Quick Guide When You Hire A Car In Uganda

Every traveler looks forward to a beautiful trip to where destination they are heading to. There are many things we can look at in order to have all the things on the list come up successful and have life time memories. When you hire a car in Uganda for your trip whether on self drive or with a driver, make sure to look through the tips below. The tips indicated will be of great help whether you need the car on self drive or with driver

1# Carry your driver’s license

For all self drive safaris, make sure to carry your permit, this is very important in many countries to come with a driving permit. The driving permit helps to show that you are legal to driver and know what to do. National driving permits are important but it is good to have an international driving because some countries only accept international driving permits

2# Choose the right Vehicle

Take your time to look through the different car categories and know which car type will fit your travel needs best. Many car rental companies have a wide range of cars on the fleet ranging from saloon cars, SUVs, trucks and vans and all these categories offer various purposes for the trip. So choose the right car with your reservations company early enough.

3# Plan early enough and Save

Apart from wishing for a good safari to Uganda, you need to plan your self early enough. Make a research about the terrain of the country, accommodation options, gas rates, car prices and so much more way before your trip. You would not want to find surprises during your trip in Uganda with prices for car hire being high, or vegetables or even hotels being high.

4# choose Trusted Car Hire Companies

There are many websites running and offering very interesting car rental options, make sure you choose the trusted company. Make thorough research on all of them and know who to go with, some companies have google reviews from previous clients and others have high recommendations. When you choose trusted car companies you save a risk of thieves and online cheat.

5# Don’t Rush for Quick Adds

A lot of car rental companies exhibit very interesting adds for discounts but many of these come with regulations that clients never look through. Some of the regulations are really strict and inconveniencing

Contact your travel agency and inquire about the offers that come with adds online, check and see if these adds can be of great help  to your and your budget.

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4 Breathtaking Ugandan Islands

Couples, families, groups and solo travelers should book with Uganda Car Rental Services tour packages to many of the Ugandan islands and explore the beauty of the Pearl of Africa. Uganda is gifted with a lot beauty like the water bodies, swamps, forests, hills, mountains, animals, etc and all these have attracted crowds of people from around the whole world to visit the country. Enjoy the water experience with the ferry cruise to some of the vibrant islands on various lakes in Uganda like Lake Victoria, Lake Bunyonyi and so many.

Below are some of the famous islands in Uganda one can visit often

1# Bugala Island

Bugala Island is part of the 84 islands that make up the Ssese islands. There are many islands on Lake Victoria and among these Bugala is one of the most developed islands with a lot of tourism activities carried and usual life goes on here. The Island’s main town is Kalangala and the name as well is shared by the district which is Kalangala district. A ferry to the islands sets off every day from Entebbe Nakiwogo ferry station at 2pm or one can use the Bukakata ferry via Masaka to access the island.

2# Samuka Island

This is a beautiful island off the Jinja shores on Lake Victoria and is an ideal destination for honeymoon and as well a great place to relax. The island is known for quite a big number of bird species including the sun birds, egrets, the crested crane and so many other beautiful birds of Uganda. Trips to Samuka Island set off daily from Jinja and it takes a few minutes to the islands about 2 hours from Kampala. Hide away from the hustle and bustle of the city and renew your mind on the lake shore and cool breeze on the island.

3# Ngamba Island

This is land is famous for being a home to the orphanage chimps. The island was gazette to be a home for the chimps and these are habituated in a safe environment. This is an ideal destination for families with young children to see the chimps than trekking in the forests on Kibale National Park. Trips to Ngamba Island set from the Uganda Wildlife Education center –zoo with a speed boat to the island.

4#Bushara island- Lake Bunyonyi

Bushara Island is one of the developed islands on Lake Bunyonyi the second deepest Lake in Africa. Lake Bunyonyi features the ultimate beauty from the all the dotted islands on it , some are developed for commercial and tourism purposes while other mainly on farming . While on a tour to Uganda, visit Bushara island camp for a night and enjoy the tasty Cray fish.

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