team, just let us know which type of car you want, dates or number of days and we will get it for you today.