Rent A Car And Drive Yourself In Uganda

Are you planning to go for a visit or tour to Uganda this peak season starting July through to October, then take a look at some of the self driven cars option with your car rental agency in Uganda. Self driven cars or hiring a car on self drive in Uganda is now a common practice and you are sure to find a car in all major towns in Uganda at any time of the year. Therefore you can gladly choose a self drive safari over a guided tour if you are the type of traveler that likes to do things their way, enjoy their privacy and pace and as well adventure the country themselves.

Below are some tips on what to look up when you choose to rent a car in Uganda on self drive;

1# Variety of Choice

when you plan to hire a car on self drive, have a variety of choices for cars that you can pick from. A number of car rental agencies will feature a number of vehicles under various categories ranging from saloon cars, SUVs, to Min vans, therefore look up for the options that would meet your travel needs best so that you do not get what you do not want.

2# Hidden Expenditures & Costs

Take time to inquire from the car rental agency about the hidden costs and expense so that you do not meet and surprise at the end of the day. Paying something out of your budget is so much disturbing and therefore you must know whether there are other costs apart from the rental cost. such costs come in on issues concerning insurance, parking fees, toll charges etc

3# Flexibility to Pick up an drop off points

Ask about the options for picking up the car, whether you can pick the car at the airport or any other location of your choice. Some car rental companies charge airport delivery and car pick up. Therefore it is best to ask about any extra costs that come with car delivery and pick up, well you may fins others that offer these options for free, which is a good deal.

To rent a car in Uganda for a self drive trip, send us an email at or call our office at 0700135510

Airport Transfers Uganda

Upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport, your driver will be waiting on your with a welcome signing showing your name or hotel you are heading to and drive directly to your next point straight away. Driving directly means you do not have to wait on bargaining with an airport taxi for a low rates to a hotel you have no idea how far it is from airport, driving straight away means you have your private driver and car waiting on you, just you and your bags, enjoy the best of this offer with advance booking of an airport transfer in Uganda with prominent car rental companies. Many of the car rental companies will offer you airport transfers in Uganda for a free when you rent a car with driver in Uganda with the car rental agency or some will offer discounted airport transfer rates depending your negotiation with the rental agency.

There are 2 categories for airport transfers in Uganda and each of these will serve best according the budget of the traveler

1# Private airport transfer

Many people prefer to have private travel plans whether on airport transfers or daily road trips in Uganda. Privacy is very important and it proves a lot of security for a number of travelers. Hiring a private driver and car for your airport transfer in Uganda is so much rewarding and relaxing as well. Why would you have to spend time looking around and negotiating rates with airport taxis, or sit around in s shuttle waiting for other people after a long flight. Some business people, like to have travel private to either relax or have time to organize for their meeting without inconveniencing anyone. Still with a private airport transfer, there is flexibility to wait on you for other transactions with the airport like forex exchange, a cup of coffee and any possible stop. Enjoy the best of leisure, comfort, class with a private airport transfer in Uganda.

2# Shared ride shuttle Services

Shared shuttle airport transfer services, offer interesting and attractive prices that will save a lot of money for you and as well have fun meeting other people in your shuttle. The distance from the airport to your hotel is enough to have met the love of your life on a shuttle or meet that friend who will be of great importance in your future day. Run from the quiet and sleepy private airport transfers and pick up fun in the shuttle services, it is fun, engaging and very cheap. Still with the shuttle services, you need to make a booking in advance to have a seat secured for you, your shuttle driver or company representative will be waiting on you with the agreed welcome sign at the airport upon your arrival. No matter the time of the day, airport transfer shuttles will be available, therefore you can freely book one on anytime of the flight to Entebbe airport.

To book an airport transfer in Uganda, send us an email at or call our office directly at 0700135510

The Ngora Rock Uganda – Where Is It Located

When we talk about discovery, beauty of nature, and everything at will offer you life time memories, Uganda has become an amazing destination for everyone around the world. Today we are looking at the Ngora Rock which has also become a centre of attraction in the country. Ngora Rock is located in Ngora district; this is one of the youngest districts in the country and it was launched in 2010 as an official district with Ngora Town as the main town center. The district shares a lot of common figures with Kumi district which it was cut off. The District is approximately 230km from Kampala capital city and it is bordered by Katakwi and Soroti districts in the North, Kumi to the east , Pallisa to the south and Serere district to the west.

Ngora rock is today at great tourist attraction in the Northern region of the country, it is a place to relax , for those in search for rocks, you can find various types of rocks that exist in this out crop of a rock. Many natives that settle close to the rock go there for spiritual purposes to worship their gods. Traditionally the Iteso tradition refers to the rock locally as Moru Otukei rock, although many of the folks in far areas will refer to the rock by the area name.

Many trips to the Northern part of Uganda visit the Nyero rock paints which are believed have been decorated by early men during the Stone Age period. These early men used to make all the rock paintings in their free time, after hunting, fruit gathering and they are very special and very unique. These have only been seen in Uganda in Kumi district and nowhere else, thus making it a true Pearl of Africa.

Ngora district is one of the best places to visit when you hire a car in Uganda, the area is very secure and politically stable, people in this region are welcoming and so friendly. The terrain in the region is not that bad, even the smaller 4×4 vehicles can candle the area perfectly. Daily trips to Ngora set off from Kampala main office or pick up from Entebbe international airport. Visitors may choose to have multiple day experiences with added trips to Nyero Rock painting, Sipi falls, Kidepo valley Np, Murchison Falls NP.

To book a trip to Ngora rock , send us an email at or call us directly at 0700135510

Quick Guide When You Hire A Car In Uganda

Every traveler looks forward to a beautiful trip to where destination they are heading to. There are many things we can look at in order to have all the things on the list come up successful and have life time memories. When you hire a car in Uganda for your trip whether on self drive or with a driver, make sure to look through the tips below. The tips indicated will be of great help whether you need the car on self drive or with driver

1# Carry your driver’s license

For all self drive safaris, make sure to carry your permit, this is very important in many countries to come with a driving permit. The driving permit helps to show that you are legal to driver and know what to do. National driving permits are important but it is good to have an international driving because some countries only accept international driving permits

2# Choose the right Vehicle

Take your time to look through the different car categories and know which car type will fit your travel needs best. Many car rental companies have a wide range of cars on the fleet ranging from saloon cars, SUVs, trucks and vans and all these categories offer various purposes for the trip. So choose the right car with your reservations company early enough.

3# Plan early enough and Save

Apart from wishing for a good safari to Uganda, you need to plan your self early enough. Make a research about the terrain of the country, accommodation options, gas rates, car prices and so much more way before your trip. You would not want to find surprises during your trip in Uganda with prices for car hire being high, or vegetables or even hotels being high.

4# choose Trusted Car Hire Companies

There are many websites running and offering very interesting car rental options, make sure you choose the trusted company. Make thorough research on all of them and know who to go with, some companies have google reviews from previous clients and others have high recommendations. When you choose trusted car companies you save a risk of thieves and online cheat.

5# Don’t Rush for Quick Adds

A lot of car rental companies exhibit very interesting adds for discounts but many of these come with regulations that clients never look through. Some of the regulations are really strict and inconveniencing

Contact your travel agency and inquire about the offers that come with adds online, check and see if these adds can be of great help  to your and your budget.

To book a car in Uganda for your trip send us an email at or call us at 0700135510

4 Breathtaking Ugandan Islands

Couples, families, groups and solo travelers should book with Uganda Car Rental Services tour packages to many of the Ugandan islands and explore the beauty of the Pearl of Africa. Uganda is gifted with a lot beauty like the water bodies, swamps, forests, hills, mountains, animals, etc and all these have attracted crowds of people from around the whole world to visit the country. Enjoy the water experience with the ferry cruise to some of the vibrant islands on various lakes in Uganda like Lake Victoria, Lake Bunyonyi and so many.

Below are some of the famous islands in Uganda one can visit often

1# Bugala Island

Bugala Island is part of the 84 islands that make up the Ssese islands. There are many islands on Lake Victoria and among these Bugala is one of the most developed islands with a lot of tourism activities carried and usual life goes on here. The Island’s main town is Kalangala and the name as well is shared by the district which is Kalangala district. A ferry to the islands sets off every day from Entebbe Nakiwogo ferry station at 2pm or one can use the Bukakata ferry via Masaka to access the island.

2# Samuka Island

This is a beautiful island off the Jinja shores on Lake Victoria and is an ideal destination for honeymoon and as well a great place to relax. The island is known for quite a big number of bird species including the sun birds, egrets, the crested crane and so many other beautiful birds of Uganda. Trips to Samuka Island set off daily from Jinja and it takes a few minutes to the islands about 2 hours from Kampala. Hide away from the hustle and bustle of the city and renew your mind on the lake shore and cool breeze on the island.

3# Ngamba Island

This is land is famous for being a home to the orphanage chimps. The island was gazette to be a home for the chimps and these are habituated in a safe environment. This is an ideal destination for families with young children to see the chimps than trekking in the forests on Kibale National Park. Trips to Ngamba Island set from the Uganda Wildlife Education center –zoo with a speed boat to the island.

4#Bushara island- Lake Bunyonyi

Bushara Island is one of the developed islands on Lake Bunyonyi the second deepest Lake in Africa. Lake Bunyonyi features the ultimate beauty from the all the dotted islands on it , some are developed for commercial and tourism purposes while other mainly on farming . While on a tour to Uganda, visit Bushara island camp for a night and enjoy the tasty Cray fish.

To book a car or trip to one of Uganda’s magnificent islands, send us an email today at or cal us 0700135510

Choose Quality Cars From Uganda Car Rental Services

Uganda today is a famous destination in the whole world for hosting adventurous and fun packed experiences for many travelers. Many people flood the country every year to explore and be part of the beautiful culture of the Ugandan people. There is so much this country feature and for this reason it was called the Pearl of Africa. To visit many of these beautiful sites , you must hire a car in Uganda to travel in the most comfortable way with best type of vehicles appropriate for your trip. Uganda Car Rental Services is a rental agency that is available in Uganda and allows all clients to choose the best car for their journey. Enjoy the chance of choosing a car to hire in Uganda based on your trip needs with Uganda Car Rental Services , whether you are travelling on business purposes, safari adventure, group-` travel or solo traveler, there is car type that fits your budget and Size.

Available car Categories

Saloon Cars

Many travelers prefer saloon cars because they are easy to manage in terms of driving for those on self drive in Uganda and are very economy friendly in terms of fuel.  One can hire a car in Uganda under the saloon car category and enjoy a lot of drive and as well see many things. Saloon cars can be highly recommended for business trip and trips not far off the unbeaten tracks. You can hire a saloon car with driver at an affordable rate or even be more independent with self drive. Examples of car types in this category include;  4×4 Rav4, Premio, Raum, Wish, corona, Alteza, Benz and so many more.


The sport Utility Vehicles are the best choice when it comes to travelers heading the tough terrain and visiting the most remote areas of Uganda. When you choose car hire in Uganda to National Parks then opting for a safari land cruiser gives you many advantages against bad road, bad weather and sharp stones in particular areas. Hire a land cruiser prado in Uganda on self drive or with driver and be rest assured that your trip is a success. All SUVs are 4×4 categories many of them have been customized for wildlife safaris with rooftop, raise underbody with off road tires, air conditioning, electric fridge and adjustable seats.  Examples under SUVs; land cruiser prado, Nissan Patrol, Land cruiser VX, Safari land cruiser extended and many more.


Are you looking at traveling in groups or you are thinking of carrying a lot of luggage, hire a min van in Uganda for your safari in Uganda. Many of these min vans have seating capacity of 7-10 people with comfortable seats, enough leg room, air conditioning, some are customized with roof top and they are perfect quality for any destination in Uganda. Many car rental agencies offer safari vans with drivers only but you can inquire for self drive vehicle in case you need it.

To hire a car in Uganda for the best quality vehicle, send us an email at or call us directly at 0700135510

Tips For A Successful Backpacking Trip To Uganda

Uganda currently has become a favorite tourism destination for many of the people around the round. With the stable security, economy, infrastructure and so many other advantages, these have attracted crowds of people from around the world to visit the Pearl of Africa. Many people book trips through travel agencies or others just use car rental companies in Uganda and hire cars for their trips either with driver or on self drive. On adventurous side, you can have a successful backpacking tour in Uganda and awesomely get around very well. Below are some helpful tips for all visitors to Uganda on backpacking trips.

1# Getting To Your Hotel From The Airport

When you arrive at the airport, and you have not arranged any pick up means, there are airport taxis that can be of use. Be very careful at the airport taxi person, it is best to have one in uniform and registered with airport authority than any person around the waiting area. Or you can opt to ask for an airport transfer from your hotel at a discounted rate, which is also a fine idea to help you have a first day in the country without any hassle.

2# Where To Stay

Take your time to look out for a safe place to stay during your trip to Uganda, you can search on the internet or try to ask some travel agencies for recommendations. Beach and village huts are really cool and very nice but these are not that safe since many of them have no proper lock so any one can break into them and steal your property. It is very safe to book a budget hotel as this is safe place for you stay.

3# Partying Time

Kampala city as the capital city of Uganda is a very lively city and so many parties happen almost in every corner of the city. Just like Kampala, many other towns in the country are also vibrant and you might want to step out of your room and go have fun in any club, or you can choose to visit a nearby church for a social event. It is not advisable to go alone to any party and even get drunk, get to make friends from your hotel, make sure you have gotten some back up in case of any bad incidence.  

4# Safety for your Belongings

Do not leave your gargets and other expensive material not attended to, if you know you are  heading for the beach or any crazy area, leave your important documents and belongings locked up in the hotel room if you have no one to attend to them for you. Or you can choose to pay some money to the hut owner to keep an eye for you.

5# Emergency Calls

Telephone sim-cards in Uganda are very cheap in Uganda therefore any one can afford to buy one, all you need to do is to present your identification documents and get a valid simcard. Get contacts from the police, your first time hotel or any other contact that can be of help to you in case of an emergency.

To know more about backpacking trips in Uganda, send us an email at or call our office at +256700135510

Benefits Of Long Term Car Rental In Uganda

Many people with rental cars in Uganda or with the interest to rent a car in Uganda think that they can only rent a car for a short period of time and then when they need the service again they re apply for a rental package but this is not the case, you can actually hire a car in Uganda on long term rental option and enjoy great and interesting benefits that come along with such packages. The rates and prices for long term car rental can come right down and discounted compared to daily and weekly vehicle rental options. Therefore on your next trip to Uganda, think about choosing a long car rental option and be able to enjoy some of the benefits listed below.

1# Discounted Rates

If you are running a project for 1 month to a year or more, then opting for a long term car rental option is the best choice to meet the success of your trip or project. Many car rental agencies prefer to make clients on long term rental very comfortable and are hence offered discounted rates compared to those on weekly and daily rentals. Discover that you can save up to 30% on your rental price when you choose to opt for a long term car rental option.

2# Flexible Car Rental terms and conditions

One of the most interesting things about long term car rental in Uganda is that you and your project or businesses are not restricted to particular terms and conditions. With easy and flexible payment modes like monthly installments, you are able to plan your costs in time and as well manage your movement and timing. You get the liberty to operate in a comfortable routine whether you have hired the car with driver or just on self drive. You just feel like you own this car and can make your programs at your pace. Even if you terminate your contract, you do not get to suffer heavy cancellation fees.

3# Wide Range Of Fleet selection

When you to request for a long term rental, then you have the advantage of even selecting a preferred car option for your time of rental and you can as well to change the type of car in use to a different type with upgrade with same rate. Many clients send in and specify their particular car type and this is delivered to them since they will need it for quite a long term. Car rental agencies would not want to make a client uncomfortable with car types not asked for.

4# Full Rental Management

With long term rental option you have full car rental management from start to end of your rental period. Manage every movement of the car including driving time, distance, and mileage at your pace with no added money. Many car rental agencies have put up online portals and clients can easily manage their rental option online 24/7 with full time office assistance.

To book a long term car rental option, send us an email at or call +256700135510

Hire A Car For Your Valentine’s Day

It is the 14th of February and love is in the air throughout the whole world and in Uganda, we do celebrate love and our loved ones in very many special ways. This is one of those days you want to go out with your loved ones, it could be a couple outing, family day off, group travel to any destination in Uganda or around the corners of Kampala capital city. Wherever you want to go, Uganda Car Rental Services has a car for hire in Uganda for you to meet the best of your day. Surprise your loved one with ride from any of the cars in our fleet to suit your partner best, you can choose to go for classic vintage cars and make a memorable arrival at your dinner venue, or choose to surprise your wife and children with pick up in a luxurious limousine. Why not choose to set off an afternoon to some of the hidden beautiful venues around with a self drive car rental package and rule the day just you behind the wheel.

When we talk about Valentine’s Day, love is in the air and we take time to meet our loved ones, choose to hire a car with driver and relax as your chauffeur finds your best stop point. No need to worry about the crazy traffic and noisy or motors around, book any of our comfy SUV, hide up in the luxury of the comfortable adjustable seats and think about nothing negative with a cool music system, air conditioning and the evening worth every penny invested.

Love under the stars today and drive on the earth grounds and create memories for your loved ones. Go an extra mile and make this day extremely unique with our professional team right from the first telephone call, or email, let us help you work out an itinerary for your day, tell us your best choice of car and whatever the choice, we are on it offer you what you need because we have something for everyone.

Enjoy discounted car rental prices in Kampala on all rental options, whether half day, rental per hour or full day rental you can as well check out our car rental packages for short safaris and long term car rental as well. When it comes to love, adventure is not avoided, check out or fun packed family safaris to various destinations, special offers for the love birds and interesting 4×4  cars for rental.

To book a car for your valentine’s day or to hire a car for your trip in Uganda, send us an email today at or call us at 0700135510

Hire A Car To Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale forest National Park is one of Uganda’s main national parks covering approximately 776 square kilometers of moist ever green rain forest. The park is located in western Uganda with an approximate driving time of 6 hrs with fort portal as the nearest town. Kibale Forest National Park is such an amazing destination to go to when you hire a car in Uganda on Self drive or with driver. Kibale forest Park is popularly known for chimpanzee trekking and for one to be part of this memorable adventure you have to purchase a trekking permit at the Uganda wildlife Authority office or through your travel agency. Nature walks, bigodi wetlands, crater lakes are some of the other attractions that one can encounter while at Kibale Forest National Park.

A safari to Kibale forest National Park can be extended to Queen Elizabeth National park or start from Murchison falls National Park. Many visitors to Uganda on self drive safaris prefer to start their trips from Murchison Falls with perfect connection through the kagadi area hoima and they get to see a lot. It is not a must to have Murchison falls National Park as a start point; you can access the park from any part of the country because there is fine road network throughout the whole country.

Not looking at Wildlife safari and primate trekking inside the park, one can choose to tour the local community. Main tribes close to the park include Batooro, and Bakiga and these have amazing cultures like dress code, meals, music , traditional art and craft and  so many, try to be a part of the culture.

Hire 4×4 cars in Uganda for your trip to Kibale forest Park because they are can handle all terrain and many of them are customized for safari purposes. The land cruiser prado is an ideal choice for those on self drive safaris in Uganda, it is a 4×4 vehicle and trust my article it will handle any terrain in Uganda and have a success of a trip, or you can opt for a safari van minivan with a roof top. Why not has a better view of the crater lakes through your pop up roof and to add more color to your travel this van can be ideal for group travels, so do not leave any one behind or luggage.

To hire a car to Kibale forest National Park, the prestigious primate capital of the world, send us an email at or call us directly at 0700135510 we shall be glad to connect with you.

Hire A Car To Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National park is one of the top 10 National parks in Uganda and there is none other a park that beats its true nature of an African wilderness. The park is located on the Karamoja region in Kaboong district in the far Northeastern Uganda. Many people most times fear or resist driving to Kidepo during their Safari in Uganda because of a number of reasons;

  • some still think that the security in the region is still poor
  • while others think that the long drive from Kampala to Kidepo is quite harsh and tiresome
  • others look at the Geographical nature of the park with numerous rock out crop that end up being dangerous to the cars especially wearing off tires  and so much more.

When we over look all other factors that will scare any none adventurous person, Kidepo Valley National Park is one of the best and perfect National park in Uganda to go to when you are hire a car in Uganda on self drive or with guide on a private tour. This is the best destination for those looking at off beaten tracks and the real open savannah game drives in search for the residents of this park. Kidepo National Park has almost 4 of the big five and be sure to meet the lions, buffaloes, elephants, cheetah, ostrich and so many others. Game drives in Kidepo Valley National can done in the morning, evening and even those that to wish to have night game drives can be accepted upon request and guidance by the park rangers.

If you are having a self drive trip to Kidepo Valley National Park, you will importantly need a park ranger especially for the game drives, the Narus valley is the main section of the park for the game drives but this valley has no time frame for stability, the valley can flood anytime due to rains and heavy running waters from the Narus River and Mount Morungole also contributes a lot to the weather changes in the park.

Accommodation in the park is available ranging from the luxurious Apoka Safari lodge to the least of lazy camping sites.  There are self catering facilities and if one has no interesting in a camping safari at Kidepo Valley National Park, you can opt to have meals at the restaurants at reasonable rates or choose to have a night just outside the park.

Hire a car to Kidepo Valley National Park because it is possible, it is fun, adventurous and safe, get the chance to explore the best of Uganda ‘s top parks and as well meet the karamajong people and neighboring tribes.

To hire a car to  Kidepo Valley National park or to book a guided trip to Kidepo National Park, send us an email at or call +256700135510

Self drive holidays in Uganda

Are you that kind of traveler that prefers exploring various destinations independently , then Uganda is the ideal country you can choose to go to on a self drive holiday with your family, loved ones or even as a solo traveler.There is nothing more interesting, fulfilling, satisfying and more adventurous than getting behind the wheel of your preferred rental car and cruise past dramatic landscapes, rivers, local markets and above all pit stopping wherever you want to . Nothing and no travel can quite challenge the freedom like a road trip on a self drive holiday in Uganda, so get your bags ready and hire a car of your choice and then make your safari dream to Uganda happen to various holiday destinations as below.


Jinja is one of the best destinations one can visit when you hire a car in Uganda for a self drive holiday. This is basically or commonly known as the adventure capital of East Africa and you will not find anywhere the adventure experience like that in Jinja. Come enjoy the forest experience of Mabira rainforest, with zip lining, forest hike, extend further to Sezibwa falls, then get on the white Nile  with the adrenaline rush activities like rafting, bungee jumping, kayaking, the Nile speed jet, quad biking , cycling horse safaris and so much more. The sundowner boat ride to the source of the Nile is as well rewarding and additionally is the wide range of both traditional and international dishes served. You can have a self drive holiday in Jinja for about 3-4 days and you can extended your trip further east to Mbale or Kidepo National Park.

Murchison Falls National Park

This is the largest National park in Uganda and it is such a thrilling destination for all visitors to the country. This is not only an ideal destination to view various animals like the giraffes, buffaloes, elephants, bushbucks, waterbucks, oribi, hyenas, but it also known for the world’s most powerful waterfall . Murchison falls National park qualifies among the top self drive holidays in Uganda, the Park is very accessible for those from Entebbe and kampala, and as well for those from Gulu and fortportal. Why not spend some time at the park with various game drives, boat cruise, bird watching, nature walk and great treat at the beauty spa or lounge. Visit Murchison falls for 3-5 days on self drive holiday, all gates are open to welcome you.

South western Uganda

The south western part of the country is also very interesting to visit and we can consider it among the best suggestions for self drive in Uganda. Visit Queen Elizabeth National park, Bwindi Forest park, the Rwenzori Mystical challenge, Lake Bunyonyi the best about Kabale district, Kisizi falls, Mbarara town and lake Mburo National Park. Have a whole collection on fun and adventure with the western region of the country, work out  perfect for your travel and move at your own pace after all it is a self drive safari in Uganda , you got everything under your won control. This will take you 7-12 days , so you can have an itinerary between that range.

To book a car on self drive holiday in Uganda, send us an email at or call the office directly at +256700135510

Uganda Car Rental Services

Uganda today is one of the best destinations to go to when you think of hiring car for your trip in East African.  The country is favored with all beauty of nature, gracious people , security and great infrastructure like hospitals, banks, hotels, schools and so many others. By East African standards, Uganda’s major roads are generally in good condition and can be handled by most of the visitors that come from countries with a perfect road network. Book cheap car rental in Uganda with prominent, trust worthy and reliable Car rental Companies in Uganda and with such services, Uganda Car rental Services is ideal option for you. When you hire a car with Uganda Car Rental Services, you can explore the best of Uganda from one corner to another from valleys to mountains, low lands, wetlands and all the dazzling destinations you have on your travel plan list. Whether you are looking at touring the sights of Uganda on a safari holiday or nipping away for a simple weekend outing, organizing a business trip or even looking out for bridal car hire in Uganda, booking a car with Uganda Car Rental Services is very simple and as well very easy on the pocket and an ideal solution for transport to wherever you are going whenever you want to.

You do need to spend a lot of time searching for the best car rental deals in Uganda; Uganda Car Rental Services has the best brands of cars ranging from latest models to the strong ramblers that can meet unbeaten tracks in the remote areas of the country. Ask for any car you wish to have for your rental period, whether you are looking a safari land cruiser, Toyota rav4, saloon cars, bridal cars, limousine, Mercedez benz, Safari vans, coaster bus trucks and  so many more, we have something for everyone.

Just inform us when you want to travel or have your trip and we will surely show you the best car rental prices for the various car options available, whatever your budget, whether you are looking a family size vehicle or compact couple size car, or your travelling as group and need a large car or you are looking at a unique posh bridal car finding the best deal for you is our best priority.

If your travel plans are really getting you crazy and you cannot figure out how to go about with your travel itinerary, we can help you come up with a perfect itinerary that can fit well with your travel needs at a no hassle pace. We have great deals on one way car hire and long term car rental in Uganda and in case your car rental request is quite special great sized we have the pleasure to look through and offer you the best services.

Hire a car in Uganda for your trip either on self drive or with a driver to any destination of your choice by sending us an email at or call us at +256700135510

Requirements For Hiring A Car For Self Drive In Uganda

Gone are the days when tourists had to explore a destination with a professional tour guide, with the advent of location devices like the GPS and internet , travelers can drive themselves without guidance from a local guide and still get that adventure experience. From privacy and freedom to flexibility and affordability, you can never go wrong when you decide to opt for self drive in Uganda or any other popular Africa safari destination on your bucket list.

However booking a self-drive car is no walk in the park as the car rental agencies require some documents and assurance before they can hand over the car keys to a stranger. We at Uganda car rental services offer a wide range of rental cars for tourists planning to visit parks or any other remote destinations and below are things we ask from our clients before they set off for their adventure.

Valid Passport – This is by far the best recognition document that will assure the car rental dealers that you are truly who you say your are. The passport also contains age details which are vital as Uganda car rental companies only offer out cars for self drive to people older than 25 years and not above 70 years.  The nationals have to present a valid national ID card as well as passport

Driver License– This country based license is required from both locals as well as foreigners , it has to be valid and at least 2 years driving experience.

International Driving Permit  – also known as international driving license, this is document that allows you drive outside borders of your country and or the country you rented in meaning you can cross from Uganda to any other African country without a problem.

Self drive contract–  Once all is done and confirmed, you will have to sign a contract that includes Uganda self drive terms and conditions of  the hirer and agency both affirm to.

All these documents should be scanned and sent to the agency booking email but you will also have to present the real copies to the booking agent before you can drive off. So if you planning self drive trip in Uganda this season, the above documents should be ready.

To rent a car in Uganda with driver or without one, simply send us an email to or cal us now on +256-700135510 to speak with the reservations team, just let us know which type of car you want, dates or number of days and we will get it for you today.



Christmas Holiday Car Rental Uganda

The Christmas season is almost here and as usual many people will be traveling to various locations including home villages, parks among others . December comes with a lot of expectations for family holidays, honeymoon packages, adventure trips, wedding events and so many more and all these need perfect rental cars to meet the cause of the day Uganda Car Rental Services this up coming festive  season has a number of options for everyone at discount rental rates , whether you are traveling as a group, family, couple, business trip or solo travelers, we have something for everyone.You can get an interesting and marvelous deal on car hire in Uganda this Christmas holiday with us today by a simple click on the booking button or call us on +256-700135510 and speak with the reservations team.

By booking early you can win yourself interesting and lightening rates at our main offices in Kampala and Kigali. We take price in running Uganda car rental services and Rwanda car rental services. Book a car this December on self drive in Uganda or self drive in Rwanda.  You can choose to make life easier and travel as a royal with option of car and driver.

If you are going for Christmas holidays in Uganda or Rwanda, why not take up some of our great deals on one way car hire from Entebbe airport to Kigali Kanombe airport between the 15th December and 30th December. This can be extended to be enjoyed even in the New Year’s celebration on both one way car rental in Uganda and return trips back home. We have special offers on wedding car hire with luxurious unique and stylish bridal cars on market to fit the needs of every couple whether extreme luxury or those on shoe string budget.

Grab you r Christmas holiday in the wild places of Africa and more specifically the Pearl of Africa, Uganda. Book a 4×4 vehicle with our car rental agency and have the best trip in Uganda with off road tyres, working air conditioning, and enough leg room and cargo space. Other safari vehicles are customized to improved viewing especially during the game drives with popup roof, large windows and adjustable seats.

Whatever vehicle you need, we got you covered.

Below is a list of popular places you can visit when you rent a car in Uganda

  • Kampala city ; this is the main capital city of Uganda, A city  tour is  so much rewarding with visits to the Uganda Museum, Religious centers like cathedrals, temples, craft markets etc
  • Jinja: Jinja is one of the main industrial towns in Uganda and also  the adventure capital of East Africa with all the adrenaline hike activities like rafting, bungee jumping, etc
  • Murchison falls; located in Murchison Falls National Park, the largest park in Uganda
  • Kibale forest Park; The primate capital of the world with a number of primates including the chimpanzees and colobus monkeys
  • Kazinga Channel: the channel can be well see when one visits Queen Elizabeth National Park with thrilling boat cruise.
  • Bwindi National park for the ultimate gorilla experience
  • Relax during your Christmas holidays while in Kabale district at Lake Bunyonyi

There are so many destinations that could turn your life around and make a favorable Christmas holiday for you and your loved ones. To hire a car in Uganda for your Christmas holiday, send us an inquiry  at or call us at +256700135510. +256414699459